Sunday, November 22, 2009

din noe why im doing this.. But? sigh

currently im going thru some shitty problem.. really din noe wat to do.. sometimes, we know wat is the rule dat we as christian have to follow, but.. sometimes is hard though.. not dat im complaining, but.. haiz... sometimes, worse case scenario happens..

how? wat am i suppose to do? really clueless.. haiz.. weird feeling.. but i cant stop thinking how am i suppose to go bout it..

hahaha... so? do wat? die lo?

God.. pls help me go thru this stuff... In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

back with more thoughts...

is been tiring for ytd and 2day.. man.. seriously.. haven been writing like this b4.. if u think writing non-stop for 2 hrs is bad.. try for 4 hrs... hand literally tired.. and painful.. hahaha.. but well... its gonna end by 2molo.. hahaha.. den i shall start my own "revision"..

find some thoughts quite provoking though... somehow, i found the link between the ACCA ethical code of conducts golden rule, and christian life.. though not really fully link, but yea.. some principles still maintain..

the golden rule is "dun do the thing, if u dun wan other ppl to do the same to u".. it basically reminds us, most likely who are professional accountants, not to do stuff dat u dun wan other ppl to do to u..

well.. take erm, finance director as an example.. well, he got to choose between cheating the shareholders, or telling them the truth about the company.. if he dun wan other finance director to cheat on him, well, he should not cheat the shareholders too.. well.. dats basically wat it means.. and how does it link to being a christian, or i can say, the whole world?

if we dun wan others to look down on us, we shud not look down on people.. if we do not want to be dumped.. so, lets not dumped other ppl (in certain circumstances onli).. and if we dun want ppl to do things wrongly, we ourselves shud not do things wrongly.. in other words, being a hypocrite..

well.. i dunno... but sometimes, we tend to treat other ppl badly, but dun wan others to treat us d same.. i mean... wheres the logic behind it? although i dun believe in karma and all.. but i do believe dat u have to face the consequences of the action u do (im toking bout myself too)..

in a more holy sense.. if we dun wan God to hate us, we should not hate God too.. if u dun wan curses to be upon us.. easy, dun curse other ppl..

i find it funny though.. ok.. this may sounds like im a dead sinner, not so christian, but, is jus a thought.. if we dun like other religion to come to "preach" their religion to us (christian), by those erm.. super irritating way like, while u are eating, ppl start coming randomly and preach to u bout other religion.. start calling u when u are super duper bz.. u noe, those direct sales kind of method.. den shud we, christian, do the same thing? is a thought.. i mean.. sometimes i do get "complaints" from non-christian frens who told me stories on how christians start to "convert" them.. well.. if i were in my fren's shoe, i do feel irritated, though im a christian myself.. im no way against evangelism.. in fact, we are called to fulfill the great commission, dat is to reach out to the unbelievers.. but are the method we use makes ppl get irritated? is up to u to decide on this...

for me, my conviction is dat, i dun think for now im gonna use those direct sales method to reach out.. those like despo face wanting to increase the number of members in church.. dats y, im not really keen on street evangelism (im not against it), but i wont do it.. but do go ahead if u ppl think u can accept other religion come and do the same thing to u..

wat im gonna do is, to be a christian in my circles of frens.. i have my stand on certain things.. i wont go up straight to convert them.. but, i will share if theres an opportunity.. well.. i heard testimony on how ppl got calling from God to speak to a random person.. well.. great.. God has call u for dat.. but, as far as i noe, we have different method in doing things..

well.. ppl might disagree with this thought.. but, well, is jus my opinion.. not something theological.. is something wat i learned, being apply wat i learn and link it the good part to God.. coz God creates everything dat is good in this world.. bad stuff is from us... hahaha.. is true (in a sense)

anw.. gonna start studying d.. hope this thoughts makes u think or reflect.. well.. even u dun read.. God bless..


Saturday, November 7, 2009


man.. I think this word is part of life now.. Haha.. But well.. At least going to client's place is still fun though.. At least i got to go diff places for lunch.. Haha..

anw.. Im blogging from my my phone now.. Haha.. Quite cool..

Well greetings from priesthead.. My new name for now.. Oh.. And fishy(dunno y) from a fren.. basically