Tuesday, September 14, 2010

needing u...

Heard one of the nastiest break up stories ever, which i dun intend to write down.. jus wonder how can a relationship of many years breaks up jus like dat..

Relationship is uncertain.. it might be high one day, and down the next minute..

I really admire couples who have been with each other for many many years.. it really takes more than love to be 2gether for like d rest of ur life.. it takes patience, understanding, and most of all trust..

I dunno whether can I handle it.. Maybe I cant, which explains why God did not provide anyone for me.. maybe He knows I cant handle..

Jus now my frens ask me where is my? or when am I going to get one?

I jus answered.. It may take a long time.. a very long time.. Not dat i dun wan, but.. really, I cant do much.. Not dat i cant find.. but, sigh.. I cant do much..

After this incident, maybe im jus not ready.. or maybe I think Im ready, but God thinks differently.. Maybe I jus wont have enuf time for her, in the end hurt her..

Jus accepting wat God has given me at the moment.. Good frens, nice colleagues, ok job.. awesome worship team.. Awesome church.. not bad Bass guitars, ok computer, quite good handphone, nice camera, and not so good salary =/..

I dun expect more atm.. status quo is ok.. i jus hope, changes will be good in the future..

Not emo.. but bcoz of some a**hole who ruined my mood, and for hurting my "zi mui"..

on a lighter note.. Langkawi 2molo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO~~!

Gonna love the beaches, drinks!!!!! well.. all have pair except me.. again.. hahahahahahha..


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