Monday, September 20, 2010

Langkawi part 3

After dat, we move towards the other side of the beach.. and wow.. more ppl over there.. like i promised the previous post.. I shall let u all see.. "the battle of the sexes".. hahaha.. oh well.. basically 3 girls attk our driver (Bing2)..

Bing2 doing the birdy style.. flapping his "wings" and splashing both
side.. looks like "siu lai" and Kim2 cant take the heat and start looking away..

awwwww... the girls has lost the fight.. I have more picture on d fight.. maybe next time i post up more.. now lets continue our journey..

and of coz, I promised someone to get some seashells
back.. so here are some of it which i collected. not really nice.. but, seems ok...

After staying there for around 1 hr.. its time for us to say goodbye to dat wonderful and beautiful island.. EXCEPT, for those freaking red ants which bite my leg.. darn it.. =/ and of coz.. NO hot chick in bikinis which i can spot =/ looks likes its not a good time to go langkawi dat time.. sigh..

After getting ready to pack our bags and leave.. its time for group picture... say CHHHHEEESSSEEEEE!!

U might be wondering.. where the heck am i again.. oh well.. here am I..

Presenting to you, the fat photographer.. who decided to camwhore using Nikon D60..

After getting on the boat, we are ready for our next destination.. Feeding the Eagles.. I dun think I will post any picture from it.. I cant really take a good shot on eagles as they are
quite far off, and i dun have any zoom lense =/ so sorry for dat.. But those sight was awesome though.. seeing eagles coming to the sea to catch the fish..

Den, we are off to our next destination, which will pass by this island..

The island of the pregnant lady.. can u see where she is? According to Bing2, if u cant get pregnant, jus go there, and everything will be solve.. but, go there do wat? hmmm~~~ I wonder.....

Next up,

This is the famous lake in between islands are held.. there is a legend to it, which sorry, is not part of my job.. hahahaha.. so go google it urself on the legend.. some photos at this place..

Look at "siu lai"!!!

Liew and Tan on the boat~!

Oh well.. other pictures... lazy now la.. hahaha.. more updates on the last island we visited 2molo.. pretty tired now..

Signing off


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