Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a terrible day

today at work is bad.. well, the team leaders have an arguement wif the rep who is suppose to bring us around.. but, she do not know anything and somehow scold us for not having the list of ambank assets.. alamak!!.. haiz.. actually i dunno how to explain dat situation.. coz now i oso tired d .. haha.. and i really dunno wat to write..

hmm.. hope she is doing well dis days..

hmm.. no pic of transformers la... haha.. anw.. hope u guys have a happy day 2molo..

Monday, July 30, 2007

another monday

Wow.. i cant believed it.. our data capture team actually nearly finish Bangunan Ambank d.. is like dis is our 2nd day d.. haha.. aren't we good?? haha.. jkjk.. come to think of it, i actually enjoy very much working wif dis bunch of ppl.. though we are from different believes and all, but, im glad they respect my religion too, as i respect theirs.. and being the only pure chinese there, is hard at 1st to join in their conversation as my bm was not really dat good, but, praise God, we can tok 2gether, laugh, and also "ponteng".. haha..

as i rmb when i 1st started, i was nervous, coz i din noe wat to expect.. but anyhow, it turn up to be good.. haha.. i somehow got my brain stuck coz i din noe wat to say d.. maybe too tired d.. anw.. learn alot during fellowship wif my bsf group members.. most of dem mentioned dat do not take God for granted.. which is true, coz got by His grace has given us salvation, He has soften our hearts, dats why are are back to Him.. but, we cannot take dat for granted, coz, He can harden our hearts one day, if we do not fear Him, if we do not respect Him and all.. as i hear dat, i rmb wat a fren of mine said.. "Christian nowadays love God, but they do not fear Him".. it is very true as i ponder upon my own life.. yes i love God, but somehow, the respect, the fear of the Lord is not really there.. well, is a very good reminder for me..

Well, shud be sleeping soon.. chatting wif CY for awhile jus now, and i guess she shud be on the bed sleeping d.. haha.. nitez.. hmm, shud i oso sleep now?????.. maybe i shud.. haha.. Laterz...

Oh ya.. show u all optimus prime.. dis is cool..

Haha.. nitez ppl..

Sunday, July 29, 2007

a sunday

i think i really need some creativity in my title.. 2day was tiring day.. but, dunno why my whole body was flat out, but my brains keep on working.. i cant seems to sleep, though my eyes are heavy right now.. well.. now is onli 7 something.. well.. dunno why..

2day we had bible quiz!!! haha.. and team ISAAC is the winner.. but they deserved it la.. haha.. coz they actually read Genesis.. and came to my suprise, eugene did great.. haha.. well, not much comments on dat..

I think why i cant really sleep is bcoz the things dat happens in Precious Home.. well, nothing actually happen, but some feelings dat really... dunno wat word to use, but is real bad.. haha.. well.. 2day in church, i see her like not very happy, maybe in front of me not happy, or bcoz of the quiz.. so well.. tried to ignore it but CANT!!.. so i jus sms her and ask her how is she.. well, she din reply.. so i guess she was bz in doing somethings so i dun really care.. den in precious home, i kept looking at her expression.. wonder how is she.. so whole time din really concentrate on wat im doing.. so din smile much during dat trip.. den played captain ball, she is my opponent.. i dunno why, when she shoot, i jus cant block her shot(i was d defender).. maybe i was too old to jump high.. or maybe, i was not really into dat game. ya.. so really did a bad job.. after all that, no selera to makan.. so drink 2 cans of coke(dats crazy).. so filled my stomach wif gas.. hmm..

when i think carefully, i think im jealous.. dats why i cant really sleep jus now.. i really dunno why, but everytime i felt something weird.. is like some guilt?? nope.. some really funny kind of feelings dat i felt everytime.. is like, wanting to tok, but scared of her being angry.. so try to make a fool out of myself most of the time, jus to see her smile.. i tell u.. she got the sweetest smile ever.. haha.. maybe i too kua cheong oledi.. well.. i really dunno when can i get over her.. its oledi past 1 year now since we broke up.. and mind u.. God will take hold on every promises u made.. May i pass dis period.. i really dun wan to get into another relationship bcoz of lonliness and thought of making her jealous(like wat happen to "ahem").. but, i really hope my next gf is her again.. but, thinking of all the factors now, the problems, is quite hard, almost impossible..

So, since like dis, is really hard for me to let go, after all emotions are in it.. maybe i was stupid.. but, it seems like every gurl i tok to reminds me of her.. argh!!.. dun wan to be too emo.. coz guys arent suppose to be emo rite??.. but, nah.. who cares..

Hope, there will be a change.. dunno la.. i hope she will msg me lo.. i think dis is my biggest dream ever rite now.. haha..

anw.. wanna see Bumble Bee's car?? it looks great..

Chunt rite?? haha.. wait.. wanna see wat he becomes after he transformed?? dis is the character i like most, i think i prefer it den Optimus Prime.. haha

Dosen he looks great.. haha.. im transformer freak rite now..

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A saturday

hmm.. i realised dat i need to find a good title for each of my post coz, its vain.. haha.. anw.. its been a bz sat morning, not so in d afternoon, and bz nite.. in the morning, have to wake up early to get some breakfast for me, den fetch my sis to kj lrt station, fetch eu wei, den go church for worship workshop..

We have the worship team from FGA KL to so called teach us some music stuff.. so yea, sit through the workshop and it was good.. den Suddenly Leroy ask the worship team for the month to play 2 songs.. well.. so i went up there, pick up that chunted bass.. and play.. well.. i din play properly.. due to nervousness gua.. so yalo.. make mistakes here and there.. but, learn how to bluff abit.. hehe.. after that is the afternoon story..

After the workshop, went for lunch wif church frens, den went back, pick my mum up to borrow her novels.. den collect my new specs, shopping in that nothing to buy small giant.. after that came back.. and sleeppppppp...!!!

Well, i think the intersting part is still the nite part where im suppose to fetch the nepalease to church.. got a sms from henry that there are 2 pastors waiting for me at Taman Bahagia.. so i drive my SLK(Small Little Kancil) to pick dem.. den suddenly i saw.. got 4 persons there.. i was like.. die lo, how la to fit all inside.. but, thank God that they manage to squeez inside it.. i was quite scared to drive fast coz if my car too heavy, sure very hard to drive fast fast.. so dis time i drive slow slow..

after that, went to the nepalease hostel to pick few more ppl there.. is the same person i fetch last week.. well, i kind of felt like in the family coz they always called me brother(coz they dunno my name), and he will try to tok to me.. well.. his english not that good.. so he add malay to spice up the conversation.. and thank God, we still manage to communicate.. haha.. dat is is miracle..

And today i went for their sermon where dis pastor is speaking.. so i listen listen, den he speak something in English.. "We are created in the image of God".. he repeated dat few times.. well it do struck me as i was sitting down listening to a language dat i cant understand, until he said that.. well.. it was a good reminder for me to noe that im created in the image of God.. haha..

Den fetch the same load back.. and now here blogging.. hmm.. wanted to msg her earlier, but dun have the guts to do so, and no topic to start.. but now regreted coz, she slept d.. well, normally she will sleep d lo.. haiz.. so cant sms her.. but i was really hoping she could msg me once in a while.. which is not happening la.. haha..

Argh.. have to prepare for 2molo bible quiz.. so have to see which question to pick to ask my teens.. hope dat i will have a good time kenaing dem.. hehe

p/s-why do i always mentioned about her in every single post.. hmm.. good question to think about

A friday

Yup.. its friday, its friday.. 2molo i got no work.. haha.. well.. quite a start in Bangunan Ambank Group in Jln Raja Chulan.. coz lots of troubles of trying to tagged d assets.. but its ok, coz we still manage to finish 5 floors there.. hehe.. so good oso la.. anw.. hoping that my pay will increase as i am one of the team leader.. thx Fahmi, Fairuz, and Zaidi for that idea, coz i nv ever thought of that.. haha..

Anw, jus came back from cg, have an discussion on some sensitive issue on christianity, which in on salvation, baptism of the Holy Spirit, orderly worship, and lots more.. i dunno why, but i kind of enjoy discussing bout all these topics, coz i like to noe wat the "old" times people are writting bout, and why christian nowdays are making a big fuss on some small little petty issues.. haha.. really dunnno y, but, is good to noe wat are they thinking about..

hmm.. finally today i gave in and msg her.. well.. jus ask her how is she like dat lo.. well.. to tell the truth, when she msg me dat time, my phone was no on silent, so when the msg arrive, my transforming ringtone sounded so freaking loud.. i was like, omg, haha.. but, it was cool.. listening ppl commenting bout the transforming sound.. hehe..

well.. now im still crazy bout transformers.. but, is a really good show to watch it.. for u guys who have watch.. pls do watch, the robots are fantastic, especially Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, and one of the deceptivecons, which is police car wan, cant rmb the name, but it was cool... and not to forget that main actress of the show.. MEGAN FOX!! she is HOT!!!.. i rmb JJ and Rudy from hitz fm always tok bout her after the movie was released.. dunno how hot she looks.. take a look..

Look how hot she is.. haha.. well.. im not a pervert.. but she is cunt.. i seldom say gurls are chunt.. and she is one of them.. haha.. anw.. u all better catch the movie b4 they drop it.. coz if u watch pirated wan, the effect not there d.. so DON't!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

1 tiring day at work

Oh man.. 2day sux.. coz i have to been stuck in the jam for almost 1 hour.. and it really sux.. argh.. tiring, work like mad, everything oso gone crazy.. ARGH!!!

well.. dats basically how tired and frustrated I am.. coz of that stupid jam.. haiz.. wat to do?? KL is good, but the jam is terrible.. now nice if KL got no jam.. is the same as saying human have no sin.. which is impossible.. haha..

really dunno wat to write now, coz my brain jammed d.. cannot think much to write.. but one thing i hope now, that is to received her sms.. hehe.. hope that after i take bath, check my phone and saw her sms.. here goes.. going to take bath now..

la la la lalalalalalal...
I love singing in the bathroom..
La lalalalalalalalalalala!!!!

Finish taking bath d.. jus as i expected.. she din sms me.. well have to hope for 2molo.. or later.. dun i get tired of waiting for her?? well, if any of u will ask this question, the answer is yes.. but, i noe one thing.. dat is true love waits.. well.. dunno is it the right meaning or not lo. haha.. but.. hope she got sweet dreams when she sleeps.. nitez..

I oso got to go.. hope i dun fall sick when i get up.. well some pics of me last time.. hope i got that hair back..

oh my.. i do look more skinny than.. haha..

a break day 2

yup.. finally is night time.. and actually, is already morning.. dunno why still cant sleep.. maybe i slept too much in the afternoon.. haha.. but, something kept me thinking when i cant sleep.. i rmb when i was still in scotland, i oso cant sleep most of the nights.. it was bcoz dat time i worried too much bout someone, and i kept on looking at my phone, see she will msg me or not.. so i kept on looking, hoping a msg will come from her.. as u guys noe, scotland and m'sia are at diff time zone, so when m'sia is morning, scotland is way late at night.. so i will always wait until 12am in scotland, for her good morning msg, onli will i sleep properly.. if not, i will keep waiting.. d worst is until 4 to 5am.. well.. dunno wat was i thinking dat time.. as i look now, i was actually still waiting for dat day as i mentioned earlier.. since i've been waiting and waiting, i guess is no harm for me to wait longer..

oh ya.. i finally downloaded d 1st Transformers movie, which is cartoon wan.. oh my goodness.. it was so clear and nice.. miss the old time where I will jus chase the cartoon.. wish i was kid la.. no stress, dunno wat is relationship.. haha.. well, there will come the time where we will face all these things..

oh ya.. wanna see Optimus Prime in Action??

Well.. dats the optimus prime in that movie itself.. hehe.. wow.. so "yeng" rite.. hehe.. but too bad, he died in the beginning of the movie, but after that, the leadership of the Autobots falls into the hand of Hot Rod.. well.. a cool car wif a cool character.. if u all din watch that cartoon.. if u wan, can ask from Jack Sparrow, the leader of the pirates.. haha

anw.. hope i can sleep soon, if not, 2molo i cant work properly.. argh.. i wish i could jus received her msg, den i can sleep soundly.. i hope.. but, dat hope wont come true.. A phrase says "a dream that will come true, is not a dream" for me and her, is a dream..

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

a break day 1

Wow.. finally i got another break from my usual day of work coz have to sent my kancil for service.. hmm.. waited for them to called my name.. den got it, check check and check.. den the bill is 152 bucks.. i was like OMG.. i dun have so much cash in my wallet.. so i have no choice but to take a cab back home and take some money and head back all the way to the service centre.. well.. thank God everything went on well..

Den after that, went to giant and bought some food back home as requested by my mum, den reach home, went out wif my mum to Focus Point to make new specs!!.. haha.. i got new specs too.. hehe.. it is quite nice.. and quite cheap though.. hehe

den after that have to rush all the way to fetch my sis.. well.. still like dat la.. no comments on dat..

What i actually felt happy was that on sunday, i actually got back my prayer to God paper.. well.. I wrote it last year and yaw eng pass it to us back on sunday.. welll well well.. it was funny though reading through my prayer to God.. but, as i read it, i felt that I have not done anything of it yet.. a particular one is about "she".. well.. still cant really move on after so long.. haha.. but, wat to do.. it was hard.. very hard.. den as i look through.. it is as if she is moving further and further away.. and now, im jus seeing her back.. seeing her moving away. well.. it is almost like dat everyday now.. our conversation was like, hi, how are u, bye, hows studies, hows life.. dats all. nothing much indept.. and, it is weird dat i dun received her sms as frequently as b4.. now, i have to crack something up to msg her onli she will reply.. it not, it is somehow impossible to sent me a sms jus like dat.. well.. its a miracle if she jus sms me like dat.. haha..

well.. enuf bout her.. guess all my post all sure bout writting bout her wan lo.. dunno why, but yalo.. haha.. well.. now is jus afternoon, most likely will continue 2nite..

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thought of the day

Wow!!! is almost 12am and her bday is NEAR!!.. er.. so?? haha.. wish her happy bday lo.. thats all i can do now.. hehe..

Went to fetch the nepalease ppl to church jus now and dis guy, whom i dunno the name, telling me stuff about some nepalease do not want to come bcoz they want to go for a "drink".. is not normal yum cha, but beer beer kind of session.. ya.. it kept me thinking on how God have placed a God fearing nepalease among a big bunch of lost sheep.. I believed that God has placed a burden in His heart to reach out to his homies.. well keep him in prayer.. I believe God has his plans..

Anw, I oso thought of why God has placed me in Tripro Tech.. I am in a midst of lost sheeps..

Wait.. is time to wish her happy bday coz is 12am.. cont later..

Finish msging her.. wait.. i forgot, reynard oso.. cont later..

Done.. got 2 ppl's bday.. anw.. let me continue.. ya, im in the midst of lost sheeps.. coz almost all of my colleuges are collegues are muslim, and most of them smokes dat kind of thing.. i rmb the 1st day when i was there, i ask God, why does He wants to placed me there? I might be influenced by them, i might learn bad stuff.. But today, God somehow make me realised that I can be the influence, i can used my life as a testimony to them, so they can see that im different.. i mean in terms of characters those kind of things.. i also thank God although they are from different religion as I am, but God still use them to teach me somethings that help me alot.. Well, God can use anyone in anytime.. haha.. So i thank God im in Tripro.. not a very good placed to work, but ppl are friendly and nice..

ya.. and on my way back, the song amazing grace keep staying in my head.. it reminds me that im not worthy to be saved, im not good enuf for God, but God, by his Amazing Grace, sent Jesus to died on the Cross for me.. After being a christian for so long, like since form 4, I somehow still feel afresh when i rmb how God saved my life.. How God guide me through tough times in Scotland, and how God remains faithful in my life when i was so unfaithful to Him..

God, this is my prayer to U, Lead me.. and Thank You for everything, I might sin and sin and sin, but u are there to bring me up again.. I love U...

For u ppl who are non-christian, this is real.. this relationship between me and God is real.. try reading the bible, ask ur christian friends.. if u are feeling down, smoking can't help u, drugs cant help u, but God can.. The peace, is a long lasting peace.. Amen..

a brand new day..

Hi, dis is my 1st post on blogspot... last time it used to be in friendster.. but, ya.. now change d.. hehe..

It is a saturday today, but still have to wake up early to do marketing, not the subject marketing but going to real wet market to buy food for this week.. so ya, drove my KANCIL 850 EXS to Sg way market.. of coz wif my dad and sis.. when i reach there, a thought jus came to my mind that i actually din really go for marketing wif my parents d.. since beginning of the year, i keep on staying at home wif the excuses of being tired, or sleepy or watsover.. but 2day, though sleepy, i still wake up and go.. maybe a feeling that i din had for a long time.. a family "outing".. haha..

after that, came back home.. read comic for a while, den went out again to fetch my mum to her college.. den went to my dad's previous working place, den went to kl to settle my sis air-ticket payment.. after that, went to Jalan Sultan Ismail to find Menara Dion, where i will start my working place on monday there.. so went to check out the place and look for the nearest train station.. found it, then head our way to Low Yat Plaza.. I dun really like going there not bcoz of the place is not nice, but is bcoz i get to see all the notebook and desktop, but i cant buy it.. and my sis bought her 2nd laptop there.. it was ok in looks, but the specs are good, i was like, haiz.. jealous, but wat to do, im not stuyding overseas, my com still can use, though is in a bad condition, my cdrom rosak, system slow like hell.. but, what to do.. cant do anything..

2molo is her bday.. but i really dunno wat to do on her bday though.. like i cant do anything.. is jus like, there is nothing i can give her, nothing i can tell her except happy bday.. i actually ask her if she can tok at midnight with me knowing the answer is no.. besides dat i really dunno wat to do d.. it few more hours away onli.. wat can i do?? ARGH!!!!

dunno la.. i jus can only pray that she have a great bday 2molo.. it will be great, coz most of her frens are in church.. so they will sure celebrate for her wan..

Well, if "u" came across dis post, "Happy bday to U!!!!"