Tuesday, December 15, 2009

off to butterworth

after exams.. means back to work... off to butterworth 2molo... or i mean later...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Professional Accountant P1

yup.. dats the paper im gonna take 2molo.. at 3pm.. seriously, if u ask me am i ready, i can say... NOpe.. i dun think im ready..

kinda worried and stress now.. din noe wat to do to actually calm myself down.. prayer is my one and only hope.. Pray that God will grant me peace...

anw.. witness God's answers prayers in 2 occasions, where 1stly, a fren of mine lost her purse.. so, prayed dat God will help her get back her purse.. Thank God, its found.. 2ndly, im to drive to butterworth on tuesday.. well.. supposedly im to drive my SLK(Small Little Kancil) up.. but, I prayed dat if God's will for me to go, He will provide me with a better car instead of kancil.. If not, pray that God will protect us (me and seniors).. Indeed, God answers prayer, and my dad change his car's tyre, so, im gonna drive his car up instead...

well.. kinda tired now, after grandpa's bday dinner.. but still got to study.. and i really dunno whether i can tahan or not.. mentally, im losing out d...

but.. hope i can pass..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

almost a month... i think

im currently on my study leave, for my paper next monday on Professional Accountant.. well.. haven really start studying.. well, this is due to stuff dat is going around my mind since monday.. i could not concentrate on to things im studying.. and, kept thinking on stuff, which does not add value at all.. well.. kinda pissed with myself.. haha..

christmas party is near, exams is near... christmas service is near, and watchnight is near.. i have no idea on anything atm.. i've been trying to let go of stuff which i shudden be bothering about.. and really focus on stuff dat i shud.. but, it seems to me dat it is not working at all..

not being emo.. but, not really happy with myself at all.. oversensitive maybe, or overreacting.. but watever it is, it is not good...

well.. the motivation to study is not there anymore.. hope there is another motivation coming up... hahaha...

on a lighter note, im off to butterworth next week for work...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

din noe why im doing this.. But? sigh

currently im going thru some shitty problem.. really din noe wat to do.. sometimes, we know wat is the rule dat we as christian have to follow, but.. sometimes is hard though.. not dat im complaining, but.. haiz... sometimes, worse case scenario happens..

how? wat am i suppose to do? really clueless.. haiz.. weird feeling.. but i cant stop thinking how am i suppose to go bout it..

hahaha... so? do wat? die lo?

God.. pls help me go thru this stuff... In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

back with more thoughts...

is been tiring for ytd and 2day.. man.. seriously.. haven been writing like this b4.. if u think writing non-stop for 2 hrs is bad.. try for 4 hrs... hand literally tired.. and painful.. hahaha.. but well... its gonna end by 2molo.. hahaha.. den i shall start my own "revision"..

find some thoughts quite provoking though... somehow, i found the link between the ACCA ethical code of conducts golden rule, and christian life.. though not really fully link, but yea.. some principles still maintain..

the golden rule is "dun do the thing, if u dun wan other ppl to do the same to u".. it basically reminds us, most likely who are professional accountants, not to do stuff dat u dun wan other ppl to do to u..

well.. take erm, finance director as an example.. well, he got to choose between cheating the shareholders, or telling them the truth about the company.. if he dun wan other finance director to cheat on him, well, he should not cheat the shareholders too.. well.. dats basically wat it means.. and how does it link to being a christian, or i can say, the whole world?

if we dun wan others to look down on us, we shud not look down on people.. if we do not want to be dumped.. so, lets not dumped other ppl (in certain circumstances onli).. and if we dun want ppl to do things wrongly, we ourselves shud not do things wrongly.. in other words, being a hypocrite..

well.. i dunno... but sometimes, we tend to treat other ppl badly, but dun wan others to treat us d same.. i mean... wheres the logic behind it? although i dun believe in karma and all.. but i do believe dat u have to face the consequences of the action u do (im toking bout myself too)..

in a more holy sense.. if we dun wan God to hate us, we should not hate God too.. if u dun wan curses to be upon us.. easy, dun curse other ppl..

i find it funny though.. ok.. this may sounds like im a dead sinner, not so christian, but, is jus a thought.. if we dun like other religion to come to "preach" their religion to us (christian), by those erm.. super irritating way like, while u are eating, ppl start coming randomly and preach to u bout other religion.. start calling u when u are super duper bz.. u noe, those direct sales kind of method.. den shud we, christian, do the same thing? is a thought.. i mean.. sometimes i do get "complaints" from non-christian frens who told me stories on how christians start to "convert" them.. well.. if i were in my fren's shoe, i do feel irritated, though im a christian myself.. im no way against evangelism.. in fact, we are called to fulfill the great commission, dat is to reach out to the unbelievers.. but are the method we use makes ppl get irritated? is up to u to decide on this...

for me, my conviction is dat, i dun think for now im gonna use those direct sales method to reach out.. those like despo face wanting to increase the number of members in church.. dats y, im not really keen on street evangelism (im not against it), but i wont do it.. but do go ahead if u ppl think u can accept other religion come and do the same thing to u..

wat im gonna do is, to be a christian in my circles of frens.. i have my stand on certain things.. i wont go up straight to convert them.. but, i will share if theres an opportunity.. well.. i heard testimony on how ppl got calling from God to speak to a random person.. well.. great.. God has call u for dat.. but, as far as i noe, we have different method in doing things..

well.. ppl might disagree with this thought.. but, well, is jus my opinion.. not something theological.. is something wat i learned, being apply wat i learn and link it the good part to God.. coz God creates everything dat is good in this world.. bad stuff is from us... hahaha.. is true (in a sense)

anw.. gonna start studying d.. hope this thoughts makes u think or reflect.. well.. even u dun read.. God bless..


Saturday, November 7, 2009


man.. I think this word is part of life now.. Haha.. But well.. At least going to client's place is still fun though.. At least i got to go diff places for lunch.. Haha..

anw.. Im blogging from my my phone now.. Haha.. Quite cool..

Well greetings from priesthead.. My new name for now.. Oh.. And fishy(dunno y) from a fren.. basically

Thursday, October 29, 2009

thank u dad and mum..

as i was waiting for my dad to fetch me from the lrt station, i saw a scence which reminds me of parental love, if theres such phrase.. a father, drench in the rain, riding his motorbike, waiting for his son.. well.. for most ppl, its just a normal scene where a dad fetches his son back.. but while drench in the rain, without any complaints or watsover.. its cool..

kinda reminds me dat i have become wat i am 2day, the good things of coz, is from my parents.. and im really grateful to have a wonderful parents... if its wasn't for dem, i will not know anything about God... Since young, they really taught me to put my trust in God, by leading through examples.. My parents are teachers at 1st, den lecturers in college.. and they mana
ge to support me and my sis until we are graduated from university.. not to mentioned overseas holiday in between years.. European nation, Russia, India.. Its is by putting their trust in God, by giving offering every month, and believing dat God will provide our needs.. dats the thing i caught from them.. we are not super rich, we dun have big cars like wat my client's have.. but, by God's grace, and their savings since the beginning.. I am who I am 2day.. a graduate...

besides providing financial needs, they too, are my teachers.. besides teaching me during my secondary days, they taught me valuable lessons in life.. and srsly, it really helps during my interview and now while im working.. i rmb my dad will teaching me maths related subjects, beside accounts, and my mum will teac
h me chemistry.. well.. i din really do well for my chem coz i have no interest at all, but at least my maths are good to go.. and they are the ones who instill the love for playing musical instrument now.. i will not have learn how to play the piano if they din pay for a teacher to teach me how to play piano.. and go for guitar lessons..

of coz, they too, will listen to my stories in work.. be it funny, discouraging, or sad, they will listen to my daily experience... and not forgetting.. my dad will fetch me to the lrt station, fetching me back, fetch me to night class, and from night class.. the best feeling is dat, my dad and mum will wait in the car for me after my class.. and of coz asking me hows my day and all..

well.. Thank you God for providing me a wonderful parents.. oh.. and not forgetting my mum dat she cooks dinner whenever she can.. although she is very very tired from work.. having a nice meal after work is such a blessings...

thank u, daddy and mummy....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

frens dat i cherish....

in my 3 years in college, i got to know lots and lots of people... well.. of coz theres a group of people i hang out with most of the time.. most likely is bcoz our timetables are almost the same.. lol.. but yea... wont forget this friendship... and if u ppl are getting married.. pls do sent me a "saman".. hahaha....

l-r: Jocelyn, Nicole, Elaine, Kiwi

l-r: zixi, Elaine, PC, Jessie

my classmate since pre-U... Askiesss

and for the 1st time, zheng de actually smile in front of the camera..

hahaa.. ok.. dats bout it for now.. others are still not with me...

peace out...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

my convo is done...

was a pretty tiring day.. went off early from church to go to KLCC convention centre for my convocation.. well.. took a few photos...

photo of me in robe.. erm.. make
s me uncomfortable while taking pics..

me again.. with the view outside..

and well.. since im pretty tired.. and sleepy... my last pics.. to compliment all my lecturers who have really thought me alot of stuff...

l-r: Ms. Cheryll(management accounting and advance management accounting), Ms Leow(Business information and technology management), Ms. Angie(Corporate reporting and theory practices), Mr. Kumar(tax and tax planning), Ms Dahpne (Human Resource Management and Strategic Management)..

really dedicated lecturers..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

kinda worried.. after so long..

its been a week... or i can say months.. where are u?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

saw another news...

sad news as typhoon pepeng attk again.. i dunno.. heart felt burdened and sad... and i really dunno wat to do...

on a lighter note.. i noe u wont see dis now.. coz u noe wat happen... but since its 2day...

maligayang kaarawan..
maaaring ang Diyos basbasan ka
pag-asa na magkakaroon ka ng isang araw na malilimot
ako ay maghintay para sa iyo hanggang sa ako alam mo na ligtas ang

ito ay par
a sa lahat ako may sa sabihin
mag-reply sa akin kapag u basahin ito

mahal kita

mula sa priesthead

Thursday, October 8, 2009

count down to the day.. 3

its a day nearer to the day...

everytime i close my eyes,
everytime i look at the skies,
everytime i drive,
and whenever im free,
im always thinking of u...

dun think u will read this.. maybe.. posting this up might have 1% chance of u reading it.. hope u are safe....

i dunno anymore words in dat language.....

(taken by priesthead)

count down to the day.. 2

the day is coming soon... hope u have a great day anticipating for it..


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

count down to the day..

few more days is going to dat person's big day.. wonder how it will be... well.. basically dat day is quite a happening day as well.. but.. decided to keep part of my day.. i wont noe anything at this time... is uncertain..

ok, not ok, is not up to me to decide.. i cant do anything.. but to pray...

everytime i look onto the sky in the lrt, kept thinking bout it.. when will it be d day?

answers dun seems to be coming.. i can only wait.. wait for the day God reveals to me...

300th post

the only thing i can write here is...

mahal kita... ingatz...

though i dunno where are u... but i still pray dat u will be save...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

tough times

something is struggling in me.. today's morning worship is meaningful.. began to tear when i sang the song "father me".. when it came to the song deeper in love, i was trying really hard to control my tears from dropping.. din noe why.. after thinking thru wat has happen during the past week, wat is going on between that person and me.. I somehow thinks dat that person knew "things" are gonna happen.. but was trying to assure me dat dat person is gonna be alright.. was kinda blur.. until things happen.. i began to understand... i really din noe how to react when i heard bout it.. was kinda shock/sad/worried...

as i began to think of these incidents.. i cant stop myself but worrying.. future seems uncertain now.. and din noe wat am i suppose to do at the moment beside praying.. putting my total dependence on God dat everything will work out fine in His time, His plan, and His will..

was disturb by the news.. all the bad news that im aware off.. dat person gone thru the 1st, the 2nd, and now, theres gonna be a third one soon.. "Lord, pls protect ...."

im leaving everything into God's hands.. as i look onto the sky jus now as i sent my sis off to the airport.. the blue clear sky, and the clouds, reminds me dat He will protect.. He will be with ....

I jus pray everything will be fine... im restless, i cant concentrate.. and im worried..


Saturday, October 3, 2009


in work, or if u are doing accounting/finance/audit job, u will definitely come across the term, "unpresented cheque" or wat they term is at, "unrealize cheque".. it basically means that cheque dat has not been cleared by the bank..

well.. theres a new term for me now.. "unpresented gift".. which means dat gift dat has not been given out.. and its stuck in my drawer.. hahahah.. wat a joke... well.. circumstances came and things din turned out the way i was hoping for...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

congratz debbie and caleb

jus came back from my cuzzie's wedding.. congratz to them.. srsly.. one of the most romantic and touching wedding i've been to.. the wedding sermon is fantastic..

and guess who i saw there...

PS RYAN AND BRENDA.. i was like whooooo... crazy small world... haha.. but is good to catch up with them after so long..

well.. the wedding reminds me of many thing...

1) Adjust
2) Accept
3) Common Interest
4) Common Thought
5) Common values

2A and 3C to uphold in a marriage...

oh.. and the worship team... okokla.. not dat good actually.. accept dat one of the girl's voice is fantastic...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

after another month

kinda lost the passion to blog, well.. seems dat working life makes my life dull as well.. ahaha.. but one thing im sure working in an audit firm dat is fun is, u get to go out often.. in a sense.. haha..

i just went to bentong with 2 of my seniors to do out audit.. which means, we are at the client's place doing audit.. man.. its somehow easier.. and one thing bout the trip dat is fun is, i have 2 seniors who are really food lover.. hahaha.. they bring me to eat nice food around town.. hahaha..

on a more serious note.. im missing someone.. someone whom i haven seen for quite some time..

Monday, August 31, 2009

after a month

after a month working.. i realized dat working life somehow seems to be lifeless.. coz basically wat I do is, wake up, get ready for work, take lrt, reach office, sleep awhile/read newspaper, do work, lunch, continue with work, go back, reach home, take bath, nap abit, take dinner, sleep longer... dats my typical monday to friday kind of schedule.. no more yum cha at night, ramli burger, movies at weird hours, arcade?, and many more...

although it has been a month, i still cant really get use to working in the corporate world.. im still living in the student life/slacking kind of life.. i miss those times where i can wake up at 11 or 12, lepak during break time, go for movies/dinner after class, disturbing ppl in class.. making fun of ppl, talking while lecturer is toking crap.. is something dat i really enjoy most those times.. but, its seems so far away.. haiz.. not being emo, jus feeling nostalgic..

anw.. learned alot from the sunday skul vbs, though i only help out during the last day (due to work).. really thank God for the opportunity for me to be there...

here are some pics.. not dat nice...

Its theme: the colours of life...

Reynard teaching the kids about God...

*hey do ur work if not my eyes will kill u!!!*

peace yo...

*im falling asleep... zzzzzzzzzzzzz*

K.. dats all for now.. lazy to wait for the uploading..

Monday, August 24, 2009

thx to jethro....

Your view on yourself:

You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You are a true romantic. When you are in love, you will do anything and everything to keep your love true.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:

You like to flirt and behave seductively. The opposite sex finds this very attractive, and that's why you'll always have admirers hanging off your arms. But how serious are you about choosing someone to be in a relationship with?

Your views on education

Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:

Success in your career is not the most important thing in life. You are content with what you have and think that being with someone you love is more than spending all of your precious time just working.

What are you most afraid of:

You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.

Who is your true self:

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

thank God for everything...

after such a stressful post previously, I really wanna thank God for his guidance.. even sometimes work seems hard.. but God is still there for me...

Thank you God...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


i have been stucking at the same set of accounts for a week now.. or going to be a week.. is not a big company, but dam, im taking so long to finish up.. after checking and auditing.. i have to draft out the FS.. man.. it is so hard.. i jus cant make it balance.. seriously, i dunno where i've gone wrong.. and is jus so... brain damaging...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

1st week of work...

instead on doing onli photostating in work, i began to do some auditing job.. and i can say, is fun, but is dam freaking tiring.. have to go thru accts for the companys, check it, understand it, and to make sure its true and fair.. we cant use the word correct or accurate bcoz we cant make sure its 100% correct.. haha..

tiring.. stressed, confusing, especially the audit process and tax computation.. but, dis is useful for me.. well.. i really thank God for giving me this opportunity.. seriously.. i mean, i manage to do an audit on a company in the 1st week of work itself.. though is tough, but i have very helpful senior to guide me.. really thank God for that..

im worship leading 2molo, taking over rey's place.. i dunno how well it can go, bcoz i jus prepare it last minuit coz he jus told me on thursday.. hmm.. but nvm.. i'll leave it into God's hand..

well.. 2nd of week is coming soon.. gonna treasure this time of resting.. hahaha..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

walk to the shop

jus now, i need to get some stuff from the shop near my hse, my old and faithful G2 refil.. thot of driving there (yes, im lazy), but after some nagging from my parents, i've decided to walk...

sometimes, having a quiet walk by ur own is refreshing.. i got to reflect back on stuff dat i did, dat i think when im in my room.. locking myself in my room will somehow makes me think too much, make myself stress out for ntg... and doesen have time to reflect.. im jus so occupied or thinking into one extreme and make myself tense (dun care bout my england, its powerful)..

while walking, i began to feel relax, askin
g God to lead me, to guide me.. i have been stress over stuff, which God has already given the answers previously.. i was too caught up with it and somehow, i jus forget bout the answers.. i was too caught up thinking bout my 1st day at work 2molo, am i ready, am i seriously ready for the working outside? for the past 23 years, i have not really work full time in a sense.. i onli have been "studying", having fun, stay up late at night for yum cha or watch HK series.. 2molo will be a different thing.. im jus worried and stress.. maybe some of u does not understand wat im going through right now.. coz i have my thoughts all moving all around..

but while walking, i felt God's peace in me.. i rmb his answers, i rmb His promises.. It says, "I can do all things in Christ who strengthen me".. the emphasis is in ALL THINGS in CHRIST.. and yes, i will claim dat promise.. and i also felt God's presense walking with me.. comforting my stress out soul..

we always say "leave everything to God".. but is easy said den done.. can we really leave all our problems to God, and surrender all to Him? somehow i find it difficult.. coz, those problems keep coming back to me, and i will keep questioning Him.. but during the walk, i really for once, surrender all to Him.. knowing dat God has already promise me a hope and a future..

im a person who always wants an answer/know the future kind of thing.. but as while i walk, i realize dat if i know the future, who am i going to be, or which girl am i going to get, how many kids, or am i going to play in a super mega big Rally, which held in Bukit Jalil or Dataran Merdeka.. im so going to lose out alot in my life... sometimes, not knowing the future gives us push to do things, to work hard, to really find out.. if we know the future, we will lose all these erm, i would say, colour of life.. we will not no wat is ups and wat is downs.. and how can we pull ourselves up from the down..

2molo will be a new beginning for me, a new chapter in my life (working life of coz)... i do not noe bout 2molo, but i know who holds my hand..

Friday, July 31, 2009

student... again..

im back to skul again.. well, as a part time ACCA student.. hahaha.. hope i can balance my time between work, studies and God...

Monday, July 27, 2009

im employed

im officially an audit assistant/audit junior in Lim Nam Hong & Co.

Thank God for His blessings..

scandal... i jus realize dat.. haaha..

taken during teens club vbs.. 

pls dun get angry.. saja nak kacau.. anw.. no offense to those 2... lol

Sunday, July 26, 2009

going for interview..

im going for an interview 2molo.. its erm, an audit firm, by the name of...... u'll find out later.. well.. to tell the truth, im kinda scared though.. its my 2nd time going for an interview.. stressed, dunno wat they will ask and all.. seriously, im worried.. 

i jus hope everything will go on smoothly.. hope i'll be prepared for it.. 

Putting everything in God's hand...


i've been listening to songs i have never even bother to hear b4 last time.. thx to "someone", i began to listen to those bands.. and seriously, they are good... kinda like the feel and groove of those songs... erm.. 1stly, im not sure whether u all know, but its known as "The Hush Sound".. their songs arrangement, vocals, their genre are good... a different kind of feel from those normal songs i hear... 2ndly u all surely know, Taylor Swift.. her songs are really good.. began to enjoy listening to both their album... 

Thx... to "someone"... 

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Im done with college.. thank GOd...

Thank God for my results.. though is not high, but I thank God for it.. coz its good for me already.... 

im back from russia.. tired, but quite ok... hahaha... 

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Greetings from Russia

harlo everyone... i dunno how to write russian, so i shall stick with english.. hehehe...

finally reach russia, where im in St.Peter's burg,.. after struggling through the wind and rain in Sweden and Finland.. here is kinda ok... hehehe.. and yes.. the hostel im staying allows me to come online.. which thank God for dat.. after all, really wanna Thank God for his provision, love, guidance for me and my family...

anw.. hope u guys have a fantastic holiday for u ppl who are still on holiday, like those ppl from UWE... hahaha.. miss u guys so much..

and for yang, rey and eu wei who is having exams, study hard.. if u read this msg, u are gonna fail!!! coz u come online to read my blog.. hahahaha.. jkjk.. God bless u all...

will be blogging 2molo again i guess.. take care ppl...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

God bless you KAKA...

finally.. KAKA have decided to move to Real Madrid.. which i think has lost its quality over the years.. but im glad that the move is not in his own interest, but is for the interest of AC Milan.. 

Over the years, AC Milan has always been in debt.. with the transfer fees of 59mil, AC Milan can use the money to clear most of the debts and buy extra players.. which i think KAKA have sacrifice alot to help them.. superstars who went to real Madrid, Beckham, Ronaldo, have not really done well over there.. and their performance drop like shit.. I hope KAKA will not be one of them though.. 

but anw.. really gonna miss him in the red/black jersey...

but, im still a AC Milan Fan..


Monday, May 25, 2009

Final paper...

Finally... 2molo will be going to be last exams for my entire degree life.. well, assuming that i pass all my papers... kinda sad.. coz knowing that me and my frens will be moving our separate ways from 2molo onwards.. some will start working, some will go on holidays, and some.. will continue to study... where will i go?? im gonna miss my time in UNI..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rice Family - GreenArmy outing

The GreenArmy have discussed and come out with a Mission to accomplished...

Mission 1: Release Stress

Commander Hel, Lieutenant Orange, Private Nightmare, Peon Pot, and something Tezuka, have come out with a perfect plan to release stress.. which is....

well... since we are the green army.. we have decided to kill some terrorist and their bosses.

The first is Commander Hel in action.. see how cool she is when she is shooting..
The second is Tezuka.. see how fast her hand moves (ok is my fault dat i cant take properly)

Peon Pot and Lieutenant Orange looking from far how to shoot.. hahaha

well.. the outing does makes us release stress.. 

photo by: Private Nightmare

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009


is 5am.. and im blogging.. hahah.. jus finish studying for the day.. lol... seriously, dis is my 1st time stressing over exams... haiz.. jus wish i will get over it soon...

anw.. really got to sleep now.. my brain cant function properly too

Sunday, May 10, 2009

im stress

well.. im really stressed out rite now.. exams is in 2 days... and.. i dun think im prepared for it.. there are jus so many things i have to memorized, which really demotivate me.. somehow.. jus cant seems to get those facts into my head...

there it comes a time where i really want to do well.. i may dun care in previous years, but, as i began to venture into the working world, results really do play a major part.. 

im tired... stressed, worried.. and every single stupid thing u can think of..

Saturday, April 25, 2009


officially finish my classes on friday.. there wont be any class for me anymore.. hahaha.. cant believed 3 years have jus passed like dis.. still rmb from the 1st day, i was blur in class.. till now, making so many new frens.. getting closed to them.. mamak almost every night.. ramli burger is our source of food at night.. hahaha.. damm.. i missed those moments... dun think i will ever forget this time of my life..

anw.. CU rally 2day was great.. though the numbers was not many.. but, i learned dat numbers is not dat important.. haha.. during sound check, is the hardest moment for the team as well.. coz, we are suppose to control our volome, and for our drummer, is hard though.. well, his situation is understandable.. how to play soft, when the song is suppose to be loud.. in the end, we jus whack onli.. and it was good.. i would say.. it is a great team... considering we have onli 2 practices.. and, most of us forget wat songs are we suppose to play.. it was good... hahaha...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

my plan vs God's plan

something somehow wonderful happen to me.. it makes me realized that the things that we plan, might not be the things dat God wants us to do.. makes me reflect on stuff or problems that I have been.. and seriously.. i felt that when things which doesn't comes my way, God is in control.. i felt relieved... i felt the peace somehow.. i jus noe dat, God is here with me.. weird things do happens.. things dat i also dunno how it comes about.. somehow, i know God is in control... i can ask myself questions dat other ppl would ask.. "did u see God handle ur problem".. well.. i cant see.. but i jus noe dat, the problem is solved.. and I believed is God who helped me... 

im somehow moody the whole day... somehow, ppl think that I have change.. i became more, introvert i suppose.. i somehow dun really like to tok.. and i can say.. weird feelings covers my thoughts again.. din noe which is true and which is false.. din noe anything..

at the end of this post.. i also dun really noe wat am i writing.. feeling down.. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

am i ready..

my mind was in deep thoughts this few days.. as i step into my final week of studies next week, i know dat my finals is near.. and dis is no ordinary finals.. is the last finals im going to have for my degree course.. the thing dat came to my mind is dat, am i ready to face the working world.. after spending my last 23 years of studying.. did work, but it was some temp odd job.. i realized dat, maybe im not ready to work yet.. my thinking have not mature, din noe how to face the real challenges in life.. if im in the accounting line, temptation will surely be there.. how am i suppose to tell my boss's boss dat my boss is cheating and not following the regulation stated.. am i ready for it?? am i ready for the real world dat is waiting for me outside.. from 8 to 5 sleeping in class, i am moving to 9 to dunno wat time, working like shit.. am i ready for dat??

i handed in my cover letter and resume to 3 accounting firm.. to tell the truth, i have no confidence dat i will ever get the job.. my results suck, my cover letter is like shit.. i have no experience in accounting or auditing.. and now ppl are toking on cutting cost and reducing worker, how are they going to hire me, a sucky student with no experience.. I jus have this feeling dat, im jus not ready for all this..

and to tell the truth.. im not ready for my exams too.. when everyone is starting to study.. im still lazing around.. hahaha.. wat a joke.. 

well.. not an emo post.. is jus things dat is going through my mind.. but one thing really encourages me most from bsf.. things dat disappoint us does not disappoint God... God is always there.. things maybe different from what we planned.. BUT GOD... who is the ALMIGHTY GOD.. the I AM WHO I AM.. says dat.. "I will be with you".. dat is my greatest encouragement dat i have from bsf till now..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

it is done..

easter rally is done.. and i have the same feeling i had everytime after playing for some big event.. well.. Thank God for everything...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Long Post.. during Vietnam

Day 1
After many months of waiting, the day we are leaving for Vietnam finally arrived. I was somehow excited about the trip partly because I am one of the planning committee for the trip and I am looking forward to go on a holiday with a bunch of friends. In the morning, few of us gather at Subang Jaya KTM station and take a train down to KL Sentral, where we met some of our other classmates there. When everyone has arrived, we quickly urgent to the bus stop where there are 2 companies who are “fighting” for us. After boarding the bus, which is cheaper than but not as nice as the other bus, we are on our way to LCCT. In the bus, the one thing that we have not learnt is to be considerate to other people. Throughout the whole journey there, we were making noise like nobody’s business. After checking in, entering into the waiting lounge, boarding the plane, sleeping in the plane, and finally, we reached to our destination. The colours of the lights from the plane really amazed me, as the whole city is lighted up with streets lights, which will be shown in my group’s photo journal. After coming out from the airport, we make our way to the restaurant to have our dinner. The dinner was one of the best meals in Vietnam, partly because I love to eat chicken and the fish is nice. Dinner time during that day is also where we have our “bonding” session with fellow classmates. Somehow I felt belong to this group of friends, which I normally don’t mixed with. After dinner, we went to the hotel and check in to our rooms. After that, the day has just begun for most of us. Firstly, we went to buy a cake for one of our friend, Jocelyn as her birthday is just the next day. We went to her room right after that to so call “surprised” her but, it was a failure I guess. After that, we make our way to the night market, after asking for direction from lots of people. After that, few of the guys went and sent the 2 year 1 girls back to their hotels, which after that, we sent our lecturers back there as well.

Day 2
After a tiring walk yesterday, I somehow managed to wake up early despite of the tiredness. After breakfast, we make our way to the orphanage which we are to help out with. To our surprise, the things that we are doing are different from the things we have planned to do with the kids there. Well, we don’t plan to bath the kids, we don’t plan to clean the toilet but in the end, we are doing it. The best part is, we are not doing it in our groups that we are in. So, few of us guys when and clean the boys block, which include the toilet, the corridor and the windows. Cleaning the toilet is somehow easy, as it is not as dirty as we expected in the beginning. The worst is cleaning the corridor as we are not allowed to spray water on the floor, and we are to use a small piece of scrub to clean it. As things are not communicate properly, we are somehow making things worse for them. Instead of helping them cleaning the place up, they are somehow actually helping us to clean it one more time after we are done. After lunch, we went up to their meeting hall to help them fold gift boxes. Since we do not know their language, we need the translator to help us interpret on how to fold the boxes. It was fun times chatting with friends while helping the orphanage do something meaningful as that boxes are one of their major source of income where 200 boxes are sold for around USD 1, which is very little. This reminds me of the documentary that Ms. Ratnes show us during our GBC class in year 1, where Nike is using child labour to reduce their cost. This is almost the same as the supplier of the boxes are “exploiting” the kids and paying them very little. After finishing most of it, the people suddenly told us that most of the boxes we have done are not correct. I suddenly felt so angry because why don’t they tell us that we are wrong when we ask them are we doing it correctly. I just don’t feel like doing it anymore and just sit around there and talk. As I was sitting down there and seeing most of my friends continue to do the job, changing every single mistake they made, I regretted on my actions and behaviour. I remember one of my objectives for this trip is to help the people in need here, and with me sitting there and do nothing does not seems that I am achieving my objective. Therefore, I begun to do the work again, does not really matter if we have to redo folding the boxes many times, my main purpose is to help every single need I can.
After folding the boxes, we have a light snack provided for us, which is the famous Vietnamese Spring Rolls and Malaysian Made Coconut Jelly, which we can’t find it in Malaysia. After snacks, we watched their performances, which are good, played some games with them, and giving out gives to them.
We urgent back to the hotel and get ready for the Networking Dinner where we are going to meet up with professionals from Vietnam. But, it was sad to say that I did not take the opportunity to talk to them, due to my laziness and procrastination. After getting a wake up call from Ms. Ratnes, we finally made our way to their table and talk to them. But, as there are much noise from all the performance, we can’t do listen properly to the things they are saying. After the dinner, we have our reflection session in the restaurant itself, being divided into 3 different faculty, we began to share our experience for the day and to my amazed, most of my classmates actually enjoyed the time with the kids despite having to redo the boxes again.
After the dinner, the night has just begun for most of us again, as we head towards the night market after changing to our casual cloths. This time around, we could not walk as much as yesterday due to the tiredness throughout the day. Therefore, my day end when I reach back to my room and of cause after taking a nice cool shower.

Day 3
After another tiring day we had yesterday, which is Day 2, we begun our day with another wonderful breakfast in the hotel. We quickly urgent to one of the local universities there to have cultural exchange and university visit. To our amazed, only one student from the local university came to listen to the talk. It is quite pointless when we listen to the presentation from the local university and from ACCA Vietnam, as we have gone through similar talks back in Malaysia. Ms. Ratnes also presented on Taylor’s University College, but, it is pointless as well because only one student is present there for the talk. After the talk, we went and visit the university, which somehow makes me feel grateful for the facilities we have in Taylor’s. The only interesting event that happens in the university is to see a dancer practicing his dance steps, and he is good. After the visit, we went towards the post office and the Notre Dame Cathedral. The post office was awesome as it looks like an old building from outside, but inside is fully modernize. The cathedral was amazing too as can see from the photo journal that we have done.
After these visit, we headed for lunch. After lunch, we have our reflection session there. Ms. Vinitha ask us of our opinion where she is planning to start an accounting office in College with the helped of some professionals. It is a good idea for me, but it does not serve me any purpose because I will be graduating soon. I just wish the plan could have been implemented way before this. We also learned a lot from on how employer looks for their future employees. Besides on academic results, they are also looking on other soft skills from employees. As I was not a really good student and my results are not really pleasing, it gives me some hope as to improve my communication skills to have a different value for myself. After lunch, we headed towards the Tian Hou Gong temple for visit. After taking pictures of the temple, we make our way to the lacquer factory to see the production chain. As the factory we visited is quite small, we had a hard time going through the processes and did not learn much from that visit. After that, we head towards the Opera House. After these visit, we head back to the Hotel and get ready for our Ben Thanh Market tour. It is similar to our Malaysian “Petaling Street” where we got out goods cheap and good quality. After that, we move towards our most delicious meal in the whole Vietnam trip, which is the Mushroom Steamboat. As I am not a mushroom freak, I also enjoyed eating these mushroom as it is awesome. Some of us also planned to franchise the business back to Malaysia as it has not been started by anyone here. A good business plan I suppose. After dinner, we head towards for the famous Vietnam Coffee and Coconut Ice-Cream. It is one of the best desserts I ever had in years. The coffee smells nice, the Ice Cream is awesome, and the company of cause is entertaining. It has also in our planned to franchise back this business as well.
After these unhealthy foods that we had, we decided to go for an exercise and walk to the night market again. This time around, we got most of the stuff that we want cheap. After reaching back to my room, my leg began to ache badly due to the long walk that I had for the past few days. Well, it got me thinking into going on a diet soon. Day ended when after I shower and headed to bed.

Day 4
I struggle to get out of my bed because of another tired day I had, but when the morning call came, I know is time to get out of my comfort zone. After washing up, I quickly packed my stuff as we won’t be returning to the hotel anymore. After breakfast, we check out from the hotel and headed towards the famous “Chu Chi Tunnel”, which the real pronunciation is “Gucci” Tunnel. During the journey there, I slept because of the tiredness and the journey is 2 hours. We head towards the rice paper factory first to see how rice paper is made. We realise that it is not easy to make a nice rice paper as hard work need to be done. We from the city sometimes take things for granted and not knowing how much effort must be done. After that, we head towards Chu Chi Tunnel and see how the Vietnamese at the time fight with the American during war time. We get to see the documentary on how intelligent the Vietnamese are during those times. Using simple weapon such as bamboo sticks, they are able to kill thousands of American. We also get to see real machine guns and traps used by the soldiers last time. Some of the people also bought bullets to try using these guns and shoot. After that, we went inside the tunnel to experience how they had experience last time. It is not easy for me as my knee hurts due to much bend walking. This experience got me thinking of times where I complaint about unfairness and difficulties that happened in my life. After this experience, I realise that I am not that bad after all. Other people have worst experience than me, and they did not complaint about it and move on quickly and face their problems with strength. Well, I think I got to learned not to complaint so much and be contented with the things I have.
After the visit, we headed towards restaurant for lunch, where we had our Vietnamese cuisine. It was nice as compared to the Vietnamese food that we had back in Malaysia. Since I don’t have space with the gang I usually sit with, I sat with the lecturers and the year 1 students. It was fun entertaining because my lecturers are people who are energetic and outgoing. After lunch we headed to Ben Thanh Market to do last minute shopping, but most of us who has done our shopping, we head towards a beef noodle shop to try the famous Vietnamese Beef Noodle and to drink Vietnamese Coffee. It was not as nice as I expected actually, where after all, I have Malaysian tongue who only thinks that Malaysian foods are nice.
After spending around an hour there, we head towards the airport to catch our flight. During the journey there, most of us were sad because we are going back soon and we missed the time there in Vietnam where we have less stress as compared to us back in Malaysia. But, we got to face reality and get back to where we belong. After checking in, we were quite mad at the airport because they changed our departure gate 3 times for no reasons. Therefore, we have to run here and there just to be at the gate on time.
After touching down, this is the time where I know our journey to Vietnam ends. It is one of the wonderful trips I have been and learning so many things outside the classroom.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

tired... lazy... restless...

felt down the whole day.. well.. most of the day actually.. din noe why am i doing the stuff im doing.. din noe the reason behind everything dat happens in my life... sometimes good.. sometimes bad.. sometimes weird.. sometimes no clue at all...

Easter and Good Friday is coming.. well.. we are entering the passion week.. and seriously, the atmosphere is not there yet.. somehow, like last year christmas, i dun feel the excitement anymore.. well.. i see that excitement in most ppl in church.. maybe is jus me.....

i have decided not to be in the worship team for Easter Sunday.. felt weird though.. but i noe, i need to say no sometimes...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

easter is coming soon..

Easter is coming.. but, i dun think im prepared for it.. to tell the truth, im quite blur on wat will be going on this friday.. and sunday.. I believed Chris and Uncle Mun Kong will prepare their stuff properly.. but, maybe is my fear dat im scared it wont run smoothly dis year.. 

last year was good.. we look from a different perspective than the usual one.. and yea, we are going back to the solemn good friday worship.. lol.. well, its good to have the old traditional worship with only piano and less noise from other instruments.. maybe is jus a brethren mindset.. and yes.. im a pure brethren..

I pray dis year will be awesome for the church as a whole.. looking from the perspective of the cross.. and Jesus Christ as the Lamb, and the Priest of God....

well.. i have a high priest acct in RO.. lol...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Why are we waiting........

haiz.. waiting for my other group members to come.. and shit man.. all of them are late...

boring boring boring boring.... dam.. i wanna watch Pantas dan Ganas again... lol....

Fast and the Furious...

Pantas dan Ganas.... dats the malay translation of the movie.. well.. thx to elaine's fren, i manage to watch that show jus now.. and one word i can describe.. "AWESOME"..

It is one of the best racing shows that I've watched.. well, i think the 4 movies of fast and furious are the best.. all the action and racing is real.. well, most of it la.. except for the one in the tunnel.. lol.. 

I dun mind watching it the 2nd time.. hahahaha

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

wat a long break....

haven been writing for a while... due to the late night shows and mamak session with my classmate.. lol.. 

is going to be April in 4 hrs time.. and in May, my finals is starting, and there will i be looking for job after dat.. come to think of it, is fast.. this 3 years has passed so quickly dat i began to miss my time in college/uni... 

but anyhow, i have to move on.. well.. some of my frens dun wanna start work so soon, they wanna continue study masters or professional paper.. wat can i do?? work is the only option for me at the current moment.. will somehow try to study part-time for my ACCA.. den, we will see how God leads me...

I felt God's presence and comfort from yesterday till 2day.. the lesson from bsf, and some of the shocking statement made by my lecturer, make me realize that God listens to my prayers.. and He answers them according to His timing.. 

Thank u God....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

back from vietnam...

jus came back from vietnam.. it is a very very nice place to be in.. although the traffic and weather suck, but the food there is not bad... seriously speaking...

after spending 4 days with my classmate/good frens, done reflection twice, walk every night to the night market.. walk 3 year 1 student back to their hotel, being a "gentleman"... toking crap every night without fail.. din sleep for more than 24 hrs straight.. slept less than 10 hrs for 4 days.. damm.. i miss all these things.. hahaha.. although my leg is complaining right now, but yea, is a memorable trip for me and my classmates.. 

lots of stories to write, but i dun think i will write it out now.. coz im very tired.. 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

worst den floorball

my whole body is aching.. went and play badminton on friday with another bunch of classmates.. and when i get back, my legs starts to feel d pain, and now, whole body is in pain.. haiz.. dat shows how much unfit i am..

anw.. AIC is due on tuesday, and i have 1000 more words to go.. and i really dunno wat to crap anymore...

Thursday, March 5, 2009


im stuck.. cant think of anything else to write for my assignment.. left with 1200 words more to go.. argh... 

cant seems to find anymore articles on forensic accounting.. wat the heck is going on?:????

Monday, March 2, 2009

thinking back...

after class, bump into some of the campus city leaders whom i serve with last time.. well, great time catching a while with them.. knowing dat Jason who is working already (finally), and Ellie, who will be graduating around the same time as me.. hahah.. dats a very long time.. anws.. kinda makes me think back of those days of CC.. serving in the worship team there really makes me student life more meaningful.. the sermons, the people, who really feel like home.. is a wonderful time serving there with those bunch of ppl.. 

after bsf, wanted to play RO, but d line was very bad, so jus check my facebook, and saw my high skul fren tagged a few pics of me.. dats when most of us from 3 Ixora, when to camerons.. it was a wonderful time joking around, visiting places, and of coz, sneak out when the teachers are sleeping to go mamak.. dats the fun thing in form 3.. ahha.. kinda miss my frens now.. din really keep in touch with them d.. maybe all of us have change.. so, interest is different now..

3 more months and im done... bearing the name of a "graduate".. hope to start as an auditor.. time flies very fast.. i wont be studying in Taylors anymore, accept for ACCA maybe.. most likely wont be seeing my bunch of "toking crap" kaki.. some of them will go back home town, some will go to a different line, which is finance, some going overseas to further their studies, be it in ACCA or Masters.. some will jus go somewhere which i wont know, and somehow, i will miss them.. 

the late night library, mamak, and ramli burger, was one of the fun thing dat we normally do.. kutuking one another bcoz of the football club is somehow interesting.. well, im the onli AC Milan fans there, so i got lots of "enemies".. hahaha... the gossiping about other ppl and lecturers, brings fun to the classroom.. with dedicated and fun lecturers, who makes the class interesting, really makes my university days a memorable one. 

Most likely, i wont get good results,.. well, dats for sure.. hahaha.. but, lesson learn outside the classroom i rmb for life.. 

Time flies.. wish i could turn back time.. and go back to Year 1.. minus all the assignments and exams dat we suffer together.. i mean some of us.. hahaha

what will my future holds?? i dunno.. but God knows.. times are bad, recessions and all sorts of bad news is here.. but somehow, i felt the peace.. knowing dat God will provide.. 

dunno wat to write d... thoughts are everywhere.. miss these days.. last time.. and anticipating the future...

Great Is Our God.. God is Great... and no one can deny that anymore...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

peak season??

i really wonder how can i survive in the working world next time.. with such a lousy time management, i have one case study, one assignment, and one assignment draft (which is almost an assignment) to hand in 2molo.. and seriously, is getting from bad to worst.. with less than 24 hrs to go, i wonder, how am i going to finish all these things.. and now, i cant really think of any thing to write, my mind is blank, and ntg seems to be coming out from my head..

but, as i rmb wat i learned from bsf on monday, God will put us through situations and problems, and even if we pray, it will be from bad to worst.. but GOD, who will not let us go, will guide us, and lead us, and will reward us from these situations.. the israelites in the time of Moses have went through difficulties, which is being said by God way earlier before they are in Egypt.. and God promise to deliver them out from there, which HE did.. and they came out with great possessions and all.. possessions and provisions here means reward in some way, be it easier to go through life and all sorts.. not necessary means prosperity, because im one of those who dun believe in prosperity gospel.. if not, why not all christian are rich?? 

but yea, God will reward us, and some day, we will look back and say.. "im glad i've been through this situation"..

God, i pray that u continue to guide me to do my assignments.. is not easy, but i noe You are there for me...


Thursday, February 19, 2009

visit to BDO..

went to a field trip to BDO, which is one of the 5th largest accounting firm in the world.. the main objective is to see what are they doing there..

to my surprise, i kinda like the job environment they are having.. well, the organisational culture, working environment, the people are really nice.. well, we do not know the true story because we are only there for like few hours.. but, i got good feeling about dat place.. and of coz the starting pay is high.. ehehhee.. one of the main reasons of coz... 

well, quite a few chun chick are there.. especially from the HR dept.. hahaha.. i dun mind going into dat field now.. hehehehe... seriously, all the ........ are there.. hahaha... but but but, the dream of being a forensic accounting is still there and i would love to pursue dat dream.. hehehe... 

the opportunity to travels overseas are there too.. somehow, i love to travel overseas.. hehehe.. well, maybe not staying there for a long time.. but go there for meetings.. meeting new people and cultures.. dats why, im looking forward to go Vietnam, Stockholm, Finland, and Russia... 4 places im going this year.. coolz....

anw.. very tired now.. have to change some of my AIC drafts later... 


Monday, February 16, 2009

bsf starts again..

went for bsf jus now.. kinda worried who will be my groupmates.. mana tahu all young ppl.. haha.. or i can say young adults.. college to working.. hahaha.. kinda relax.. my DL, is a lecturer in TBS.. i dun think he can recognize me coz im not studying his prog.. 

anw, looks like the study of the life of moses shud be quite interesting.. hope i can learn more new things from this year studies.. 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

dead tired...

went for floorball.. now im dead tired.. 

good bye!!


Saturday, February 14, 2009


well.. how did i spend my valentine's day??...

1) wake up at 10am.. coz slept late d day b4..
2) prepare my songs for worship 2molo
3) play games
4) eat lunch
5) sleep the whole afternoon until 7pm
6) Eat dinner
7) Prepare for lessons (not quite done yet)
8) blogging
9) later i wont know, prob watch show..

hahaha.. wat a boring day.. well, is better to go out with frens who have a partner, and to spend time with frens who are single in CC playing red alert 3.. so, i suppose this is good...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

life without an acoustic....

well, for quite some time, my acoustic guitar has spoiled.. well, the tuner knob has failed... so, i cant tune my guitar, and now i cant play it...

Is quite hard for a musician to live a life without playing his or her instrument.. and is the same for me.. i somehow felt, i cant choose the songs for my coming worship leading this sunday.. 

If i were to worship lead, i will take my guitar, and start playing a few songs, and somehow, songs will come to me.. well, it is because of God who led me to those songs.. when my songs are ready, i will have different arrangement and to come out with the flow of the worship.. i will imagine myself worship leading with my guitar, thinking of the dynamics, the transitions of songs and all..

but now, everything seems so impossible.. i cant seems to think of wats the flow of my worship this sunday.. and all... haiz.. sad sad sad....

i jus hope i can choose the songs asap.. so to inform my musicians.. and seriously, i have not worship led for a very long time.. the last time is in May.. and dats all i think.. hahahaha..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thank u God...

Thank God for the results that HE gave me for my AMA assignment and my FM test.. though is not high, but at least i pass.. and high pass too.. 

It kinda remind me dat time after camp, i have onli 4 days to do my assignment.. He gave me 2 days holiday in those days for me to do my assignment.. He gave me ideas to write.. He gave me journals to refer to. He gave me strength.. He gave me everything i need.. He provide me wif a laptop when my pc was down.. 

I really really thank God...

looks like i got my theme for this sunday worship..

Saturday, February 7, 2009

finally.. round 1 done..

got back my draft for my Accounting in Context assignment.. thank God, i did ok.. i mean the feedback was not bad.. at least i din make any serious mistakes.. my writings on the relevance and reliability of the info sources are ok.. and some good.. hahaha.. well, really thank God for the ideas.. 

feb to april, i will be very very busy.. yes.. real busy.. Bsf is starting next week.. the following, not the coming one.. i have my Strategic Management deal 26 of Feb.. den my AIC due on 10 March.. going to Vietnam on the 14 to 17 of March.. that following saturday itself i will be going to Ipoh with the teens.. In April, in preparation for my finals in May, i will have lots of practices...

1) Good Friday service in church
2) Easter Sunday in church
3) Teens Club Evangelistic Meeting
4) Assunta Rally

really heavy eh... hahaha.. i din noe why i agree upon so many things.. but somehow, is a kind of enjoyment able to play for God... seeing ppl coming into God's presence... and getting to know Him better.. i know i will be very very tired.. seriously, most of the nights i will wont be at home studying for sure.. hahaha.. but, i really hope this will be a good training for me to organise my time properly...

well.. most likely i got to prepare lessons for 2molo bible study.. i dun plan to start a solid one yet.. maybe some games.. but, cant think of any games.....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

cny?? i dun have it this year...

lol.. wat a title.. but yea, this cny is quite boring.. the fact that i have to hand in my assignment draft right after the break is really no joke.. Taylors really have a way to torture their students in some way.. haiz..

well, the worst is my cousins came over, and starting using my com until i cant do anything.. i 200% agree with wat hoc leong wrote in his blog.. 

"if your cousins who is below 12 ask to play the computer, dun allow, coz he will starting playing again when u let him play the 1st time".. it is so true.........

dam.. really had a hard time asking them to stop playing.. and i cant scold them, so no choice have to let them play.. which really cause me headache.......

Strategic Management Assignment draft coming up next week.. have to start doing work again.. damm... i really hate 3rd year... 

like wat leonard has said... "this month is stressful"..

presentations, assignments this month and next month... and is some crazy shit assignment where we have to read damm alot of journals.. and it is not short journal.. not forgetting wasting time finding all those stupid journals....

when i really get busy, i really dunno where to start.. or wat to do... the best i can do is to lie down and sleep... if not watch movie.. coz, i really dunno wat to do... when u are full of assignment, and u dunno where to start or do.. ur doom is near... 

so ppl who are rushing assignment and all, pls do not stress urself up.. 

2molo got worship team meeting... another tiring day ahead....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Finally got myself a copy of the new Altered Frequency CD.. 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

long long waiting..

well, looks like after the kaka transfer saga, i have not post up a single post here.. well, since im on holiday, everyday stuck at home doing ntg, there is ntg much to blog about.. so, might as well dun blog.. hahaha.. but, if i dun blog now, look like i wont blog for the next few days as well... ahahhah...

anw.. happy chinese new year to all.. happy moo year as normally all smses will said.. so.. take care and good bye...

teens club starting dis week.. finally.....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kaka is staying at AC Milan..

after much talking and praying hard... Kaka have decided to stay at Milan.. yahoo!!! the best news ever.. He turn down an offer he could not get for the rest of his life, and stay at Milan where his fans loves him.. dis is good news... good news........

Monday, January 19, 2009

shocking news for AC

i was shock to hear that Kaka might be leaving AC milan for Manchester city.. seriously, as a fan of him, i would prefer him to stay in AC milan coz they are doing well dis season... all of them are on form.. if Kaka leave, seriously, it would be a waste.. to see such great player play for some shit team in the EPL.. if play for one of the big 4 i dun mind.. but to play for a team, which really dunno will they be kick down to 2nd division... oh man.. i cant think wat will happen.. if im the president or coach of AC, i wont even think of selling him no matter how nice the offer is.. well.. 109mil jus for the transfer fees.. world record!!

and if Kaka really leave for City, i think most of his fans in Milan will surely hate him for life.. 

well, no matter where he goes, i still wish him the best.. but, i wont support city anw.. even he is there.. coz, i still prefer AC Milan.. hope u make the right decision.....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

after so long....

its been a while since i blog.. coz im lazy... 

but anws, had teacher's meeting jus now, and thank God, everything went on well.. had lots of issues discussed.. which makes our meeting more effective.. den last time of coz..

had my Financial Management test yesterday.. i jus dun have enuf time to write a better answer.. i have 10 minutes left for my part 2 and 3 of my essay.. so, jus crap out the most important point and dats it.. hope i can pass.. 

bout my CRTP assignment, not much progress.. had the idea of wat to put in.. but, seems hard to put it down on paper(in MS Word i mean).. need more ideas on wat to write... its tough.. really tough.. i thot audit was tough, but man... dis is worst.. but dun get me started on AIC.. dats 100 times harder than CRTP.. haiz.. wat a course im taking.. 

need to sleep more i guess.. hahahahaha

Friday, January 2, 2009


is new year again.. and i think i will find a hard time to change the date from 2008 to 2009.. coz i biasa write 2008 d.. so.. dun think i can do it properly.. hahaha.. 

have not been writing blogs for the past few days.. well.. i shud follow Grace's statement.. "phlegsan are slow"... hahaha.. and not to mentioned lazy too.. hahaha.. well, is true sometimes... hehehehehe....

hope u ppl have a enjoyable new year.. well.. i spend the whole day at home doing nothing... playing games, and watched movie... so, i think i shall start doing my assignment.. CRTP.. FAIR VALUE MEASUREMENTS for IASB.. wat the heck is this wei.....