Wednesday, January 30, 2008

useless me...

i really dunno wat happen today.. everything din go on well 2day.. im confuse on most of the stuff.. now i really doubt whether am i really suitable to take up chen wee's postition.. is really not easy.. i cant seems to do the job dat is required of me.. i felt useless 2day as i was driving back home from church jus now..

practice is not good.. dunno izzit bcoz of me or wat.. i cant seems to enjoy playing like how i used to.. my mind is stuck as i cant think of anything.. i really felt i cant do anything right at all.. somehow.. i jjus thot of jus dun care.. but.. i really cant..

im jus so feeling shitty now.. i got lots of assignments to do.. church stuff.. have to get the ppl and all.. i really pray dat i wont screwed up everything.. i cant afford to do dat.. but seriously.. i cant find anyone to share my problems wif.. it kinda sux actually.. no friends to be around.. haha.. weird.....

tired.. but have to finish up my assignments.. i wish..

Thursday, January 24, 2008

after a long time

wow.. for a long time i din blog d.. maybe bcoz im too lazy too blog.. dats why.. haha.. but dis few days.. i felt very much better from all the complaints and things dat i have blog in the previous few blogs..

been very bz wif the worship ministry in church.. have to discuss here and there in order to get things done.. really dunno how am i suppose to do it.. coz before chen wee left, he only tell me a few things.. so when i take over, everything seems to be harder.. haha.. but nvm, God will have a way for me...

well, later i will be backuping for ben ji for later U campus service.. well.. hope everything will go on smoothly.. yea... i believed so..

well, blog more about the service later.. yea..

Thursday, January 17, 2008

U campus Movement

Well, this is the new name for campus city.. Its kind of catchy wif the"U" thingy.. haha.. anw.. went there for practice for thursday service.. well, dunno why but my bass din worked out well, so use the new Suzuki bass.. well, it is ok.. not dat bad actually.. hehe..

din really noe wat to blog about.. ntg much really happens to me dis few days.. which i think is good.. coz i din really like dat time when i've so many things and thoughts in my mind.. felt sad and all.. but i dunno why, im now feeling ok wif it.. maybe i've grown up.. haha..

life is much peaceful now.. but i dun think it will be peaceful erm.. dis morning..

Monday, January 14, 2008

assignment hand in day

well, finished my HRM assignment, and i am now waiting to hand it in.. dunno why, felt scared bout it though.. haiz.. well, dis is really a last minute things... haiz... scared scared scared

ntg really happens to me dis past few days, but i think i get addicted to the chat place at dota application in facebook.. haha... weird, but quite fun to buy and sell things.. hehe.. i noe u guys wont understand dis, so dun bother... haha

opening sunday yesterday for teens club was good, make a fool out of myself, but den everyone seems to have fun.. well, dats the main purpose.. erm, accidently broke someone's specs, into half somemore, is jus erm.. an accident.. sorry ya... hehehe...

anw.. i think dats all for 2day...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Life is not so good

Things now just keep bothering me actually.. well, 1st is my assignments.. i seriously had alot to do.. but, I jus can't seems to do it.. really dunno how am i suppose to do.. life dis year is not as nice as i expected it to be.. yes, i can let go of her d.. but, there are still other things keeps on bugging me in my head....

now, all i can do is to leave up everything to God.. dats all i can do............

God, U noe my problems, U noe how to solve it.. pls help me.. Amen....

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cameron trip

just back came from Cameron.. well, our intention is to visit those ppl who are in RBS, but, we only visited dem for one day.. other days, we go lepak, makan, taking pictures and do stupid stuff.. well, i dunno how am i suppose to write out everything dat happens, hmm, maybe pic can do the talking, and to tell us where we went.. if u want anymore details, pls visit, yang and jon's or san's blog.. they sure will write some stuff.. i think..

anw.. dis are the pictures...

OK.. dis is the 1st stop we stop by.. well, dis is the waterfall in Cameron..

Jon doing his stuff at the waterfall, taking nice and clear pictures..

Dis are the feet of those who went to camerons.. can u recognize them?? muahahhaha...

Spiderman in action!!!

the 2 cars that bring us up to camerons..

Dis is how fast the car is being drove on the way to Tapah...

Some of the nice flowers

There are more flowers, but i lazy wanna upload all today...

Photographers in action:

I will post the food pictures 2molo, or when i have time.. but i had fun taking pictures too.. muahahah...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Buddy Day

yesterday, it was the UWE jan intake.. well, the management wants the year 2 students to organize some orientation thingy for them.. so, i volunteer myself, and somehow, they put me in charge of the games session.. i was like..... ok, but, wat can i do?? so, after much discussion, we came out wif some games for them la..

i wont say i did a good job in organizing the games, but i guess everyone have fun in a way.. so i guess is good la.. haha.. u can see everyone working together to get things done.. and i guess they known my name coz they shouted my name to ask me go check their items... haha.. well, a day become famous.. haha.. anw... dats not the point actually.. hehe.. well, really have fun toking to those under my "care".. i dun think i can rmb all their name.. hehe.. sorry ya.. but i go tell dem all the not so good stuff dey can do.. hehe..

anw.. had a great time hanging out wif dem.. of coz, there are some chun chick around too.. haha.. well, not that bad la.. hehe.....

2nite will b staying at yang's hse, and 2molo will be leaving for cameron.. well, pray dat i will be safe, and i have enuf money to spend... haha...

Good day ppl... and those ppl who are starting skul 2day, had a fun time.. especially "u".. u noe who u are... so take care and God bless....

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

a new year, a new hope

dats rite.. new year come wif a new hope.. life will nv be the same for me this year.. im a year older, holding a much important role in church, being a better fren i hope.. actually, i still do not noe whether am i good enuf for all those things.. whether am i ready.. life is not simple for me actually.. i think life is nv simple for me.. i've gone through stuff which i nv thought i would have gone through.. i began to see life from a different perspective.. i began to see myself as a different person..

When someone from my church actually says that he is planning for his funeral, when he is only 40 plus, i was like, eh, how can it be?? but he says dis, u nv noe wat will happen 2molo.... it kept me thinking.. until jus now i cont watching the drama, which dats bcoz i lazy wanna do my assignment which is due next monday.. a gurl died.. den the guy regret on how he treated that gurl, eg, din care bout her, misunderstand her and all sorts of things.. but only when the gurl died, he found out that the gurl still love him, (they were couple b4).. but dats too late.. coz no matter how u say i love u, the gurl cant hear it.. he was sad, and all sorts of things happens la...

den i ask myself.. wats the things i wanna do before i died?? and there is this thought bour her that came to me... and i was like, why?? after so long??.... if there is one thing i will say to her before i died.. it will be this..(btw she wont read dis)

"im sorry for how i've treated u..................................", others i wont write out la.. but dats the main thing..

im not good in toking.. i mean i was nv good in toking.. most of the time i will be the one very quiet when hanging out in a group.. so i guess i can jus write......

so ppl, live ur life according to how God wants u to leave.. U do not want Him to question u when u're in heaven rite?? (for Christian)

For those who had not known Christ, i pray that all these things i write on this blog will actually touch ur heart.. i've gone through tough times, but bcoz of God, im still here writing all my experience down..

Trust GOD... He will pull u through.. He has done it for me.. im sure He will pull u through too..... God Bless ppl.. hope u guys had a good new year ahead of u.. life is challenging.. so dun give up...


jus came back from church... it was the saddest new year in my life.. it does not feel like new year.. and i listened to stuff i shud not noe.. argh.. is jus hard to accept..

my wish for last year.. was no more... dis year wish?? i really dunno.. i dunno shud i continue my wait, or shud i jus leave???

Tired of me?? Tired of everything??.. God, pls take off every feelings of me to her... im dead in her life... i jus wanna be ok in everything.. i cant concentrate in everything i do coz my heart is too divided.. i jus want a plain and simple life... i dun wan to be too complicated in everything.. a simple guy, wif a simple gurl, wif a simple relationship... dats my wish.. i think..

dun wanna tok much.. is last year..