Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Langkawi Part 4

after dat freaking long walks, standing under the hot sun.. we finally decided to stand under the tree..

"Siu Lai" and Kim2..

But oh well.. its too hot, and we could not stand the he
at.. so we make our way back to the jetty and wait for our faithful driver to bring us back to the main Island..

And once more, we feel the wind blow towards us.. its a pretty good feeling though.. lovely experience.. fun.. and most of all, the company of frens.... precious moments..

Look at all the sad backside of the ppl... Oh.. and one nice picture u all must see...

The nice picture of "Siu Lai".. really got the siu lai look.. hahaha...

After reaching the jetty.. CRAP, no driver waiting for us to bring us back.. so no choice lo.. walk all the way back to the apartment.. and really Thank God.. the apartment is less
den 1km away.. so, we bought our drinks, and walk back..

After dat, we wash up, and plan for our next destination... BUTTTT....... WE ARE HUNGRY...
well, if dats d case.. the next place we will be looking for food... But, its a public holiday, and the town area seems quiet.. theres KFC, McDs.. but, whoever mentioned dat, will kena scold la.. so we drive around.. den finally, reach a place called "Langkawi Parade".. and guess wat we eat there...

Man.. dats jus so freaking SAD!! eating marrybrown instead of KFC and McD.... =/ oh well.. but theres the onli restaurant open in that mall.. thot of posting the picture of my lunch... but forget it.. not worth the time.. hahahaha..

After dat, we drive all the way to Cenang Beach for a visit, and to check out the place.. WE HAVE NO MAP... so, based on 2 drivers' instinct, we found our way there.. lol.. look around, check out some alcohol and choc... we are all too tired by den.. so we decided to go back and take a nap... and dats around 5 or 6 something..

So its time for zzzzzzzzzzzzz... "BANG BANG BANG!!! ROOM SERVICE".. dats the freaking sound dat Bing2 make dat suddenly woke me up =/.. oh well.. time to get up though.. dat shud be around 8 or 9 something.. ahhhhHHHH~
~~ still sleepy and tired.. but, we need to get some food.. So, all of us get ready, and drive all the way to Cenang Beach (again) for food.. So we stop at this restaurant...

and seriously the food sucks... especially the freaking fish!!1

Seriously.. the fish sucks.. and that freaking woman can say this is the "zhao pai chai".. sigh.. and the whole meal is freaking expensive too..

after d dinner, is time to take photo again.. so.. here goes...

Thx to flash we got our picture brighten up.. but.. somehow, i jus dun like the too bright thing.. i prefer natural light.. hahaha..

After dinner... we stop by at the beach.. no lights... onli torchlight and flash.. and dats around 11 something d i think..

and dat doesen stop us from taking picture...

"YAY!! WE ARE JUMPING HIGH!!!!".. not dat high actually.. coz they are scared of being splash when dey land...


ok.. im tired of uploading now... HAHAHAHA... oh well theres more to go on the final part of day 1..

Signing off


Monday, September 20, 2010

Langkawi part 3

After dat, we move towards the other side of the beach.. and wow.. more ppl over there.. like i promised the previous post.. I shall let u all see.. "the battle of the sexes".. hahaha.. oh well.. basically 3 girls attk our driver (Bing2)..

Bing2 doing the birdy style.. flapping his "wings" and splashing both
side.. looks like "siu lai" and Kim2 cant take the heat and start looking away..

awwwww... the girls has lost the fight.. I have more picture on d fight.. maybe next time i post up more.. now lets continue our journey..

and of coz, I promised someone to get some seashells
back.. so here are some of it which i collected. not really nice.. but, seems ok...

After staying there for around 1 hr.. its time for us to say goodbye to dat wonderful and beautiful island.. EXCEPT, for those freaking red ants which bite my leg.. darn it.. =/ and of coz.. NO hot chick in bikinis which i can spot =/ looks likes its not a good time to go langkawi dat time.. sigh..

After getting ready to pack our bags and leave.. its time for group picture... say CHHHHEEESSSEEEEE!!

U might be wondering.. where the heck am i again.. oh well.. here am I..

Presenting to you, the fat photographer.. who decided to camwhore using Nikon D60..

After getting on the boat, we are ready for our next destination.. Feeding the Eagles.. I dun think I will post any picture from it.. I cant really take a good shot on eagles as they are
quite far off, and i dun have any zoom lense =/ so sorry for dat.. But those sight was awesome though.. seeing eagles coming to the sea to catch the fish..

Den, we are off to our next destination, which will pass by this island..

The island of the pregnant lady.. can u see where she is? According to Bing2, if u cant get pregnant, jus go there, and everything will be solve.. but, go there do wat? hmmm~~~ I wonder.....

Next up,

This is the famous lake in between islands are held.. there is a legend to it, which sorry, is not part of my job.. hahahaha.. so go google it urself on the legend.. some photos at this place..

Look at "siu lai"!!!

Liew and Tan on the boat~!

Oh well.. other pictures... lazy now la.. hahaha.. more updates on the last island we visited 2molo.. pretty tired now..

Signing off


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Langkawi part 2

We were freaking tired in the boat ride, so some of us slept, and some of us jus see the nice scenery for 1 hr.. haha.. well, being me, i slept too.. was too tired for it..

Well well, finally, after 1 hr, we have reached the jetty.. More excited coz, ITS DUTY FREE LAND!! finally, nice view, nice beaches, and nice chicks.. and of coz.. the nice scene the from the jetty..

hmm~ somehow, dis seems so not raw.. =/

anw.. after getting off the jetty, we are obviously clueless of where to go.. So, after wondering and thinking, the erm.. "GPS, Photographer, Tour Guide, Co-driver, and last mi
nute planner" jus walk to the taxi counter and hire a cab... and yes.. we finally reach the HOTEL, after 3 mins drive.. hahahhaha.. and we got to pay RM 15 for dat.. Man, taxi driver in langkawi can really earned a living by jus driving clueless tourist like us... =/ Oh well.. the Hotel..

Langkawi Seaview Hotel.. Erm.. we din actually stayed in the hotel room... we rented an apartment belongs to dem.. which is not bad anw..
but i din a picture of the apartment.. ahahhaa.. coz ntg special about it..

After checking in, got a pretty good deal on renting the car from the receptionist of the hotel.. Which also help us to get cheap deals for Island hopping..which is the 1st agenda of the trip.. so here are some of the pic..

Some of the ppl, who are ready for some nice view and beach fun!!1

The ppl getting onto the boat..~

Happy ppl in the boat~

Our boat driver.. seems very cold at 1st.. but hes a nice guy.. me and d "driver" use our broken BM to tok to him.. hahaha.. seems ok la.. at least my BM hasn't gone dat bad.. =/ hahahaha...

Oh well.. 1st stop Pantai Beras Basah.. where the sands is sooooooo freaking soft!!! clear water!!!

The signboard of the beach!!

"Siu Lai" is the 1st one who rush to the deep clear see and show dat SHE WON the race!! tadaaaa~

Kim2 dun wan to lose out.. so shes the 2nd one to run into the deep clear sea, without even putting down her bag.. hahahaha..

So the 2 have became dis...

Theres Bing2 who started swimming!!! look how clear the water are... hahaha..

Oh well.. im getting tired of waiting for blogger to upload the pic.. so i shall stop for now.. lazy to continue now.. still tired.. =/ oh well.. Part 3 we have battle of the "sexes" where 3 girls attk a guy... so.. dats all for part 2..

Signing off


Updates from Langkawi..

Since the memories for dat trip is still fresh in my head.. I shall just blogged bout it.. jus in case my memories fails me... again (old man d)..


After work, everyone was excited about the trip.. well mainly for 2 reasons.. 1stly, is bcoz the long waited langkawi trip has finaaallllllyyyy arrrriiiiiiivvveeeee~~!!! Some have already packed their bags, some have not, and some work in progress.. but no matter wat.. all of us can't wait till the clock ticks to 5.30pm.. Dats the 1st reason..

The 2nd reason is bcoz we get to see one of our "zi muis" new bf.. Since no one has se
en him b4, and jus got to know bout it on dat day it self, so dey hired me (the photographer of the trip), to eventually take a photo of him.. well.. based on my stalking skill, heres the photo of the newly couple.. taaadddaaaaa~

There.. how sweeeetttt the new couple are...

After getting onto the bus, we start to chit chatted awhile, but i guess, most of the ppl are tired, so some of dem get into deeeeeeeppp sleep.. I tried to sleep, but, my mind was on something, wondering, and wondering, and decided to let God deal with it.. But after awhile, I could not stand the tiredness, so i feel into deep sleep.. for er.. 3 hrs i think... after that, the nightmare begun.. Being the "man", I decided not to bring any jacket or sweater for the trip.. MAN, I TOTALLY REGRETTED.. During the last 3 hrs of the bus ride, I was so freaking damm cold.. Somemore the bus ride is not as smooooth as it shud be, I cant sleep much after dat.. Trying my best not to think bout the coldness, but failllleeddd.. So, when i get down from the bus, my jaw hurts.. as in real hurt..

Day 1

After the terrible bus ride, we are up for our next transport,
THE FERRYYYY... but of coz, we got to eat some food 1st.. so.. heres the picture of our 1st breakfast.. wait.. NOT OURS, but MY breakfast.. lazy take all the other food.. so the photographer gets the honor..

My Nasi lemak.. but, it kinda suck..

After getting the ferry ticket, its time for some "nice and comfy" boat ride.. oh well.. we still got to take some pic rite? ahaha..

Thats our group photo (Me behind the camera of coz)..
(L-R: Bing, 33, Siu Lai, Kim2, Pei2, Tan, Tho2, WJ)

Ntg much happens during the ferry ride.. jus that we found some weird aliens joining us.. oh wait.. maybe dats spider women.

And a picture of a quite a nice sunrise.. (which we failed to wake up early to see every morning)

There you go..

hmm..~ I really wish to continue the updates.. but i think i leave dat to later.. kinda tired now, and got church 2molo.. so.. I guess i hop to bed 1st..

Signing off..


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Langkawi!! in a few hrs...

When i was driving back jus now, was listening to Passion10 album.. There have a bonus track which entitled "Jesus Messiah".. I 1st learn this song in Passion 08 WT when they are here in KL.. A simple yet powerful song.. Tell of how great the love of God is.. That Jesus, humble Himself, for us.. To bring us back to God.. and yes.. Thats how great our God is.. Heres the lyrics of the song.. go youtube if u wanna hear it.. and seriously.. Its awesome, and meaningful..

JESUS MESSIAH (by Chris Tomlin)

He became sin
Who knew no sin
That we might become His Righteousness
He humbled himself and carried the cross

Love so amazing
Love so amazing

Jesus Messiah
Name above all names
Blessed Redeemer
The rescue for sinners
The ransom from Heaven
Jesus Messiah
Lord of all

His body the bread
His blood the wine
Broken and poured out all for love
The whole earth trembled
And the veil was torn

Love so amazing
Love so amazing, yeah

All our hope is in You
All our hope is in You
All the glory to You, God
The light of the world

During Passion 08 KL, I could not really utter out the words of the songs.. Im jus struck by His love and grace for me.. At that moment.. I felt His presence so strong... so strong that tears came down from my eyes.. He comforts me.. Giving me hope to move on in life (cause I failed my exam dat time).. and Yes.. Thank you God..

I am happy dat God did not give up on me.. He continue to see me thru.. Knowing dat I will fail him again and again.. But He, will still look after me, all the days of my life..

Im considering of singing dis song during christmas service.. and also Chosen Generation.. but, I cant be teaching too many new songs.. sigh.. =/

Oh well.. time for me to start packing for the trip.. Oh.. After hearing some bad news bout my zi mui break up story, another zi mui at work got a bf...

Signing off


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

needing u...

Heard one of the nastiest break up stories ever, which i dun intend to write down.. jus wonder how can a relationship of many years breaks up jus like dat..

Relationship is uncertain.. it might be high one day, and down the next minute..

I really admire couples who have been with each other for many many years.. it really takes more than love to be 2gether for like d rest of ur life.. it takes patience, understanding, and most of all trust..

I dunno whether can I handle it.. Maybe I cant, which explains why God did not provide anyone for me.. maybe He knows I cant handle..

Jus now my frens ask me where is my? or when am I going to get one?

I jus answered.. It may take a long time.. a very long time.. Not dat i dun wan, but.. really, I cant do much.. Not dat i cant find.. but, sigh.. I cant do much..

After this incident, maybe im jus not ready.. or maybe I think Im ready, but God thinks differently.. Maybe I jus wont have enuf time for her, in the end hurt her..

Jus accepting wat God has given me at the moment.. Good frens, nice colleagues, ok job.. awesome worship team.. Awesome church.. not bad Bass guitars, ok computer, quite good handphone, nice camera, and not so good salary =/..

I dun expect more atm.. status quo is ok.. i jus hope, changes will be good in the future..

Not emo.. but bcoz of some a**hole who ruined my mood, and for hurting my "zi mui"..

on a lighter note.. Langkawi 2molo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO~~!

Gonna love the beaches, drinks!!!!! well.. all have pair except me.. again.. hahahahahahha..



Sigh.. Passion WT has not stop in Malaysia dis year.. I rmb when I went for Passion 08, it was one of the best and best conference I ever been.. Im challenged to MAKE JESUS FAMOUS in my generation..

But, after started work, looks like the passion grew colder.. caught up with problems, stress and work.. Did not really go all out for JESUS as I always wanted..

After reading thru the Passion blog, it reminds me of my promise made to God.. To make Him Famous in everywhere I go.. To be a testimony to the ppl around me... The story of "Fruitcake", and how she influence the most wild girl in UNI, will always remain in my heart.. This is the extent of God's grace and love towards us...

signing off the 2nd time


Monday, September 13, 2010

many months have past...

After so many months, my blog is finally restored.. well.. maybe some crappy a**hole hacked into my gmail to do stupid stuff.. sigh.. This is wat i called, Internet Security..

After few months, many things has past.. good, bad, happy, sad...

Firstly, went to JB for work with 2 leng luis for 3 days.. During the 2nd night, we went over to Singapore for a few hours trip. My "whitey" has accompany me thru many towns, and now a new country.. oh yeah.. haha.. Met up with my RO guildmember (yes, i still play RO, on private server though), which i called "hexy".. Quite fun driving around Singapore.. though not knowing the way and roads around.. Thanks to last min
ute Google Map to Woodlands, and wat i always say, Drivers need to have "feel" and "fuel"..

On the way back, met up with "pok kai" in Melaka.. Had a good time eating with him and other people.. den balik to my hse.. haha..

after dat, took 1 week off to study for my ACCA P3 paper.. had a hard time studying for it.. No motivation, no mood until the final 3 days.. But i really thank God for that 3 days when God gave me dat motivation to study again.. and Thank God, miracle happens.. I pass my P3.. so Im left with 3 more papers to go.. Thank God for His guidance..

after exam.. work for few more months, ntg happen.. den, here comes the Interyouth fellowship with Bandar Puchong Gospel Center.. Had quite a fun time there.. playing games, throwing pillow around, watching ppl get their face smash up with "sme
lly" cream.. yucks!! hahahaha.. but it was fun.. met new frens.. and make some goo
d frens too... they have good musicians too.. GIRL DRUMMER!! hahaha.. any girl who played drums is a whooooo!!

Here comes holiday after the fellowsh
ip.. went to singapore with "shiro", "hel", orangie", and "tezzie".. had a fun trip there.. but my legs failed me after 1 day.. =/ Met up with Auntie Neo, and she brings me around singapore.. and n
ot forgetting nice brunch and dinner.. managed spend sometime alone going around using the MRT.. manage to see some good views there too.. oh well.. picture time.. no good pictures though.. lacked of practice...

There is the 4 of them, naming tezzie, hel, orange, and shiro.. all blacks... wait.. am i wearing black? hmmmm... i think Im...

Nice view eh.. oh!! THERES THE CRUISE!!!

I saw 3 leng luis, and since cant take their face, but from back, seems pretty too..

After d trip, sigh... =/ cham cham.. go to Batu Pahat right after it.. haha.. so dam freaking tiring.. haiz.. but oh well.. enjoyed the trip there.. with healthy and cheap food.. but EATING MCD'S BREAKFAST MOST MORNING REALLY SUCKS!!

Came back from the trip, dead tired.. =/ oh well.. at least theres a fren who always there when i need one.. (thank u)

After that trip, stuff happens, which im sad, but I really thank God dat He never leaves me alone.. When im down, He brings me up again.. which im really glad..

sad, down, and thinking bout future.. not knowing wat will i do or who to be with.. but, oh well, God will provide me with a way for me.. ^^

As at now, I dun wanna think too much.. If it wont come, it wont.. so im not having any hope anymore.. jus wanna be who I am, and be the best I can be.. I dun want to fake myself.. jus wanna be me, and who God wants me to be..

Busy with work currently, preparing for christmas.. And.. finally a break off to LANGKAWI dis wed..

Oh b4 dat, Had a great time with my church members for a trip to Bentong and Genting.. although is jus a short trip, but had a fun time with them..

oh well.. Imma signed off now...

~priesthead~ or most ppl called me now, ~fishy~

Sunday, May 2, 2010


haven been blogging.. lots of stuff in my mind which is jus bugging me all ard.. cant seems to focus all along..

work? i dunno shud i say im lucky or is really bad luck.. when ppl are mainly bz doing stuff, i think im the most freee auditor around there.. with 2 pending company, 2 other companies which im almost done.. so yea.. basically... im out of job again.. and my boss doesen seems to like giving me jobs to do.. and oh well.. kinda demotivating.. for now i guess...

sad and happy news around... but which has nothing to do with me as well..

mix thoughts about life.. and yea.. i have been very judgmental these past weeks.. maybe pride? or maybe jus my own thinking.. but, im no where far from dem as well.. i dun consider myself a good christian.. i nv did.. though i join alot of church stuff, but, dat doesen makes me a better christian.. when i actually lead the bible study class, as in the discussion questions, i sometimes do felt, im not qualified enough to teach dem.. ppl may see me, "wow, bsf student elder's son, bible knowledge sure ok wan, can teach wan".. but, dat is not the way.. oh, is not self pity btw... jus in case u all misunderstands..

also been wondering shud i quit TC? as in quitting being a discussion leader as well.. I have been there for years... but, as i grow old, felt something is different.. maybe is my own thinking, dat i dun think im efficient in serving God over there.. 11 years.. and i think i have really grown old.. not as gangho as b4..

oh well.. jus some thoughts dat i have been dealing with.. and alots more of coz.. including work/future..

i think i better go take a nap... very tired...

oh.. and pls pray for boon.. she shhud be in NZ by now... hahaha.. have a good trip there...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

wat shud i do?

theres alot of thoughts in my mind right now..

1) Am i in the right job? am I in the right path, as in career? am i really an auditor?

2) am i in the right place? i dunno.. am i serving right with God? am i in the right ministry? right church?

fishy is having a hard time...