Friday, July 31, 2009

student... again..

im back to skul again.. well, as a part time ACCA student.. hahaha.. hope i can balance my time between work, studies and God...

Monday, July 27, 2009

im employed

im officially an audit assistant/audit junior in Lim Nam Hong & Co.

Thank God for His blessings..

scandal... i jus realize dat.. haaha..

taken during teens club vbs.. 

pls dun get angry.. saja nak kacau.. anw.. no offense to those 2... lol

Sunday, July 26, 2009

going for interview..

im going for an interview 2molo.. its erm, an audit firm, by the name of...... u'll find out later.. well.. to tell the truth, im kinda scared though.. its my 2nd time going for an interview.. stressed, dunno wat they will ask and all.. seriously, im worried.. 

i jus hope everything will go on smoothly.. hope i'll be prepared for it.. 

Putting everything in God's hand...


i've been listening to songs i have never even bother to hear b4 last time.. thx to "someone", i began to listen to those bands.. and seriously, they are good... kinda like the feel and groove of those songs... erm.. 1stly, im not sure whether u all know, but its known as "The Hush Sound".. their songs arrangement, vocals, their genre are good... a different kind of feel from those normal songs i hear... 2ndly u all surely know, Taylor Swift.. her songs are really good.. began to enjoy listening to both their album... 

Thx... to "someone"...