Saturday, January 30, 2010

who am i?

who i really am?
identity crisis somehow
thought it has past long time ago
but yea.. its coming back again..

who is this person im in?
this person whom i dunno anymore
times past, people change..
and i dunno who am i anymore

will U find me, lead me and teach me
to be who u really want me to be
I cant do it without You
coz, without You, im lost

my life is jus so shit at the moment
but im clinging on to You
not gonna let my problems pull me from You
but im gonna see You solve it

sometimes it really needs trials
to see the mighty works of Your hands
when things are alright for me
I tend to forget who gave me these

After all these trials
I realize who i really is
and what i want in life..
That is You, Jesus

and after all these problems
I know what i must do and pursue
You make me realize things
that i think its over

*another writing session from priesthead*

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


haiz.. after some breaking sad news, no car to drive period, cleaning up store room, doing ntg at office, classes dat i doze off easily.. added new misery, feverish/flu..

well.. got to blame my office for dat.. coz, when one person fall sick, everyone will start to feel d same d.. looks like, im dead meat too..

feeling extremely unmotivated.. seems to be my down period again.. din noe wats going on with me.. tired is not a factor, but, unmotivated makes me tired and restless.. dun like d feeling of this (not emo), but, jus feel so erm... down, in a sense..

but.. wat can i do bout it? i guess, oh wait, "im sure" is the better term for it, PRAYER.. prayer can do wonders.. seriously wonders.. when we are connected to God in prayer, we will felt the peace, knowing dat God is in control.. its jus so amazing.. sometimes we got to face troubles, to only realize how awesome God is..

anw.. think i will rest early again.. really really tired from working and attending classes...


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Only You Lord...

when Im done, You are there
when things goes wrong, You are there
When giant came, You are there
Protecting me, giving me Hope

When i face problems, You came
when i need help, You came
When everything else fails
You never fails

What have I done, dat You love me so much
Nothing i can do, dat can repay You
Only my life, my all, I offer to You
Will you take my life..
Make me Yours, Forever

I have nothing else to offer
cause what I have is Yours
and nothing can beat
what You have given to me

Only You Lord, that can save me from my troubles
Only You Lord, that can pull me from within
Nothing else, that can do what You do
Cause there is only One Lord, One God, My Savior..
Thank You God..

Only You care, cause You see wats deep within me
Only You care, cause You understand everything
Only You Lord, whom You love me unconditionally
Thank You Lord, Thank You Lord
Thank You for everything

You answers my prayers
You gave me hope
when all seems lost
You open up Your arm
"its ok My son, I have you now", You said

Lord, im sorry for my sins
im sorry to dissapoint u every time
U love me, yet i still sin

God, guide me thru these days
it will not be easy
but U will be there
U will be there...

*facing stuff right now, and those words came to me.. i guess, wat i think and i wat actually face, is 2 different thing.. i thot i can.. but i cant. i guess dats all from me*

written from a person called priesthead.. i wonder y i choose dat name..

wow.. im getting lazier...

darn.. i have no car to drive until my next car come... which is like this coming week or next.. which means, i cant go out on weekends? OMG!!! gonna be stuck at home.. haiz..

been feeling restless and all dat kind of shit again.. dats y, i would prefer to hang outside rather den staying at home thinking bout stuff, worrying bout stuff, dat dun even noe will it happen or not.. sometimes, killing ppl (COD4) and zombies (L4D) do help release stress.. seeing blood all over the zombies.. whoo.. pure violence(christian who love killing zombies and violence.. bad example to follow)..

well.. hope... everything will be fine... and i mean.. seriously fine...

oh.. have to clean my company's store room 2molo.. darn... so dusty in need.. have to collect out the old files too... sigh... well.. dats part of being a guy in the company.. (only 5 guys around, 1 boss's son, 1 manager, 1 senior, 2 junior(which im one of dem)).. cool rite..

haiz.. think i better force myself to take a nap.. im tired.. but... cant sleep due to some reasons... haiz...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

seriously... im lazy...

after a stressful time at work.. manage to finish my june accounts company(dun care bout dat).. haha.. life is not easy now.. churches been attk.. mosque been attk too.. and a sikh temple too.. seriously.. i wonder wat is happening here in malaysia.. do we have ntg to turn to but violence? can violence solve anything? my tears drops, when i see the comment made by our country leaders regardings this issues.. although im not a fan of politics and all dat thing.. but i do realise one thing.. where are the other components party when "U noe who" is doing? all of dem are struggling with their own internal problems.. and dis is who we vote for? ppl fighting within themselves.. weird.. really weird.. wheres the rakyat 1st concept they say in their manifesto? hahaha.. joke of the year..

well.. its up to dem to rule this country.. we got to learn how to accept things the way it is.. by dat I doesen mean i compromise wat they are doing.. but, jus knowing the fact that God is in control in every situation we are in.. wat we can do is limited.. without God helping us.. we are no one..

well.. i din wanna comment more on these sensitive issues.. but I do appreciate my fellow malaysian, be it malay, chinese, indians, iban, kadazan, and watever race u can find in Malaysia, standing up for peace.. i think the 1Malaysia concept is awaken by this issues.. ALL rakyat Malaysia, hates violence..

too anyone who bump into this post.. i hope we will live as one nation.. i noe religious differences will have conflict in between.. but, as a nation who loves peace, maybe we put aside our differences and build this country up..

Thank you,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

new year

erm... jus realize i din blog anything bout new year.. or even christmas.. had a great time though.. playing bass during christmas, really tested my fingers.. and for watchnight service, my vocals range..

bout work.. quite stressful knowing dat i had 2 accounts going to due dis month.. and seriously, its not easy to do those accts... haiz.. stress i think.. really stress.. and workload is not dropping down..

well.. i wish well for those in RBS.. and looks like.. i need sleep now.... =/