Wednesday, October 31, 2007

morning at Uni

Was suppose to have lecture at 8am, but was cancelled due to he ask us to find out information for our assignment.. so.. was in com lab as early as possible.. but, still haven start searching coz wanna do some personal stuff 1st.. like checking facebook and blogging..

sometimes i find it quite shocking where i can write so many things here.. maybe there is too many things on my mind which i dunno where to tell.. so by using my fingers, begin to write stuff and nonsense here.. yea.. so was thinking much yesterday nite.. but din think too long coz was too sleepy.. so finally knocked up at 11 something.. dats early for me.. haha

i jus finished watching d drama "on the 1st beat".. is d 2nd part of "police academy", which is shown in astro i think beginnging dis year.. well.. someone actually told me most of the part of the story.. so jus the last 2 episods.. well.. d ending was not dat nice la.. but it still a nice show which can make me think.. haha.. some drama is jus for entertaining.. but at least dis makes me think.. haha.. well.. i rmb in d 1st episod where dis police's gf went overseas to furthur her studies.. well.. it somehows remind me on the things dat happens in the airport when i went overseas to study.. it somehow still very fresh in my memories.. it was one of the saddest moment of my life, where to leave everything behind here and go there.. haiz.. but thank God im back here.. haha.. but somehow, my thoughts will lead me to her.. hmm.. how would i say it.. jus will think bout her whenever i saw things/someone dat will reminds me of her.. haiz.. den dun really feel like toking to anybody else for a few moments.. haha.. well.. dun really like dat...

nvm.. stop toking bout dat things d.. well.. no target for me at this moment.. coz unreachable target=no target..

so, no point.. haha.. nvm.. guess im confusing everyone who is reading dis post now.. haha..

Well, finally, wanna congrats Kien Kiet and Boon Heong for winning the danish open.. well, they played really really well in finishing up those veterans.. haha.. must win again in France..

and AC, start winning some games..

Both of dem wont read dis post.. ya, so dunno i write for wat.. haha.. (lame)

anw.. gtg and find some article for my assignment.. if not... DEAD!!

Signning off

hmm.. i wonder............

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

not in the mood

hmm.. jus finish my lunch.. i mean half an hour ago.. well.. ate at uncle seng.. hmm.. dunno why 2day i dun have the mood to tok wif anyone though.. was very quiet the whole time as i ate my food.. is weird.. things really got into my mind.. maybe i was thinking bout her.. dat makes me wonder why.. things in the past, things dat had happens really bugged me most of the time though.. sometimes is jus hard to stop thinking bout stuff, but when situation is bored, u will jus somehow think of somethings.. so.. was looking as if was seeing some other ppl.. was looking here and there but my mind is at another place.. haiz.. wat a joker am i.......

jus hope that things will get better later.. i really hope so...

no mood until dunno wat to write.. so wont be writting much..

Signning off

still wondering wat d brazilian is writting..

Last class at bsf

Yesterday after my post, went to class.. oh man.. i was so damm sleepy.. haha.. maybe bcoz i watch tvb series on sunday nite until 2 in the morning.. ya.. so was like zombie.. especially in my HRM class.. cant stop yawning and dozing off.. haha.. i think ms daphne(my lecturer) saw me doing dat, and dozing, but she din say anything lo.. coz she noes im still listening.. hehe i hope.. ya.. after dat really tired class, went for lunch.. eat Chicken rice again.. maybe i dunno anything else to eat.. so makan..... tok....... haha.. den kacau my tax lecturer until he can rmb my name.. i was like WAT!! how can he noe my name.. haiz.. dis time die d.. going to suffer for the rest of my life in his class.. hehe..

Well, rush back after class.. bought my new FM modulator.. so now can plugged in my mp3 player in my car to listen to more songs.. yea.... den sleep for 20 minutes before i dragged myself out from bed to go for bsf.. had fellowship at Raju, which is not bad.. i mean the food there is nice la.. for a mamak la.. so makan makan, den hop into Han Tang's car and go for bsf.. wasn't really paying attention to the sharing (last class for bsf is the sharing by the members).. coz my one of my closest frens having some problems.. ya so smsing all the way.. but still managed to catch some of the things they shared.. hehe.. ya.. after dat, followed my dad to collect my car from the mamak there.. lucky nothing happens to my car.. den makan supper wif my dad.. hehe.. at the restaurant, met the RBS committee who was having their meeting there.. argh.. miss the times ups in cameron.. dunno hows everyone now.. coz no one logged in to circles d.. especially my mission trip members.. dunno how are they.. hope watever they do, dey will succeed..

ya, actually planned to cont watching the show, but realise i havent done my hw.. so try and do afap(as fast as possible).. manage to finished it.. den sleep.. hehe.. too tired d..

anw.. hope u guys have a great day ahead.. especially........ haha.. nah.. gtg soon.. class starting soon.. ciao

Signning off

hope she will have a great day ahead 2day..

Monday, October 29, 2007

wats my future like??

I attend the FES annivesary dinner last sat.. well, it was good.. coz the food was ok.. and there are lots of ppl at PJGH.. well, manage to sit at a comfortable place.. well, to cut the crap.. during the dinner, i actually thought of going into full time ministry wif FES.. din noe why, but im touch by AYA/Campus City, i wanted to do the same next time after i graduate, maybe few years later as i need to earn some basic money 1st.. hmm.. maybe 3 to 5 years after i graduate, i would want to be an FES workers.. well, though im not directly "thought" by dem, bt dunno, i was touched by all the things they did in diff campuses.. well, still praying about it..

dat saturday morning, went for worship workshop at my church.. thanks to uncle richie, ben tay, and nigel tay, they thought us many things on how to play as a band.. really learn alot from them.. hope can invite them again to teach us more things.. hehe

on sunday, nothing much happens.. but i think my bass playing is too much.. i mean i goreng too much until it sounded not dat nice d.. well, shud not goreng and goreng.. after teens, forget to ask yaw eng bout the camp speaker and all.. argh!!!.. now the camp dunno izzit going to be on coz worried got no speaker and worried got not enuf campers going.. well.. jus have to pray hard for dat.. hopes everything will be fine.. hehe.. ya, manage to get discount from chen wee's mum for the price for accomodation.. Thank God!!

things about her keeps me wondering most of the time actually.. dunno why, though jus lying down on my bed.. well, really hope there will be a time i manage to handle these things properly.. haiz.. relationships really makes ppl feel happy, and feel sad.. and the happy times makes u feel happy, but, sometimes, it hurts u.. well.. not going to dwell too much on it..

anw.. gtg now.. class starting soon.. in 15 minutes.. bye bye

hmm, when will be the time for changes to happens

Signning off

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I wonder.. why not many ppl will support Italy in football international or in their local football clubs.. hmm.. they say the way they play is boring.. well, i dun really think so.. bcoz i believe in their style where AC has this Moto in mind, dat defence is the key.. well.. long time ago, Italy or better to say AC Milan has always been a defensive team.. their main tactic is to defend kao kao until no one can score.. their offside trap became famous coz they manage to trap those fowards who jus noe how to run in front but dunno how to come back.. hmm.. with a strong defence team back there, den onli ur fowards can attack without worrying about defence.. coz they trust their defenders will do a perfect job in defending the backline.. in AC, with a strong line of defence, lead by their captain, they manage to reduce the number of loses in goals.. yes, sometimes, dey din score much, they din show their fans of their attacking skills like those in the EPL, or spain, but they do show a good quality in their defence against all Giant Attackers..

I dunno how true is it, but i think the defence team is the backbone of the football team.. without defence, the whole team will be gone.. and of coz AC is oso famous of their counter attack.. when they got the ball from the opponent, they have very good playmaker like KAKA and Pirlo to deliever the attack.. with Nesta behind defending, Pirlo can help in attacking.. so, is good to have a good defence, onli attacking can go on smoothly.. well, dats why i support Italy, and AC.. hehe..

ok.. better stop here, coz all the EPL fans will kill me for this.. haha.. well, no offence, but everyone is different..

Hmm.. enuf about football.. finally get t0 sleep properly yesterday.. until 2day dun feel like waking up for class.. had replacement at 8 to 10.. haiz.. wat a terrible day.. not serving today in CC.. its ok coz i really need some rest dis week, due to tiredness.. haha..

still manage to think through some stuff again yesterday.. but i think i've forgotten.. coz i cant rmb anything (Lame)..

well, is towards the end of the month, and i haven got my dvd writer yet.. haiz.. coz most of my money gone for petrol.. haha.. nola, but dunno gone to where d.. cant think where i spend those money..

hope u guys have a great day 2day.. or 2molo..

signning off

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

cant sleep again..

haiz.. another quite a sleepless nite.. hmm.. how le?? being so tired.. well.. jus finish watching this show called "Father and Son".. dunno wat show is dat?? is erm.. a tvb series which called "Pa Pa Pai Ngai".. dats d one on astro on demand.. yea.. so touching.. i mean quite touching la.. haha... maybe dats y i cant sleep.. coz watch too much tvb series liao..

hmm.. anw.. looks like i make my student angry d.. haha.. sorry ya..

hmm.. i was thinking bout something while driving back.. i find dis quite true base on some observation.. but most likely is onli applicable to guys.. ya.. if u wanna noe whether a gurl trust u or not, u make sure u ask her to sit in ur car, den drive fast.. if she keep on shouting and screaming after u told her to relax and trust u, den she dosen really trust u (but make sure u noe how to drive fast and safe 1st la).. if she relax and trust u, hmm.. den u noe she will trust u for the rest of ur life, until u cheat on her again la.. den dats a diff story.. where i get this conclusion from?? well.. there are so many times when my mum sits in my car and i go less den 100km/h, she oso like very scared.. but when my dad drive more than 100km/h, she jus relax onli.. dat means she trust my dad more.. and trust that he will drive her safely.. hmm.. true??.. so as the same case as some ppl, who don dare to sit at at other ppl's car who drive more den 100, but is ok to sit in their parents car who drive more den 100.. dat means dey trust their parents.. so if a gurl, willing to sit at ur car, and dun scream, and trust u, well, u are lucky coz she really trust u.. well.. jus some conclusion i made.. but, is not proven.. so believe or not??.. up to u.. but, no offense to anyone..

anw, class starting soon, really have to go and book space.. if not, die lo.. haha.. ciao....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

thought of yesterday, today

finish my lunch an hour ago and now writting dis blog using elaine's laptop coz there are no available pc for me to use.. ya.. so use her laptop.. sad for her coz she have to go and print out her tutorial questions coz when she let me use her laptop, she cant read the questions.. aw... so sad.. haha.. anw.. dunno where is she now..

anw.. jus not the connection was totally bad coz i cant even open dis page.. but now is better coz i can enter.. hehe.. isn't dat great.. hehe..

anw.. was thinking bout few things yesterday while trying to sleep which makes me cant sleep until 3 in the morning.. wow.. dat was terrible.. had some weird dreams while sleeping too.. haiz.. there are few things really troubling me dis few days.. maybe things dat does not concern me much, but yea, still think how to go over it..

1) was thinking bout how my church worship team us going to operate without chen wee as worship director.. he has done a wonderful job in bringing the team back to life.. but without him next year, and mabel will be in rbs for a month.. dis look like jean is going to play by her own.. not only dat, but going to be her only.. hmm.. can she take dat up.. and there are some issues dat the worship team are facing, which i think is not suitable to write here.. how can we improve??

2) this is about our teens camp.. now, i really dunno and i have no idea on wat am i suppose to do.. we got no camp speaker.. are we going to have a camp without a spaker?? which is done before, or how?? dunno wat can we do.. hope dat God will provide us with all the things we need..

the last is about one of my bsf question.. " do u have anything during the past one year dat u give God the glory?" i repharse the questions as i cant rmb the full question, but this is basically wat it is about.. yea.. so was thinking bout how God has brought me through my ups and downs.. where downs are more dominant.. haha.. but, can a person really give God the glory during bad times??.. i rmb when bad things do happens, the 1st thing i did was to complaint to God why he has given me situations where i would not had think dat i will be there facing it.. its really a tough time for me, until now, as i look back, it still hunts me here and there.. i mean how can i get over it?? haiz..

until i was really tired at 3, i finally slept.. i dun think i have the answer for all these things now, but im sure dat he will provide..

well.. elaine's comp got no more battery d.. so.. better finish up this post.. ya.. ciao ciao...

Monday, October 22, 2007

my com kena spyware

ARH!!!.. my com kena spyware.. ish.. somemore my antivirus cannot detect where is the file.. but this spyware thing keep on poping out on my screen.. ish ish ish.. does anyone have a anti virus that cant detect spyware.. except kapersky.. if u spell it dat way.. haih..

anw.. really tired yesterday.. after morning service, went for breakfast.. after dat went for teens club.. teach a bunch of kids and they have this world war 3 going on between the 2 genders.. had a hard time getting dem to clam down.. need some ideas to stop dem.. hmm.. shud i shout at them?? maybe i shud.. den after dat rush off to FBC for the nepalese cultural concert.. luke ask me to help him to do sound.. so, have been running up and down on stage to make sure everything is in order... but quite teruk la.. d things dey say and the things they actually do is diff.. so have to really go by try and error.. haha.. dats bad.. really bad.. went back and rest.. when i wake up, have to go for the camp comm meeting.. wah.. everything is gone haywire.. we cant have bentong, den both our speakers cant make it.. now have to really pray hard that God will provide us with a good campsite and a good speaker.. well.. the campsite most likely will be in Cameron Highlands.. erm.. at kg raja, chen wee's banglo.. well.. most likely there.. dunno how to arrange..

Hmm.. will i be serving dis thursday at CC??.. well, hope i will though sometimes i play quite badly.. haha.. now im actuallly having my break.. so rush my lunch.. and write things here.. before "someone" keep saying dat i din update.. haha..

anw.. gtg now.. got something really bugging me 2day as i woke up.. must be something to do wif my dream yesterday.. which is too personal to share.. so, jus pray dat i will jus let it go like dat.. coz i began to wonder off when my lecture gets boring.. well.. it does jus now.. and i bet it will be later too.. how nice if my lecturers and teach in an interesting way.. like how ms irene and ratnesh does.. haha.. den i wont be able to sleep... hehe..

really got to print out my stuff.. so ciau 1st.. u jokers........!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

another day at college

well.. in college now, coz jus send my mum to work.. and now waiting for my class to start at 10.. so waiting.. got a few questions which i dunnno how to do.. dunno la dis time, hope she wont chase me out of her class.. hehe..

wat shall i tok about today.. hmm.. actually nothing much happen during dis days.. so shud be all fine and alright..

really been exploring my facebook account like crazy... haha.. coz there are alot of stuff to do..

anw.. will cont to update later if got anything..

Thursday, October 18, 2007

i felt the peace...

Yo.. campus city is awesome 2day.. had our 1st prayer service 2day.. i reached there at almost 3 coz i got class, when i reach there, everyone was praying like nobody's business.. aiks, i miss most of it.. too bad.. but, i realise dat im not as nervous as yesterday during practice.. well.. take up my bass, and try playing something.. den Lucas teached me some parts, coz there is some changes in my bass line.. so ya.. learn dat up..

When the service started, i jus play my best out.. play and play, worshiping God.. i realise dat my tempo is out.. but somehow, im not dat worried, bcoz everyone seems to be having much fun down there.. so ya, after dat, we pray for those who are having exams and all, listen to some testimony about how God has change some of the lives of the ppl through exams and all.. well, since i dun have any exams at these moment, so my feeling was like.. yea, cool.. haha..

after the whole service, my bandmates, which is aidan, and luke came to tell me how to improve my playing coz they realise there are quite alot of mistake, den lucas oso came to tell me where i made my mistake.. and of coz Ben Ji too.. he realise that my playing not consistent.. well, thx to all of dem, i can improve myself.. Good frens are those who tells the truth.. hehe.. thank God i got a bunch of very good musicians who can tell me where my mistakes are.. hehe..

dats all bout prayer service.. hmm.. jus wonder.. has anyone who drive at 120km/h at Federal highway.. sure got rite?? but have u try it on a Kancil... hehe.. that feeling is so.... quite nice.. haha..

anw.. got my facebook account, thx to elaine who keep asking me to create one.. ya, so created and spend most of my time on it exploring those application.. hehe.. add me if u have..

bye bye ppl.....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Am I talented

jus came back from college, den CC's worship practice.. dunno why, 2day, i jus felt like dun have the joy in playing bass.. maybe bcoz im too nervous coz got few songs i cant play properly and keep on making mistakes like nobody's business.. dunno la.. felt weird throughout the practice.. haiz, hope 2molo will be better..

anw, i also jus ask myself dis question on my way back.. AM I TALENTED?? i really dunno?? coz i jus felt my performance are not really up to par, and is not consistent.. sometimes is good, sometimes is bad.. really dunno when can my playing really be consistent.. really disappointed at myself..

haiz.. and i've been sick for almost 2 weeks.. my nose cant stop leaking "water".. my classmates are kind enuf to keep on supplying me wif tissue paper.. for 2 weeks without failed, i will always ask "....(name), can i have some tissue??" den without fail, my frens will supply me wif packets and packets of tissue.. haha.. thank you ppl..

anw.. i will have to go have dinner now..

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Camp Comm meeting

After much meetings (onli a few), discussion, and much thinking, finally, SWCC Teens Club is having their youth camp.. Yahoo.. the last camp dat we had is in 2003, where i was in form 5, and the camp was held in STM..

4 years later, we finally decide to have our youth camp revive.. hehe.. dis time is going to be on 20 to 23 of dec.. well, is near christmas, but, that is the onli time where most of the comm members are free.. especially for me and yang.. well, really hope dis camp will be a meaningful time for the youth..

over here, would like to thank my comm members who have given many ideas on how to impact the youths in my church.. and thx to their ideas, i believe we are going to have a fun time there.. i actually din contribute much in giving ideas, coz i really cant think of any except for a few.. haiz.. wat a person.. haha

Anw, read yang's blog yesterday and read bout his post bout being a nice guy.. well, to add on to wat he said.. being a nice guy is a really tough "job" as to say.. jus take an example.. if the nice guy broke up wif his ex, but until now(few years after they broke up), still treat her nice, care for her, or even still waiting for her.. how hard must it be for that nice guy.. haiz..

I think dis post is full of nonsense coz there are not one single topic and my england is jus too powderful.. haha.. coz my mind is not really focusing on one single thing..

2molo is wed, and ellie msg me yesterday that i will be playing bass.. yup.. Campus City is having a special prayer service for those who are having exams.. so ppl who are in SUBang, or anywhere else who thinks that u're free on thursday.. come come come.. 3.10 to 4.10pm.. so hop up to the hub.. above AYA Cafe, 3rd floor, opposite Taylors University College, Main Campus.. hehe.. See u there

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

my new bass

Wanna see my new BASS???

Introducing, the most elegant........

"15".. haha.. wonder i put such a weird name.. "She" has a nice body, smooth, and nice feeling of holding it.. haha.. pls do not think the wrong way.. hehe..

Wanna have a look at the head??

dosen it looks cool??

dis is my new bass.. 15......

my blog is not dead

haha.. well, my blog is not dead.. haha.. it was very long time since the last time i updated my blog.. coz due to some reason, i have n0t been blogging.. anw, since i got 3 hours of break b4 my next class, i shall write something..

Hmmmm.. nothing much really happens to me dis few months, the recent one is dat, my class started and i got lots of things to cope with.. can u imagine, after 4 months din touch my text books, and all my accounting books, i almost forget wat is accounting.. haha.. but, Thank God, i recall my memory fast enuf to get on..

Most of my lecturers sux, especially dis lecturer who teach Tax.. haiz, really cant explain how bad he is in teaching and explaining.. the only word i can rmb him saying is "pls ah, go back and read your textbook".. when we dun even have our text book.. so, dunno wat am i going to do about dat sub..

The other thing dat happens is I GOT A NEW BASS!!!!!.. is yamaha brand.. but sad to say, i haven got the chance to really play with it coz i din really play with it in church coz is not my turn, and in CC, which is Campus City.. i din play with it yet coz is not my turn too.. so.. see how la when i can play with my bass.. hehe

Hmm.. anw, i've decide to called my bass.. "15".. wonder why, keep wondering... haha.. but, if u noe, jus keep it in your heart..

I have to go now, coz i think there are class going on soon.. so better ciao b4 kena chase out..

HOC MUN!!, i update my blog ok??