Friday, August 3, 2007

a fun and a not so happy day..

Hmm.. like wat the title says, is fun 2day hanging out after work wif d data capture stuff with our project manager, which is koon and jason.. well.. the food was ok, but we have a fun time conversing with each other.. well.. i think dats the fun part.. oh ya, and d other was the time when i was coming back from kl.. my driver fren, who is known as the crazy driver, drive 150km/h on the highway which have lots of car.. u can see how he selip here and there.. alamak.. but i was cool enuf to see how he drive... some new tricks to learn.. haha.. but one thing.. rmb, safety 1st..

the bad part about 2day is when there are so called breaking of groups between my collegues, bcoz of some arguement bout the claim and everything..well.. i wont say that dey are wrong or dat my the other fren like to tok bad.. jus dat, i felt sad seeing dis happen.. coz beginning all of us are good frens.. haiz.. jus hope dat they wont bcoz of some little things break the friendship between them..

Maybe is my own experience dat now i began to treasure friendship.. not that i have no frens.. but, the incident that happen last time, makes me treasure my frens more..

August 6 is time coming monday.. dunno how will dat day b.. 2 years ago dat day.. something happen.. hope it will happen again, which i think will not.. but, is good to have a hope.. maybe a hope dat will come true, or maybe not.. haiz.. i hate few days in a year.. one of them is my bday.. not dat i dun like myself, but bcoz of other things..

Haiz.. i cant change any facts now.. so hope dat everything will be ok..

2molo will be playing drums.. coz jon cant make it.. so think i have to sleep early 2nite.. nitez

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

done with chulan..

haha.. wat a title for dis post.. if u dunno wat it means, it is bout we have finally finish tagging the ambank assets at Bangunan Ambank at Jln Raja Chulan.. hehe.. and it take us about 4 days to finish.. fast rite?? of coz.. haha.. anw.. jus came back from work.. very tired.. sad for Fikri coz he have to drive, me, koon, shizran sleep all the way back to puchong.. haha..

But the interesting part for 2day is not about us finish bangunan ambank.. is bout Koon.. well.. she is a christian, which is cant see.. den she is the cousin of Soo Ming.. i was like WAT?? haha.. dis is a small world la.. i cant believe uncle soon ming's cousin is my project manager.. haha.. well.. i got a shock, and she was shock too knowing dat im from sg way christian church.. haha.. well.. dats all the interesting part i think.. and ya.. i got my 5 hours break 2day.. u see.. i finish tagging at 11am.. from 10am to 11am.. so, no more assets d, i rested for 5 hours while waiting for other ppl to finish tagging.. isn't dat great.. now, im tired of lepaking d.. haha

anw.. if u dunno where im working, wat is my work actually about.. u can visit their websit..

this is the company im working for.. get it??

anw.. might continue later 2nite, if im not tired..