Sunday, September 19, 2010

Langkawi part 2

We were freaking tired in the boat ride, so some of us slept, and some of us jus see the nice scenery for 1 hr.. haha.. well, being me, i slept too.. was too tired for it..

Well well, finally, after 1 hr, we have reached the jetty.. More excited coz, ITS DUTY FREE LAND!! finally, nice view, nice beaches, and nice chicks.. and of coz.. the nice scene the from the jetty..

hmm~ somehow, dis seems so not raw.. =/

anw.. after getting off the jetty, we are obviously clueless of where to go.. So, after wondering and thinking, the erm.. "GPS, Photographer, Tour Guide, Co-driver, and last mi
nute planner" jus walk to the taxi counter and hire a cab... and yes.. we finally reach the HOTEL, after 3 mins drive.. hahahhaha.. and we got to pay RM 15 for dat.. Man, taxi driver in langkawi can really earned a living by jus driving clueless tourist like us... =/ Oh well.. the Hotel..

Langkawi Seaview Hotel.. Erm.. we din actually stayed in the hotel room... we rented an apartment belongs to dem.. which is not bad anw..
but i din a picture of the apartment.. ahahhaa.. coz ntg special about it..

After checking in, got a pretty good deal on renting the car from the receptionist of the hotel.. Which also help us to get cheap deals for Island hopping..which is the 1st agenda of the trip.. so here are some of the pic..

Some of the ppl, who are ready for some nice view and beach fun!!1

The ppl getting onto the boat..~

Happy ppl in the boat~

Our boat driver.. seems very cold at 1st.. but hes a nice guy.. me and d "driver" use our broken BM to tok to him.. hahaha.. seems ok la.. at least my BM hasn't gone dat bad.. =/ hahahaha...

Oh well.. 1st stop Pantai Beras Basah.. where the sands is sooooooo freaking soft!!! clear water!!!

The signboard of the beach!!

"Siu Lai" is the 1st one who rush to the deep clear see and show dat SHE WON the race!! tadaaaa~

Kim2 dun wan to lose out.. so shes the 2nd one to run into the deep clear sea, without even putting down her bag.. hahahaha..

So the 2 have became dis...

Theres Bing2 who started swimming!!! look how clear the water are... hahaha..

Oh well.. im getting tired of waiting for blogger to upload the pic.. so i shall stop for now.. lazy to continue now.. still tired.. =/ oh well.. Part 3 we have battle of the "sexes" where 3 girls attk a guy... so.. dats all for part 2..

Signing off


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Anonymous said...

wow~~~ very detail blog..*eyes searching for more*, but very few picture from our dear "photographer", i mean there's none...should have credited urself la....

100 thanks la, our amateur photographer!!! *anticipating more updates la!!*