Wednesday, March 31, 2010

from Penang..

blogging from penang.. well.. tired from work.. but oh well.. will be back on friday.. hope will be on time for good friday service...


Monday, March 29, 2010

in penang soon..

will be driving up north to penang soon.. man.. still sleepy.. but oh well.. cant sleep anymore.. hahaha.. gonna be a long drive.. sigh..

be back on friday... enjoy ppl..

Friday, March 26, 2010

shud i blog it?

haha.. wat a title.. well.. it is an honoured to play with one of the best violinist in Malaysia, whom she performed for so many big shots over here, as well as overseas.. u noe, david tao, jackie cheong.. no kidding at all..

well.. thoughts are really jumble up rite now.. jus noe dat, a famous person, is a very humble person in real life.. can see the dependency on God all the time.. there is not a time b4 any performances did she not pray for God's leading.. things to learn about.. To depend on God.. All the time... no way we can do things alone..

also learned that even though how many times u performed in front of crowd, u will still be nervous.. dats wat is happening in the band.. we were like stressing.. especially the guitarist, coz he got to get the correct beat/tempo/groove.. hahaa...

but overall, i think we did great.. at least the crowd din noe where our mistakes are.. hahahaha.. good cover ups and blufferlogy...

thanks to the teaching of SWCC worship team all these years.. we manage to bluff our way thru... hahaha..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

hmm... performance up on friday...

well.. think it is one of the best thing dat can happen to me dis year.. is get to play on stage with Joanne Yeoh, one of the famous violinist in Malaysia..

last week is our 1st practice.. and man.. im so scared to make mistakes and all.. pressure, coz, is my 1st time playing in a instrumental band.. so, basically, we communicate thru our instruments.. means, i got play for stuff with my basss.. but oh well.. my bass skills is sucky...

but 2day practice was good i think.. manage to play better den d 1st practice... ahhaa.. which.. im glad..

oh well.. gtg sleep d.. if not.. zombified 2molo..

Saturday, March 6, 2010


jus wonder.. if u noe wats the ending of a drama series, are u still gonna watch it from the beginning, a looooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggggg episodes of middle part, and finally the end..

some will, some wont, some dun even bother.. well.. true enuf..

but wat if, b4 u made the decision, u already noes wats going to happen, which is bad/shit/screwed up stuff, are u still going to take it knowing dat it is the best thing u could do? well, after reading thru my question again, there are alot of flaws in it.. hahaa.. but oh well, is jus a thought of wat ppl would do..

while preparing for my bible study class 2molo, which im teaching, i realize dat Jesus, knows dat He is going to suffer alot, as in humiliation, pain, rejection, all bad stuff, u named it, he gone thru it. But, because of fulfilling the Father's will, he still chooses to go thru it. Well, if He wants to turn away, and forget bout His "duty" on earth, He could, as He is fully human as well. Not to forget He is fully God, which means, He is God. But yet, He still wants to save us from sin, bring us back to the Father.. This concept cant be understood by everyone.. i fully understand dat.. I mean, who will be so dumb to save human from going to hell. Humans are useless being, though we can think and all, but we still sin (talking bout myself). Knowing dat doing a certain thing is wrong, we still do it.. sometimes we rationalize dat, "im only human, and is perfectly normal for human to fall." I agree that we are easily led creatures, and we can fall easily.. but, without putting a
stand against it, jus accepting the defeat, man, dats sucks (talking bout myself).

Well, seriously, i wonder how usefull am i.. maybe im, but, maybe im not.. i dunno.. not emo, if u think im, but.. jus a thought.. not siao either..

looks nice to me.... hahaha...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


its impossible isaac... dis will nv happen to u.. and im sure of dat.. why do u keep thinking? why do u keep wondering? u noe its impossible.. so dam it.. jus forget bout it...