Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shocking NEWS??

as i was reading one of fren's blog from Manila, it says dat Michael Guglielmucci was not diagnose wif cancer at all?? i was like... HUH?? den wat about that song Healer??

Sunday, August 24, 2008

olympics done.....

while watching the closing of the olympics games.. it suddenly reminds of the sermon this morning about the fixing our eyes on the prize... the prize which is in Christ, the author the perfecter of our faith... it jus gave me this image.. u know, athletes compete to win the prize, which is being watch by millions of ppl in the olympics.. those ppl felt happy to be in the game.. standing in front and on the stage where many ppl dream of being there.. to the biggest game in the world.. bigger than world cup, and all those things.. is a place where everyone athletes wanna be... to see them running, jumping, celebrating, showing off their gold medals.. is makes me think..

wat are the dreams of a christian? wat will make their dream come true?? for me, is to received the prize from God... to received that gold medal.. it will be awesome... i know i might not be able to received it now.. distractions, other stuff are there.. i haven give God fully my life.. maybe i din have that childlike faith.. i really want that faith.. seeing 41 kids receiving Christ yesterday make me realize how wonderful God's love is..

yesterday is one of the most happiest moment in my life... after jumping here and there praising God wif the kids.. wif the song "Victory Chant".. i was like, eh, i haven done this for quite some time.. i mean wif kids.. seeing those kids jump around also makes me happy... seeing them praising God wif all their strength... dunno how to express this happinest...

anw.. downloaded lots of songs from passion.. meaningful..

Saturday, August 23, 2008


after much tiring set up for the sunday skul vbs, is now over d.. had a great and fun time playing around wif the kids.. wow.. and they are so cute la.. hahaha.. got one not cute la, call me uncle.. hahaha..

after cleaning up and arranging back the pews(again), was so tired, so when back and sleep like nobody's business.. ahaha.. but now still sleepy.. tired...

but, yea.. have a fun day taking pics wif Jon's camera, although the shots are not nice.. got a chance to play wif Uncle Jimmy's cam too.. wif flash unit and all.. hahaha.. wish i got one.. K200D.. RM 2499.. haha.. i hope i can get it... well, Mei Xin wanna get it too.. haha.. found a fren who also likes camera in college.. hahaha...

anw.. dunno wat to write d.. jus pray that those kids will come back to sunday skul.....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

after exams..

finished my exams.. good or bad, i leave it to God.. i know I have done my best.. I know I have done enuf... if i really fail.. I oso dunno how.. hahha..

anw, dis weird feeling is here again.. after i went thru any big things in my life, when i enter my room, i will always be emo.. i dunno why, but there is ntg that i wanna do, ntg dat i wanna tok about, i jus wanna be alone.. everytime... dunno why.. maybe there is something going on which i jus cant express out and all..

to tell the truth, i really dun wan to go work.. i really dunno how to tell my parents.. not dat im lazy.. i just felt not happy to be there.. i jus wanna be alone at home.. i dun wan to go work and put on a mask to be happy everytime.. seriosly, i felt sad.. i somehow feel like jus drop down and cry.. somehow, i jus felt i wanna be all alone by myself... and of coz go out wif frens sometime...

anw, enuf of being emo.. i jus wanna forget bout stuff..

"emo fruitcake on the run"

Monday, August 18, 2008

Lord, Im scared

im scared.. seriosly.. 2molo is my last chance for my studies.. is either i die or alive 2molo.. Lord, pls help me to do my exam.. I really cant do it without u Lord...


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

thinking about........

well.. there are lots of things that im thinking rite now... hmm.. 1st and 1st, my stupid lovable girls who keep on stalking me all the way.. which is Ms Audit and Ms Management Accounting.. well.. is 2 stupid subjects that i have to do for referral... and im so stress out actually.. knowing that i dun have much time left... haiz... dunno la.. weird la me.... some part of me is scared.. some part of me is not scared.. so i really dunno how... but, anw, i will have to study hard.. dun think i will go work except for friday, where i have promise to go back.....

anw.. the other thing i think about is someone.. well, din noe her dat well, coz onli met like few times for less than 5 minutes i suppose.. but something bout her that is cool.. she is quite good looking, wears black all the time i see her... but, watever that is, she is good.... but, i dun see anything i can do right now.. anw.. dun think i will be seeing her when classes starts...

anw, think i have to buck up on my assignments and exams.. good luck fellas.. and fruitcake of coz..

anw.. better write something i learn from BSF 2day..

"If we are to follow Jesus, we are to deny ourselves and take up the cross and follow Him".. is not going to be easy as a christian.. there are alot of choices around.. maybe both are good.. jus an example, if u are to choose between church and studies/work.. which one will u choose my fren?? and if next day is exams... and u noe if u go church, u will dead tired after dat and wont study anymore... WHICH WILL U CHOOSE??

I will choose GOD!!! which is to go church.. I have been living wif this principle in mind.. Honour God with ur time, and He will bless u more and more... during my year 1 finals, i have one subject which is at 4, if im not mistaken, and b4 dat, i got lots of time to study.. i mean that day la.. but since it was a thursday, Campus City was on dat time, so, i went there at 2, for prayer b4 the service, and i rush off at 3.30.. jus to get back in time for my exams.. and in the end, i scored that paper the highest.. This year, i have one paper on saturday.. and the day b4, we have cell group.. well, at 1st, i thot of not going bcoz there is a paper 2molo.. im quite scared actually, bcoz i hate that subject.. is tax!! any tax lover, sorry but dun be offended.. yea, so i went to cg.. i reach home at 12 something.. den i started taking out my sample exam questions, study it.. and do of coz.. until 1.. den i gave up, coz im too tired.. so i prayed, and sleep.. exams time come, i finish my exam within 1.30 hours... and i have 1.30 hours more to go... but in the end.. i scored the highest for that... and u noe wat.. If u honour God wif ur time, He will honour u back... i noe is going to be hard for me this week, most of the nights im not free.. due to meetings and practices.. but u noe wat.. im not going to sacrifice these times...

"God.. i pray, U help me wif this exams.. i noe it might be late.. but, i really need Ur help Lord... In Jesus Name, Amen"....

'A prayer from fruitcake that God has made...'

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Latest News from passion!!

well.. i wont write as good as Ps louie... haha.. so anw... the blog says there is 6000 ppl filling the longest hall in the world, in .. Johannseberg? watever u called it.. yea, but it was awesome!!! well, i do pray for them a while.. haha.. but anw, is good to hear that ppl are getting into God seriously!! It was amazing.. the photos and everything.. i really hope we can joined as one family... to worship God...

Anw, Cape Town is up next if im not mistaken.. will pray for them..

God bless the country in South Africa....

"a fruitcake made by the hand of God"

hows church people??

hope those ppl i know from passion have a great time in church 2day... pray that God spoke to u jus now in church..

anw.. i have a ok time in church 2day.. not that great bcoz got lots of things are going thru me right now.. spoke to my youth advisors about the things im going thru right now.. the stress and everything.. basically, my work there have been dropping.. really.. the things dat i handle, always seems to have mistake here and there.. and im quite worried bout it actually... i somehow din noe how to handle stuff.. and get dissapointed along the way.. at one point, i dun really find the joy of serving God.. everything seems to dosen work for me.. so 2day i jus pour out wat i have in mind.. and jus let it be.. got encouragement from them... which i really thank God for... one of them actually ask me whether do i want to become the treasurer for my youth.. well, i thot of it and thot is a good chance for me to practice what i have learn in uni (im doing accountancy and finance)... but, as i look at wat i have done this year, everything seems to be not going on well.. everything looks so cincai and lack of planning and all that kind of things.. i noe we are suppose to say "yes Lord".. but, looks like im going to say "let me think about it Lord".. haha... i really need prayer support now...

but basically, im ok la... wif everything.. jus pray that the trip to Melaka will be good..

"i claim the promises from God that says, all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose"

I got this "project" not by coincidence, but is by God's calling that im in charge of it..

Now Lord, will You bless this trip.. make it a memorable time there.. and may all things bad been taken away.. I know there is purpose of You making it a succesful one.. I pray may your will be done and not ours..

" a prayer from fruitcake made by God"

Saturday, August 9, 2008

God provides...

Amen to God coz i got my new desktop.. is HP... hahaha.. well.. got it for a price out of my budget.. but yea.. God provides.. Have been praying for it for a long time.. finally.. it arrived!!! hahaha...

anw.. really need to say sorry to dad.. for my previous post.. well.. come to think of it, he is not wrong at all actually.. jus that people are different and opinions and priority are different.. maybe he thinks different than i am.. but, no matter wat it is, he is still my dad and i cannot change dat.. yup.. he is consider as one of the "goodest" dad around town.. fetch me here and there when i do not have a car.. teaches me, spiritually, or studies in the sense.. he taught me lots of stuff...

well... im now really really broke.. i dunno whether i have enuf money to go for trip or not.. but, i noe he will provide me.. Amen....

"fruitcake from God"


No one noes how i feel..
No one noes my deepest cry..
everybody seems to wonder..
why am i doing here..

Im here for a reason..
A reason that God has given me..
Is to bring glory to His Name...
And make Him famous in my generation..

Times I thought im useless..
Times I cry because im a failure..
But Your grace has save me..
And bring me back to You..

the lyrics above jus came to me.. is original.. from a fruitcake made by God..

had a so called argument wif my dad again.. He ask me not to go for the trip again.. and if i failed one more time, he is not going to pay for my education anymore.. this make me university dropout.. yes.. im on a big risk of being drop out.. again... im sad.. not bcoz of he is not going to pay for my education if i failed.. but jus dat he dun understands.. maybe he has his points of asking me to stay back and study.. but, i noe for sure, IM NOT GONNA STUDY PROPERLY.. bcoz i will be so damm regret of not going for the trip.. dats why to makes things easier.. i thot of not going work for this week... BUT, he ask me to go.. i noe for sure, if im to go.. i oso cant study.. so wats the point?? basically im jus emo rite now.. i cant seems to do anything right these days..

anw.. to tell the truth, if i were to pass my exams, and assignment, he wont say anything either.. no encouragement.. no praises.. wat to do.. is my duty to do well.. so if i do well, is im jus doing my duty.. if i din do well, den i failed to do my work properly.. haha..

but seriously, no one understands me.. except God...

i jus wanna be in Your presence..

(a cried from ur fruitcake)


well.. went to cg jus now.. haha.. but is cancel coz all of us are watching the opening ceremony of the olympics games.. and it was awesome.. the lighting, the volunteers and many other make it awesome time to watch.. and not forgeting all the countries that are represented there.. 204 countries... haha.. it was BIG..

but, when now i sitting down here thinking bout it, if people can do such a wonderful stuff for the olympics games, why cant they do better stuff for God.. jus a thot.. if we are to host such a big christian event where everyone across the world come and gather at one place, to worship God all day.. wont it be awesome?? i dunno la.. but it is really my desire to see all these things happen, and be part of it.. and seriously, if i were to die now, i will regret.. coz i have not seen all these things happen... i wanna see a revival here in Malaysia... is something that is so awesome....

anw.. getting very tired now... hope u ppl who read this blog will have a fun time on saturday and on sunday in church..

God Bless..

from a fruitcake....

Friday, August 8, 2008

I need a new COMPUTER!!

it was quite a meaningful day for me.. not toking bout work, except i got my salary 2day... YEA!!! i got money to go Melaka.. haha.. but b4 dat, went to CF.. well.. the worship leader was also playing the keyboard.. so i thot, wow, another colin is in the hse... mana tau.. he play a while, dun play awhile.. so the keyboard got sound den no sound.. i was argh!!! distraction my fren.. but, while praying to God and ask God to help me focus on Him, i manage to feel His presence.. which i thank God for dat.. but seriously, i was quite dissapointed wif the worship.. is like, a combination of passion conference and hillsongs concert, but cannot have that kind of feel.. seriously, after passion, everyone is crazy wif chris tomlin's song.. including me actually.. downloaded most of his old albums.. well, i do dat bcoz i cant find any of his album in salvation.. so no choice lo... hahaha...

anw.. well, try not to be to judgemental anymore... anw, the speaker was speaking on the doctrine of end times.. well, heard dat b4 i suppose, so nothing much new to me.. jus a reminder to be prepared for the 2nd coming of Christ.. den after the meeting, got the cf t-shirt, den while i was helping arranging the chairs, Wan Si, ask me for my number.. i was like, wat for?? she say the cf need musicians.. any type of guitarist they wan.. either bassist, electric guitarist or accoustic.. must be jus now i was helping the guitarist to get the tempo, she realize i can play.. hahah.. yea.. so i agreed lo.. though i thot of not working there anymore.. but, i will still go back to the cf there if they need help.. i will dedicate my time for it.. im doing this bcoz i see the need there to have a better so called "music"... and less distraction...

well.. din tok much about passion 2day or challenging ppl.. not to say my fire is dead.. but there is the other side of me... hehe...

God bless people.. well, God have answers prayer for Anna... glad to hear that...

"making Jesus famous in my generation"

from a fruitcake made by God...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

God of this City..

Since National Day is coming.. i pray there will be a change.. change for better.. praying for Christian to rise up.. we cannot be silent for the rest of our lives.. do we want to live our lives so normal.. living a normal life.. born, grow up, go church, go school, go college, go university, go work, get married, get kids, grow more old, retire, and go to heaven.. that is normal life.. wat a normal christian will live.. well.. I want to be different.. A amazing God, does not create a normal christian.. He create us for us to be not be a normal christian.. i always ask myself.. is there more to life, than jus that normal life... We are to be the spark... be the fire to light up the world... we see how prayers work.. if we are to pray to God for a change, and if it His will, He will answers us.. rmb the story of the feeding of the 5000 and 4000, there seems to be no food.. BUT GOD, sees the heart of the people who followed them, who have to desire to see Him, He provide them wif food.. Just the same as us, if we are to pray for change, it will happen.. Manila prayed for us, God answers.. We prayed for Jakarta, and God answers (sorry to leave out the other countries).. If we are all to pray, God will hear us... not might, not maybe, but WILL!!!!

I've got this lyrics, from a blog, is called, God of this City

You're the God of this city
You're the King of these people
You're the Lord of this nation
You Are

For there is no one like our God
There is no one like our God

Greater things have yet to come
Great things are still to be done
In this city
Greater things are still to come
And greater things are still to be done here

You're the Lord of Creation
The Creator of all things
You're the King above all Kings
You Are

You're the strength in our weakness
You're the love to the broken
You're the joy in the sadness
You Are

Greater things have yet to come
Great things are still to be done
In this city
Where glory shines from hearts alive
With praise for you and love for you
In this city

Greater things have yet to come
Great things are still to be done
In this city
Greater things are still to come
And greater things are still to be done here

And yes, Greater things are coming.. and we know that... Coz, God is wif us.. i dunno bout u all, i will forever serve Him until i see Him... i may fall, i may sin, but i will not give up on my God..

In Isaiah 26:8, Yes Lord, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and your renown are the desires of our hearts...

Renown = Unfading Fame..

Fame that wont go away.. Human fame will go away.. but not God's name.. the Name of Jesus wont fade away...

"Its rising up all around. Its the anthem of Your Renown"..
(taken from the bridge of Holy is the Lord)

"fruitcake from God"

exams, assignment and trip!!

is will be happening one after another.. is really a tough decision for me to choose.. i will be going Melaka on the 16 and 17 of aug, after that on the 18 im suppose to pass up my assignment, and on the 19 is my exams.. i was like whoa!! wat a joke that is happening on me!! my dad ask me not to go to Melaka, but, i jus felt that in Melaka, something is going to happen.. not something bad, but something good.. not me getting a gf or something like dat, but something spiritual.. i dun go to passion KL jus to keep to myself everything that i've learn.. but if it is the passion i got from Passion KL, i want to spread this passion around.. all these while, we have been very less passionate about God.. well, maybe not we, is me.. i rmb i was so fired up after rbs.. but den, it was gone due to the stuff im facing, den during Campus City when ps Ryan was leading, i was all fired up again, going to GIG, spreading God's love by playing the bass.. but when i ciao to Scotland, everything died off again.. den the passion was not there anymore..

as i look thru wat has happen, i rmb wat i've learned in BSF and also the short video b4 the start of Passion KL.. where the seed that is planted on thorny grounds, it can be grow, but it will be choke by the things of the world.. and at the end, that flower or that plant died and wear off... i know that it is a warning.. not to be passionate and worried at the same time.. coz if not, this passion feeling or i dunno wat u called it, will be gone, and to get back the same fire will be harder the next time.. therefore, im using every resources i have to spread this passion that i have...

Of coz, God has promised good to me.. good in the sense not life will be good and all, but, is that peace, that joy that when we go thru troubles, He is here... His peace, will be wif us forever.. And that is the work of the Holy Spirit...

well.. i know im taking a big risk here in going to Melaka, knowing that im not smart in studying and the risk of losing my chance to study... if i failed this time, i know im not able to continue anymore... and i wont want to waste my parents money anymore..

Be passionate ppl, whoever is reading this, tim lam, rachel, Joanna, if u all ever bump into my blog again.. like wat rachel said in my chat box, this month is where Malaysia celebrate independence.. and Aug 31st is a sunday as well.. is time we Malaysian rise up and take the nation by storm.. we have heard of many movement outside of Malaysia.. lets be History Makers!! I will do my best to be part of it.. i dunno whether i can do it or not, but if it is God's will, He will allow... So may the 3 of u continue to shine in ur own church, which i dunno which church are u from btw.. but anw.. Press On For God and Make Jesus famous in our generation!!!

Same goes to the ppl i know who leave comments on my blog from Manila.. Jez and Merie.. continue the good work u all are doing in ur country.. and read thru ur blogs and it encourage me.. we will also heard news of the ppl of Philipines(i dunno how to spell) will take the nations by storm too!!

and for my church members.. although u all have not gone to Passion conference for any reasons, i encourage u all to be passionate for God whenever u are.. is not about coming to church every sunday onli.. is about coming to church wif a desire to worship Him, to spread His love to other ppl.. i know is not easy.. coz for me, i have not done anything similiar too.. I have just learned this principle...

hmm.. feels like writting a will onli.. looks like im going to die.. hahaha.. but watever it goes, i hope will continue to serve God will all ur heart...

"a fruitcake from God"

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

lastest news!!!

the post bout passion Jakarta at 268generation.com/blog is crazy.. in one day, they have 500+ nearing 600 people responding to the post, passionate about their city!! passionate about the next city...

Be crazy for God.. be the fruitcake for God...

Ashley's Journal - a summary.. (of coz taken from Timothy Lam's blog)

Ashley is a student of University of Florida, the Top party school in the States. Now you can imagine what happens when the parties would start. She is an unbeliever, living in an apartment with her boyfriend. She was in her senior year when one day she went home and caught her boyfriend sleeping with another girl; of course she was devastated. She broke up with him, kicks him out of the apartment and posts an ad at school about needing a new roommate. A girl named Christa found it and later on became Ashley’s roommate. While Ashley was on her depressed mode, she wrote about how screwed up her life is and every once in a while mentioned details about her new roommate Christa, how she acts crazy and is a freako believing in God and all that Christian stuff; Ashley says:

“what a fruitcake”!(now that’s supposed to sound mean. and provoking)

Ashley gets more and more intrigued at how her roommate lived her life, there was a day Ashley was wallowing over her situation crying whole day and eating ice cream, and her roommate took time to ask her if there was any problem. The roommate sat beside her and started eating ice cream too. Ashley told her roommate what happened and she said she never heard the response she was expecting to come out; no condemnation but genuine care and sympathy. The roommate asked if she could pray for her but of course, Ashley refused. Ashley’s Mom and brother are Christians. She said she would have expected her brother to be good to her, but it’s puzzling her that Christa, the fruitcake, acts that way with her.

Ashley becomes all the more bothered how Christa had been living her life which was opposite of how she lives. It was obvious that the roommate didn’t drink, and when asked if she slept with her boyfriend whom she’s been with for three years she said she’s still a virgin. That was crazy stuff for Ashley who could sleep with a guy she’s only been with for three weeks. She asked why Christa was living her life that way, and the answer was a desire to please God in all that she does.

Christa shared about how much Jesus loved her. Ashley kept writing on her journal, and just can’t accept that God could forgive her. God is just not for her type. Ashley was on her moment of unbelief. But it was funny how Christa would share about her experience at a Passion conference and even had a DVD of Louie Giglio sharing a sermon. Ashley writes about how crazy that was.

To Ashley, God just can’t forgive a crap like her but God was working in Ashley’s life, and Christa is doing her work in being a good witness of God’s love and grace. As they lived together and the days passed by, Christa had shared about the good news of God’s grace that forgives, even to the worst of all people, even Ashley. She saw that love in “fruitcake” and wanted that for herself. One day, Ashley finally believed and gave in and she said in her journal, “that was it”, the day she became a Christian; the unconditional love of Jesus flooded her heart with peace. She experienced this love and grace that God has for everyone.

Ashley attended one of the Bible studies where Christa attends. The youth didn’t act in a crazy way but were interested at her and were genuine. So they sang and Ashley didn’t know the song but she really liked it and felt like raising her hands too, but she didn’t. When she got home, she googled the lyrics of the song they sung and it just communicated to her so well.

Everyone needs compassion
A love that’s never failing
Let mercy fall on me
Everyone needs forgivenessA
kindness of a Savior
The hope of nations

SaviorHe can move the mountains
My God is Mighty to save
He is Mighty to save
ForeverAuthor of salvation
He rose and conquered the grave
Jesus conquered the grave

So take me as You find me
All my fears and failures
Fill my life again
I give my life to follow
Everything I believe in
Now I surrender

Shine your light and let the whole world see
We’re singing for the glory of the risen King…Jesus

Ashley and Christa talked about how God’s children worship Him and that’s one of the ways.Ashley made her family know about her being a Christian and her mom cried and her brother was so happy to see her. Their prayers were answered. Ashley emailed Louie about her experience, and Louie shared this story to many people, even writing it to the passion blog and it’s being heard in their podcast. Ashley was thrilled that many people can know of her experience, that of God’s unconditional love forgiving her and changing her.

Thx Timothy Lam for taking time to dig out this wonderful life testimony.. Hope anyone who found this touching will copy paste in their blog..

Passion Jakarta!!!

It was an amazing night as i read about wat God has done there.. is up in the passion blog... pics of people crowding in to worship God.. over 7000 people was there worshiping.. and is in a muslim dominated country!! Surely, God's presence swept through the nation... Our prayer are answered.. God has done amazing things there, and I believe, one day, this generation will rise up, and take the nations by storm!!! Everywhere in the world, people will worship the one and onli God.. Because when God wants to use His people, nobody can stop it...

Lets be the fruitcake to influence the people around us.. It takes onli one person to be crazy to influence the people, when the people catch it, they will start to go crazy for God too... Lets be "passion"!!!

My slogan for this year

"Make Jesus famous in my generation"....

And I believe this is the same for everyone..

Go Manila, Go Jakarta... God bless u people!!! and not forgeting London and other place before...


wow.. it was a great time talking back wif all the rbs frens that i have not seen for quite some time now.. although we are quite cool in the beginning, dunno how to start toking, but suddenly, wif all the games and teasing each other, we broke the ice, and talk and play "black" magic and all sort of things.. haha.. really really great time of fellowship...

well, Passion Jakarta shud be ending by now.. i know that they had a great time, they will continue to be passionate for Jesus.. I know they wanna make Jesus famous in their generation, their country.. yes... and they will..

well.. i think dats all for now.. getting tired now.. lol.. became driver.....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ashley... thx to tim lee...

Ashley Akinns
Hi, I feel kinda weird writing this email. And i doubt if it ever gets to Mr Louie Giglio. I am a Senior at The University of Florida. I got a new roommate this semester and she is a Christian and I have never really been into the whole Christian thing because every pastor or speaker that I have ever listened to didn’t speak in a language I could understand. I have believed in God and Jesus, but never really understood it because the preachers at the church that I have always been forced to go to every Sunday of my life. They speak all high and mighty and I never really felt connected, and I felt like God was only for the perfect people.
Well my roommate went to this Passion Conference over winter break. And she came back and moved into my apt and she was real and genuine about all her Christian stuff, like I have never seen before in a person. She said that God changed her at this conference, so i was like what are you talking about. And she told me. She told me about how God was cool, and how God really wanted a deeper relationship with her, and she wanted to really love God the way he loved her, so of course I was like well huh? She then said you need to listen to Louie talk about God, so I asked who Louie was, and she put on the Indescribable talk, and then we watched the Passport talk. And in the Passport talk you said that Christians do not have to just hope for the best at the end, that they do not have to do enough good stuff. You explained how to get to heaven in a simple way, in a way that I have never heard before. I actually got it, I got it that it is not about being so good, cause I am not a good person. I have screwed up a lot. But then you said grace, and talked about how is was different than other religions. Because God is a loving and a kind God who wants to forgive me. My roommate then explained that he wants to forgive me.
Now for one of the reasons I am thanking you. One, I am now a Christian. And two, my roommate said that she had never really cared about telling others about how much God loved her before she went to this conference. So though I am not sure who will ever read this. Please tell Louie thanks from me, for talking about Christ in a way that a college kid can understand. I know that Jesus has changed my life and as I get ready to graduate college in May, I am gonna be a different person. I am sorry this is kinda rambling but I just had to tell you that I now know about the Grace of God, and I have life for the first time in my 22 years


I will never forget the day her message came. And I’m not going to forget last Friday. Waking early for the last day of Thirsty, I happened to see this on my Blackberry and opened it.
Dear Mr. Giglio,
It is with a heavy heart that I send you this email. My daughter is Ashley, she wrote you an email that went on your blog and podcast Well, today May 3rd at 4pm we buried Ashley. She was killed in a car accident late on Sunday night. She lost control of her car and hit a light pole. She was the only car involved and had serious internal bleeding. She died in the arms of my husband at the hospital from unstoppable internal bleeding. But I have hope of seeing my daughter again. I have this hope because after years of praying for her, and watching her live a lifestyle in college that is known as the typical college experience. The last semester of her college career I saw a woman, not a college girl that I have never been more proud to call my daughter. I can point the thanks to you and Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Matt Redman, and everyone else involved in your Passion Conferences. Ashley fell in love with our Savior over the last 5 months of her life. She was so excited about graduation this week and moving to California to work her first real job. She had a life ahead of her. I miss my beautiful princess more than anything in this world.
But I just felt like you should know that she listened to as many of your talks as she could get her hands on and read your book I am not but I know I am and she was so excited about God and her new found faith. Words alone can not thank you enough. I may never meet you here on earth, but I know that someday I will be able to meet you and give you a hug in heaven, but only after Ash does. Thank you so much for praying for my girl, and your support of her as she was starting her new life. Also thanks for being a man of God who has a passion, and love for college students.
Your vision to share the gospel and getting college students to do the same made all the difference at a funeral today. Instead of being sad and scared for her. We were able to sing praise and worship songs today. Though there will be tears and I am so very heartbroken and crying as I type this, it is only because I will not hold her for so many years. And I will miss her for the rest of my life. I know I have said thank you a lot in this email, but because of you and Christa (Ashley’s roommate) and people at the Bible Study that she was going to she was happier than I have seen her in a very long time. In the email she originally sent you, it said she had life for the first time in her 22 years, and please know she meant every word of that. She lived the last few months serving and loving and learning more about Christ. She will now spend eternity in heaven with Him so one more time thanks. I know this was long and I debated for the last 4 days as to whether or not to write you. I know you are a very busy man, but I also figured you would want to know.
Ashley’s Mom

By the third line tears were streaming down my face, blurring the words, but not the sudden reality of it all. I had just received an e-mail from Ashley a few days before saying how excited she was to finally be through with college and headed to a “real job” in the Bay Area of California. And now she was gone.
I was crushed, but I found myself pumping my fist in the air, confident that Jesus Christ overwhelmed death and the grave. And just in the nick of time, He reached through the confusion and hopelessness and brought Ashley back to life again. Her mom was kind enough to allow me to share her e-mail and sent a photo of Ashley so we could all put a face with the name that has brought much rejoicing throughout the Passion world in recent months. Anna, please know that you and your family will be in our hearts and prayers as you begin the process of living without the daughter you so deeply love. You will see her again. And with our prayers we are praising God for matchless mercy…mercy that saved the day and carried Ashley safely home.

Monday, August 4, 2008

dedicated post...

i would like to dedicate this post to 2 countries...

1stly, to the people in Manila...

Thank u guys for praying for passion KL.. Thank u all so so so much.. Indeed God has answered ur prayers and we have a great night worshiping the one and only God.. God will continue to use u all as the people who will carried His glory to the others part of the country.. God bless u all.. Shine for God!!!

2nd, to the people in Jakarta...

U are in our prayers.. We pray that u all will have a great night wif God presence surrounding u all.. Rmb to be strong.. Times are difficult, but this is the time for us to rise up.. to declare God's Name, to all the people in the country.. U guys will have a great night!!!

well.. thats all for them...

anw, The passion thing is still in me.. So strong, the passion of wanting to make Jesus famous in Malaysia... really.. dunno why, but the song God of the City keeps on playing in my head.. Is really a wonderful wonderful experience.. and really, God works in many ways.. 2day bsf also talks about that if we are to go to God wif a sincere heart, God will received us, and by His amazing Grace, we are saved, and been cleansed.. That reminds me of the story of Ashley.. Who really really touched my heart.. Although she has not been here anymore, but her story impact all nations and races.. God use the one who desire to seek Him, desire to know Him.. Who have that PASSION!!! seriously, if we do not have that passion, God cant use us... Is a reminder for me...

God, use me, so that i can make U famous in my generation.. and no matter where u ask me to go.. i will say "yes LORD"!!!!

I dunno whether i can do it or not.. sometimes i fall from my words.. but, i pray that this will not hinder me from doing His work...

Amazing Grace

A song that makes me cry, makes me yearn, for the amazing grace from the amazing GOD!! thanks jet for the lyrics...

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now I'm found
Was blind, but now I see

'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear
And grace my fears relieved
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed

My chains are gone
I've been set free
My God, my Savior has ransomed me
And like a flood His mercy reigns
Unending love, Amazing grace

The Lord has promised good to me
His word my hope secures
He will my shield and portion be
As long as life endures

The earth shall soon dissolve like snow
The sun forbear to shine
But God, Who called me here below
Will be forever mine
Will be forever mine
You are forever mine

Passion KL..

long and behold, jus came back from passion conference.. and i would say... sorry to all hillsongs fans, hillsongs did a good job when they came.. but, this conference is very meaningful to me..

come to think about it, i seldom drop any tears when i go to any rally of some kind, eg, youth rally, iba easter rally and all sorts that u can think of, including hillsongs... we have wonderful time of praise and worship, but somehow, the message din struck me..

but 2day.. i really felt God's presence was so strong in the place.. and dunno why, tears drop from my eyes.. the speaker talks about 2 things.. 1st is "yes Lord", which is taken from Isaiah 12:8.. where he says, whenever God called us to do things, we shud say Yes Lord.. not maybe, not later, coz if not, the person who called us is not God... we dunno the outcome of it.. but He will be wif us...

the next thing he talks about passion.. which cont from there, i mean in Isaiah 26:8.. i cant rmb most of the thing he says coz now im dead tired.. but he ask this question or i can say challeged us.. "Are we willing to make Jesus famous in our generation?" is not about us.. not about those great names that are famous.. but is about the name of Jesus.. The creator, the perfector of our faith..

after that he move on to "grace"... not grace lim or anyone wif the name of grace... is taken from 1 corinthians 5:13-21, where he spend more time on verse 21... u read urself, cant think much now.. but when he talks about a girl, who is a top 10 party girl in the number 1 rated party university in US, became to know God.. bcoz of one christian roomate that she got.. and to cut the story short, she accepted Him, but after 3 months, she past away.. but, she made an impact to thousands or i can say millions or billons of people around the world.. when she is still alive, her emails on some of her testimony was being shared by the speaker to the people.. LIVE!!! and when her past away, her father saw the difference after she became a christian.. really dun wan to go into much details.. maybe yang or jet's blog, they will explain more.. anw, the girl also find one song meaningful, which is might to save by hillsongs...

when we sang that song.. tears drops from my eyes, knowing that God will protect, God will save.. and asking Jesus to shine His light in the world, so that people can see... i know that im not perfect, i have lots and lots of sins in me.. and sometimes, it became guilt... but when i actually go back where i started.. i felt comfortable.. felt relieved... felt the peace and joy that i have always wanted...

anw.. coz my brains are stopping functioning soon, i will cont the next day.. but, the songs that im so gonna teach...

1) Healer
2) amazing grace (chris tomlin's version)
3) God of the city.....

meaningul song.. and if can "Jesus Messiah".. but is a new song.................


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Saturday, August 2, 2008

so many things to do...........

currently loaded wif alot of things that i have to do.. melaka trip, assignments, exams, work, church stuff.. basically august im loaded wif stuff... dunno why.. i still can be cool bout it.. haha.. maybe i take things easy.. really easy..

anw.. i think i really need a new pc.. my laptop screen is getting more and more worst.. so many lines comes out and its really annoying.. but wat to do, my salary cant even get me anything... hahaha... well.. pray that God will provide... if not, i will stuck wif this laptop for many years to come...hahaha...

when to prayer meeting.. my church members are going through some sickness but, they declare that God have healed them from their sickness.. really.. is really great to hear such testimony.. when i heard bout it, the song healer came to my mind.. in wat maggie says in her recent blog.. before mike watever(i cant spell his name) lead the song "healer", he declared "by His stripes, we are healed".. and really God heals.. He heals every sickness, every pain, even sadness.. he healed them if we are to go Him.. He take our yoke, our burden and take it on Him.. because

"The same power that conquers the grave, Lives in me"...

He lives in me.. and He is Mighty to Save us from all our troubles, and sickness.. God intervines, He guide us... yes, we make mistakes, we disobey Him.. But He will still reach out His hands to received us back.. im too is been bounded by sin.. and im praying that He will still forgive me..

"Your love that rescue the earth lives in me".......

currently i really like the song Healer... one of the planet shakers song that is beautiful.. simple yet meaningful....