Sunday, September 19, 2010

Updates from Langkawi..

Since the memories for dat trip is still fresh in my head.. I shall just blogged bout it.. jus in case my memories fails me... again (old man d)..


After work, everyone was excited about the trip.. well mainly for 2 reasons.. 1stly, is bcoz the long waited langkawi trip has finaaallllllyyyy arrrriiiiiiivvveeeee~~!!! Some have already packed their bags, some have not, and some work in progress.. but no matter wat.. all of us can't wait till the clock ticks to 5.30pm.. Dats the 1st reason..

The 2nd reason is bcoz we get to see one of our "zi muis" new bf.. Since no one has se
en him b4, and jus got to know bout it on dat day it self, so dey hired me (the photographer of the trip), to eventually take a photo of him.. well.. based on my stalking skill, heres the photo of the newly couple.. taaadddaaaaa~

There.. how sweeeetttt the new couple are...

After getting onto the bus, we start to chit chatted awhile, but i guess, most of the ppl are tired, so some of dem get into deeeeeeeppp sleep.. I tried to sleep, but, my mind was on something, wondering, and wondering, and decided to let God deal with it.. But after awhile, I could not stand the tiredness, so i feel into deep sleep.. for er.. 3 hrs i think... after that, the nightmare begun.. Being the "man", I decided not to bring any jacket or sweater for the trip.. MAN, I TOTALLY REGRETTED.. During the last 3 hrs of the bus ride, I was so freaking damm cold.. Somemore the bus ride is not as smooooth as it shud be, I cant sleep much after dat.. Trying my best not to think bout the coldness, but failllleeddd.. So, when i get down from the bus, my jaw hurts.. as in real hurt..

Day 1

After the terrible bus ride, we are up for our next transport,
THE FERRYYYY... but of coz, we got to eat some food 1st.. so.. heres the picture of our 1st breakfast.. wait.. NOT OURS, but MY breakfast.. lazy take all the other food.. so the photographer gets the honor..

My Nasi lemak.. but, it kinda suck..

After getting the ferry ticket, its time for some "nice and comfy" boat ride.. oh well.. we still got to take some pic rite? ahaha..

Thats our group photo (Me behind the camera of coz)..
(L-R: Bing, 33, Siu Lai, Kim2, Pei2, Tan, Tho2, WJ)

Ntg much happens during the ferry ride.. jus that we found some weird aliens joining us.. oh wait.. maybe dats spider women.

And a picture of a quite a nice sunrise.. (which we failed to wake up early to see every morning)

There you go..

hmm..~ I really wish to continue the updates.. but i think i leave dat to later.. kinda tired now, and got church 2molo.. so.. I guess i hop to bed 1st..

Signing off..


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