Saturday, September 26, 2009

congratz debbie and caleb

jus came back from my cuzzie's wedding.. congratz to them.. srsly.. one of the most romantic and touching wedding i've been to.. the wedding sermon is fantastic..

and guess who i saw there...

PS RYAN AND BRENDA.. i was like whooooo... crazy small world... haha.. but is good to catch up with them after so long..

well.. the wedding reminds me of many thing...

1) Adjust
2) Accept
3) Common Interest
4) Common Thought
5) Common values

2A and 3C to uphold in a marriage...

oh.. and the worship team... okokla.. not dat good actually.. accept dat one of the girl's voice is fantastic...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

after another month

kinda lost the passion to blog, well.. seems dat working life makes my life dull as well.. ahaha.. but one thing im sure working in an audit firm dat is fun is, u get to go out often.. in a sense.. haha..

i just went to bentong with 2 of my seniors to do out audit.. which means, we are at the client's place doing audit.. man.. its somehow easier.. and one thing bout the trip dat is fun is, i have 2 seniors who are really food lover.. hahaha.. they bring me to eat nice food around town.. hahaha..

on a more serious note.. im missing someone.. someone whom i haven seen for quite some time..