Friday, November 30, 2007

Amazing race... Asia

jus finished watching amazing race asia 2.. d 2nd episode.. well.. its was funny and nice, and dunno why alot of girls pairs joining dis time.. and all of dem are... not bad.. in terms of looks and character.. haha.. u shud watch.. u all shud watch..

d one i would like to highlight is the last pair.. well, i dunno la.. they are couple, but they dun seems to have any communication between dem.. while doing their last task(which is fix up a bicycle), they argued alot, coz the girl dunno anything about fixing up a bike.. den d guy keep on scolding in foul language.. well, most likely they are from Hong Kong.. coz they speak Cantonese, and they dunno wats a "kerbau"... and i rmb the guy say to dat gurl, "u are useless in this".. i was like wat the hell, she is ur gf and u scold her like dat.. ish.. well, most likely dey are going to break up.. i hope dey do.. coz the guy is really a sickening person.. he shud not scold her.. even if u're having some major stress of losing, u shud not scold!!!.. haiz.. if i noe dat earlier.. haha..

anw.. it was nice and funny.. really.. but, for couple who wanted to joined that race, make sure ur relationship is strong, if not, it will break u all up, coz words can be hurting there.. and be prepare.. dat race will either make u, or break u.. yup.. dats my conclusion.. haha...


2molo will be our student comm retreat.. well.. not really prepared for it coz im suppose to do the devotion on sunday.. but, i still dunno wat am i going to do lo.. how????.. haiz.. dis time die d.. i wonder how this year comm retreat will be?? haha..

anw.. feeling very sleepy after watching finish another drama, which is called, "Kan Yan Kin".. wonder where i find so much time in watching all these shows.. haha... shud pay more attention to my studies.. haha.. will do..... after student comm retreat(i wonder this is how u spelled it)..

ya, although that show was quite boring though alot of ppl say its funny, ya, is funny, but still lacking of somethings.. dunno wat, but its a nice show.. very nice.. i recommend those of u who is a fan of tvb drama to watch it... haha.. giving bad advice...

anw.. feeling very sleepy now.. haha.. duno later will i have to go to college for discussion.. see how la my condition...

signning off

2molo is the thing.. how will i react to it????

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

struggling with CF

well.. CF is not christian fellowship.. but is Corporate Finance.. haiz.. very fan.. confusing.. and is sucky.. and got no much time left.. hmm.. so how are we going to finish it.. well.. currently having discussion.. headache discussion.. haiz... how how how??????

anw.. my groupmates are still having their discussion while im writting this, and dey dunno im writting this.. so see how focus are they and not me.. haha..



well.. cant really sleep well again yesterday... not becoz im thinking, but bcoz alot of bugs keep on kacauing me.. so i cant sleep well.. haha..

well, finish my tax assignment d.. well, i wont say is dat good, but i hope can get some good grades... well, i hope so.. did i bring to college?? ya.. i did.. haha.. thank God...

anw.. think i've ntg much to say 2day.. hope u ppl have a great day ahead..

Signning off

sorry yang, for putusing ur strings..

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Finally.. a long rest

Yes.. yesterday i was so freaking tired, so i slept at 10pm.. wow.. wat a long rest i got.. coz for so long i din get to sleep at 10pm.. coz, things jus pop into my mind.. but yesterday, too tired to think at all, so jus sleep sweetly.. haha.. i shall try dat few more times.. haha.. its so a wonderful thing to sleep.. haha...

anw.. ntg to blog about now.. jus dat i noe my assignment is at stake.. but i somehow cant focus on wat im doing coz of things dat really drain my brains out.. haiz.. wat to do.. haha

anw.. ciao

Signning off

Wat can i dO??? NTG!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

stupid sleep

argh.. even blogger is making a fool of me?? my post cant published and all i write is gone.. argh..!! stupid.. everytime got this feeling in me, even in the middle of the night.. argh... wat has happen???????

Sunday, November 25, 2007

feeling stupid

was feeling stupid all the way jus now.. thinking of wat i've done but all gone to waste.. really dunno how on earth am i to get out of it.. argh.. how how how?????

camp was postpone.. due to some forseen circumstances.. not much ppl are going.. no choice so have to cancel it.. i felt disappointed actually.. really.. after much planning and all.. but, maybe God has His own purpose.. anw.. started to plan for our outing.. which for quite sometime TC does not have any outing at all.. well.. hope Taman Desa Waterpark is the place where we can go.. rmb the last time i went was in 2003.. after my BK quiz..

really felt bad bcoz of postponing the camp.. dunno la... the teens looks quite sad, i suppose.. haiz.. din really noe wat to do at that point.. dunno la.. now felt so stupid, so lazy, so jokerish.. argh.. all the weird and lousy thoughts jus came to me.. i need PHIP 4:8..

dunno why.. her words seems to pierce through me very easily.. when she uses words which i think she is not really happy, i gt this feeling of pain, i would jus go blank.. shud i go on like dis?? i felt tired.. ppl say although the year is coming to an end, but is not over.. wat can i still do to make dis year a memorable one?? there is jus so much hurt and pain which i cant seems to forget.. i've been asking for a breakthrough.. so at least dis year, during Christmas, and my bday, i wont keep thinking on wat has happen in the past.. thinking of wat happen last time makes me happy awhile, but it wont last long..

"God, i know U heard me, i really need a breakthrough.. im not going anywhere wif dis condition, things are jus not like dat anymore.. it has gone worst.. I really hope, there is something i can rmb from dis year dat is memorable.. In Jesus Name, AMEN..."

Saturday, November 24, 2007

God will make a way

jus came back from yum cha after cg.. well.. din bring enuf money so jus ordered my usual drinks in mamak.. dunno why i dun really change.. haha.. since working until now.. haha.. each time i go kedai melayu or mamak, sure order dat drink.. haha.. maybe ntg else better to drink..

ya.. in cg, reynard worship lead.. and he choose the song God will make a way.. it really speaks to me as the camp is having some problems now.. i really dunno wat to do.. i keep finding way out.. i try to be as cool as possible, but some voice jus tell me im not as good.. but when i sang dat song, i realised dat God will make a way for us.. for everyone of us who believed in Him.. dis song actually is a song dat someone actually sang for me when im in dilemma.. and really.. i miss those time alot.. rmb when im not happy, someone is there to cheer me up..

something really bad happen to me dis morning when i buy breakfast for my mum and myself.. i really dunno how to overcome it.. and i really dunno who to tell.. haiz.. im so tired of being me now..

anw.. hope u ppl have a great weekend.. and Johanna, Phip 4:8.. rmb..

Signning off

when will those days be back?? i miss it.......

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


well.. after my worship practice in CC, when for dinner wif my classmates.. well, den suddenly i rmb there is a teacher's meeting 2nite.. i quickly finish my dinner and rush back home.. den manage to catch a nap b4 the meeting..

so discuss on certain issues like the comm retreat, youth camp, and bible quiz..

haiz.. din noe wat to write d.. maybe there are other things dat are distracting me.. haha..

anw... 2molo will be the last CC meeting of the year.. yup.. pray dat it will be a BANG!!!

signning off

really hope i can tell u my problems...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bursa Pursuit

Finally, i have registered for the bursa pursuit thingy.. haha.. well, not dat i really like to play in stock market, but its a good training.. hehe.. yup.. so if u guys wanna play, jus play..

anw.. ntg much happens 2day.. jus dat quite tired 2day, and i have 5 hours of break.. i was like.. oh man, how am i going to survive???? haha.. so i spend my time in the lab playing facebook and dat bursa thingy.. haha.. and of coz try to find info for my presentation.. but thank God, my group no need to present coz, time is running out.. haha.. but the class was boring.. real boring.. feel like sleeping.. haha

got to really finish up my assignment.. if not.. die die die..

Signning off

hmm.. how would i do to make u smile??

too many things

argh.. there are really too many things on my mind rite now, dat makes me cant sleep. really dunno why.. once i lie down on my bed, thoughts jus come to me.. makes me hard to sleep, get up try to do some work, lagi cannot, coz too tired.. haiz.. dunno why dis happens to me most of the time..

Things im worried..
1) that 'thing'
2) my studies
3) my assignment
4) TC camp, alot of things not confirm
5) dat thing again..
6) wat am i suppose to do

haiz.. im jus so not me rite now.. jus dunno how to change the situation.. i rmb something.. Cast all ur cares upon Him.. hmm.. that will help.. yea.. trust God..

Went to visit Caleb jus now.. well, when i was there, the doctor is giving him an injection.. well, he cried, like poor little baby.. but rite after dat, he seems to be normal.. his mum told me and my dad dat, although he was crying, he still wanna see how the doctor poke him.. i was like, he is insane, haha.. but dis boy really teach me a great lesson.. on how to be brave to face the problem no matter how "painful" the poking is.. really.. I learned alot of things and really, Caleb really thought me on how to trust God like child like faith.. if we can have faith in God like a child, God will really bless us.. coz child like faith is really believing whole heartedly.. yea.. dats the thing most ppl forget.. And he is so CUTE!!.. when he called me "koko".. haha.. so cute, den when he say bye bye.. really wanna pinch his face.. haha.. really cute.. anw.. those of u who are reading dis post, pls cont to pray for him.. he is getting better d.. but, still need our prayer..Thank u..

2day's class was bad.. my taxation tutorial is going bad.. i seriously dun understand a single thing that joker was teaching.. haiz.. duno how am i going to pass dis module.. really need God's help.. really need!!!..

was chatting wif san.. haha.. everytime ask me question dat is so direct.. haha.. but nvm la..

anw, now trying to find stuff for my presentation 2molo.. hehe

Signning off

God, i cast all my cares and worries upon U.. pls help me to go through them.. having a major stress rite now..

Monday, November 19, 2007


wat a day after church yesterday.. well.. after service, went to buy breakfast for my mum den sent her back coz my dad is in termerloh.. den rush to EFC coz i thot i was late.. mana tahu yang is later den me.. so have to wait till he comes to open up d gate.. ya.. uncle steven from penang gave a talk on outreach.. yup he was good.. really enjoyed his sermon.. after tc.. yang and me sent him back to his hotel.. had a nice chat wif him during the journey.. really thot dat we are going to have captain ball.. den who noes most of the ppl cant make it.. haiz.. dunno why.. announced d but cant make it.. haiz.. nvm.. wat to do.. so wait until 3.30pm, not many ppl came, so we jus ciao back lo.. ntg else we can do..

not much things going on dis past week bcoz i dun have classes and ntg special happens.. so, really had ntg much to blogged about.. went yum cha wif my frens around 9 something like dat.. come back, had a hard time trying to study, so i jus forget about it and go to bed.. dunno how am i going to go class without my hw.. haha.. but nvm, i biasa d..

anw.. din have much 2day... maybe later got more.. ciao

Signning off

Thank God dat at least one of my hopes actually fulfilled..

Friday, November 16, 2007

Reaching for U..

was listening to dis song.. reaching for u.. when i heard dat song.. it sounds familiar.. if im not mistaken is the song that yang choose for his worship leading.. yupz.. dat the song.. coz got alot of changing of key.. haha..

actually, dis few days was quite lazy to update my blog.. not bcoz i got ntg to write.. but things i dunno how to write.. sometimes things jus happens like dat.. haha.. i dunno how to write la.. i hope... really hope things will change..

hmm... wonder how those spmers are duing now.. yea.. i've faith in them for them to score alot of A's... coz.. they are smart.. haha..

tired again.. 2day have been planning to go out for movie.. everything planned.. haiz.. but all my fren suddenly ffk me.. haiz.. so no choice but have to cancel the plan lo.. haiz.. wat a day.. make my day moody.. haha

anw.. nothing really much happens to me.. jus dat i've not finish my assignment dat im suppose to finish by this week.. haha.. die lo this time.. anw.. ciao

Signning off

i wish everything will be like in 2005.. the year that i love most..

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tiredness 2

jus came back after Campus City 2day.. as normal, tired.. use up all my energy.. haha.. 2day i was really blessed by elder's msg.. he tok about obedience and willingness.. the part that struck me was when he said "everyone is obedience, but not everyone is willing".. if we are not willing, God cannot do anything with us.. but if we are willing, he can do everything to us.. Sometimes we pray that we will do God's will.. but what is God's will for us.. His will is to take control of our lives.. and when we can let God take control of our lives, he will den lead us to other place.. that is the thing which really makes me thinks..

I dunno la.. den i jus thought of things dat happens in the past.. not dat its nice to think bout it.. but that are things i jus cant let go off.. is like the past jus stuck there, in my heart.. i really hope.. serious pray dat i can let go asap.. still praying hard.. haiz..

anw.. im going out to watch the bee movie 2molo wif my classmates.. and one ex-classmate.. muahaha.. yea.. finally watching movie.. dunno y.. love going to cinemas.. but.. i haven been there wif her.. maybe got no yuen.. haha..

anw.. tired.. so ciao..

Signing off

when is dat day going to come?? im waiting..

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Tired.. jus came back from practice.. in Campus City.. hard a quite fun time.. dis week im on vocals.. but my voice dunno why cant seems to push out.. maybe im sick.. thank God i dun have any cough or something like dat.. if not.... die lo.. haha.. well.. but dunno why i cant really hear myself wan lo.. maybe when i sing loud, the whole place can hear.. hehe..

Anw.. haven got any updates on caleb yet.. dunno how is he 2day.. din get any sms yet.. but im really happy wif our church ppl.. hehe.. coz yang and hocmun oso use blog to ask ppl to pray for him.. den uncle thin fook and henry send mass sms to other church members to update the condition on caleb.. this is how we shud use technology to do the work of God.. yea.. hehe.. dats the way ppl..

was trying to ask aidan for dream theater cd.. coz wanna let my kids listen to their songs.. see how syiok dey play.. haha.. maybe is a good chance /exposure for them.. but dunno can get or not..

anw.. i gtg now..

Signning off

was thinking.. wat can i do to make her happy..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pls pray for Caleb

For those ppl who are reading the post.. pls pray for Caleb Gwee.. there are some complication in his condition now.. and really needs prayer rite now.. so when u read dis.. pls pray.. He is a sunday skul kid in my church.. but he is strong.. he thought me things too.. Yup.. so ppl.. pls pray for him.. thank u..

Sick.. real sick

argh.. sick.. must be bcoz i got soaked in the rain on sunday.. argh.. now began 2 have fever, flu, headache and sort of things.. haiz.. wat a day.. have to cancel my lunch appointment bcoz i cant really drive now oso.. haiz.. sad case la 2day.. my whole body is like hot, but den i felt cold.. hot and cold add together becomes big prob.. or luke(is dat how u spell, my spelling is bad) warm.. The bible say, cannot be luke warm.. haha.. i mean in other sense la.. not my case now.. dun understand?? well, tell me.. den i shall explain..

anw.. although i was sick, i still watched the TVB series, drive of life.. its so kan cheong in the sense.. i actually like this kind of show bcoz it shows how bad a person can be in the business world bcoz of money and power.. as alot of ppl, with that 2, u cant survive, and u will being looked down on ppl.. when ppl began to want dat 2 things, they do stuff dat is against the law.. really no point.. coz u still have to go to jail after the authorities found out about it.. well.. wats the use of having big lump sum of money but dun have any frens..

den. there are also some examples of long distance relationship.. there are 2 couples.. the 1st one, they are so close since young, when the gurl wanna go overseas to pursue her studies in the US, the guy actually dun allowed.. but den have to give in bcoz he really loves her.. when she is in US.. she tried her very best not to fall in love wif anyone there.. but, this kind of things very hard to say.. so she fall for another guy who care so much about her.. maybe dats what she wanted.. so she broke up wif another original guy.. which is quite sad la.. haha..

the 2nd couple.. who met only for few years.. the gurl is a reporter and the guy is a racer.. so the guy when over to US to learn how to be a better racer.. when he comes back.. both of them get back 2gether.. dis is short.. but a very nice happy ending.. of coz the 1st couple oso found their loves one.. the moral of the story is........ nothing.. coz i jus think is nice.. haha..

anw.. suppose to start on my assignment 2day, but i think cannot la.. haha..

Signning off

i dunno wats the plan that God have in me.. but like the 1st couple, he will show me the way..

Monday, November 12, 2007


Dis are some pic dat are ok..

This is in Caleb's room in GH.. can see dat there are alot of ppl praying and caring for him..

this is his personal prayer card to God.. well.. i din rotate it.. coz i forgot.. haha

During my Taxation Lecture.. was too boring, so i take dis pic..

Well.. dats bout it..

A post about a fren

2day.. dis post of mine will be toking about a fren of mine.. well.. quite close fren of mine.. and her name is Jane Loke Yuk Jing. yes.. is u jane.. haha.. well, since my previous post are all emo-ness, i shall write something diff..

well, i met her in my skul form 3 trip to cameron, where after pmr those teacher organize these trips to bring us to look see look see.. well, dats when i noe her, but not dat close la.. coz i got my own groups of frens, she oso have her own groups.. i rmb sneaking out at night to go mamak.. dunno u went or nt.. cant rmb.. haha.. dats form 3..

Well, form 4, din tok much to her.. coz diff class mar.. smart student get to go pure science class, and d not so smart ppl have to go sub-science class (no offence to those in arts, is jus a comparison between pure and sub).. but still got say hi and bye..

in form 5, while i was having my Bible Knowledge class, i saw her popping into the teacher's hse.. i was like, eh, wut u doing here??.. haha.. i was wif the same bible knowledge class wif her.. haha.. funny.. but dunno why she everytime come late, den miss yeo always like marah her.. but she still get A1.. haih.. genius..

after spm, i went for rbs, came down, go lepak in form 6 for one month, den decide to do CPU in taylors.. one day while chatting wif her online, she ask me where im i going to study, i told her taylors.. den she say she is studying there, doing a-levels.. so yea, must ask her to bring me for lunch.. hehe.. den she say she will bring me to dis place called campus city.. i was like, "huh, is dat a cult?".. haha.. it turn out to be a place where i really grow alot.. haha..

She serves as a keyboardist, den move on to be a worship leader.. serving wif her is fun.. i rmb we had dis group dat always on the same team 2gether.. me on bass, Jane on Keyboard, Ariel on Electric, Sarah on another keyboard, Aaron on drums and Lawrence on Accoustic.. all of us most of the time always play 2gether.. haha.. syiok la.. haha.. den Calvin Tay will be worship leading wif Ern Suey and Pei Teng..

I actually learn alot from her, although she is same age as me.. but her thinking are much more mature den me.. i rmb when i start to have a relationship, she give me alot of advice, and all.. den when i faces alot of trouble wif that relationship, when i was in oversea, thank God i had a fren who will listen and pray for me.. well.. Yea Jane.. Thank u for being there.. hehe

anw.. wanna see some pic of her?? haha..

anw.. dis is jane.. hehe.. and dats me wif spike hair..

yup dats all about her..

Signning off

Sunday, November 11, 2007

funny sunday

2day is funny.. is bcoz of the funny things dat happens during worship.. 1stly, today is hymns.. well, not to say hymns are not good, but, we dunno how to play most of the songs.. and most of the times, we are jus bluffing all the way.. haha.. den 2nd thing is yang broke his strings.. he broke the same strings twice.. well, dat is not dat funny.. coz something wrong wif his bridge.. dats makes it cuts the strings..

anw, teens club was ok 2day.. had a good time listening to songs wif my students.. well, at least most of the time dey are paying attention to wat im teaching.. last time they din really show dat.. haha.. good good.., i hope they learned a wonderful lessons 2day..

den got soaked in the rain.. haha.. so my whole body was wet, when i reached back home.. den now start to feel abit giddy.. haiz.. teruk la ni, 2nite got meeting somemore, hope can end earlier, den i can sleep sleep sleep.. hehe.. 2molo im ok break.. yes!!! but got lots of assignments to do.. haiz.. no time for more break.. haiz.. nvm, uni students are like dat.. no choice..

anw, getting tired d.. will update later, if i go online.. haha.. ciao ciao..

Signning off

yea!! no emo post 2day.. maybe i dun feel emo now.. but jus now yes.. haha..

Saturday, November 10, 2007

a saturday

i wake up early dis morning, but after my breakfast i cont to sleep.. coz was too tired.. might be bcoz of the things i drank at henry's place.. makes me sleepy.. haha.. well.. and was back late yesterday coz have to fetch ai soon back to her hse.. so was tired the whole day.. in the afternoon, went out to do some shopping.. den pick my my laptop from the shop.. well.. its running perfectly now.. haha.. Thank God.. for new life.. haha..

anw.. was at the MBS graduation thingy.. coz uncle thin fook was graduating.. well.. he looks smart in that robe thingy wif the square hat.. well.. it shows u r graduating.. (lame).. anw.. will post the pic later on..

den after dat, went for the dinner.. well.. din really enjoy it, coz the food is not dat nice, the presentation is not up to par.. and u noe la.. haha.. din wanna share much bout it.. coz that makes me realise im actually in deep trouble.. haha..

anw, on my way back jus now, was somehow being kacau by uncle tee eng's children.. haha.. but its ok, a good clean fun anw.. jus dat not really in the mood of being kacau bcoz of wat had happen earlier.. haiz.. im worried actually.. did i spoiled her day by appearing there?? coz she might be very happy b4 i came.. but?? haiz.. is my fault..

anw.. got to rush to do some things for my class 2molo.. and the permission slip for camp..

Signning off

i thot she like blue?? well, maybe not..

Friday, November 9, 2007


sent my car for service dis morning.. well, waited from 8.30 to 11.30.. exactly 3 hours for my car to be service.. coz they dunno why go test drive my car for 2 rounds.. ya.. so waited there for dunno how long.. anw.. when i got back my car, it feels better.. i mean can drive faster.. more performance la.. maybe bcoz of the wheel allignment and balancing.. so it makes it better gua.. dunno la.. but it feels nice..

emo time.. anw.. din get any reply from her until 2day.. well.. haiz.. nvm la.. oledi biasa wif dat.. 2molo going to see her.. for some occations.. but, hope she wont feel angry when she see me.. coz like dat i rather not go den to go lo.. maybe last time i din care bout her feelings, now i do.. haha.. weird weird weird...

anw, wanted to post some pic but i forgot to bring my thumbdrive to college 2day.. so forget bout it la.. haha.. anw.. gtg d.. some jokers waited for me 1 hours jus to go for lunch.. haha.. anw.. ciao ciao

Signning off

when will she reply?? when??

Thursday, November 8, 2007

not at home

hmm.. was not at home now.. was in my fren hse in subang writting dis post.. hehe.. jus finish playing badminton and now hanging out here.. hmm..

haiz.. until now she din reply my msg.. well.. it dosen really trouble me much now.. but jus still worried dat she is still angry.. jus dat..

haha.. feeling tired.. and whole body smelly, coz haven bath.. haha.. anw.. got thing much to blog now.. have fun ok??.. is a holiday...

Signning off

hmm.. i wonder did she ever read my blog.. maybe now no.. haiz.. hope she is fine the whole day 2day..

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Emo time

well.. jus browsing through my other post and i realise dat most are them are emo.. hmm.. maybe i got no happy stuff to tok about.. haha.. nvm.. well.. got a more important things to blog today.. is about a boy.. yup.. his name is CALEB.. i dunno how old is he.. but, as young as him, has to go through such an operation, is really hard time for him, for he dunno anything.. to undergo something dat u dunno wats happening, is a very hard to go through.. i visited him yesterday, wif my parents, sawgot i think around 5 things poking inside him.. and he really do feel uncomfortable.. well, is very sad for him.. but thank God he got very patient parents, who really take good care of him, bring all his favorite pillow case, toys, and alot of other stuff to make him feel like home.. really really touching.. but there is something more touching.. the sunday skuls kids actually do some handcraft work and give it to him.. all his frens, classmate really do care for him.. the sunday skul teachers, give him card of encouragement.. well, i heard from uncle thin fook dat caleb ask him to read the card 3 rounds.. wow!!.. see how much those ppl care for him.. well, and i taken the photo of the cards and handcraft that the ppl write for him..

dunno why cant connect my phone to the college pc.. nvm.. will think of ways to put up the photos.. hehe

God teach me something yesterday.. or better words, reminds me.. He reminds me that he will not give me something dat i cannot bear.. coz if caleb can hold on through his pains at such a young age, we as young adults oso can bear through.. and of coz, God is there to help us.. when i nearly gave up yesterday on dat things, my sms kaki ask me how am i.. well, so i jus told her wat happen on monday.. well, she gave some very good advice.. den when i visited caleb, his strength in tahaning d pain, really touched me.. he is such a brave boy.. God really used dis 2 persons to tell me, to move on.. and specially wan to thank my sms kaki, though she wont read dis post, dat really thank her for her help.. well, she is d person who support my decisions.. haha.. thank u thank u..

now.. for the most emo part of this post.. i really hope she will understand watever things dat i did.. i've explained to her.. trying to make her understand.. but, things jus dosen worked out the way i wanted..

to those who are in a relationshop, i mean BGR(not building Godly relationship, althought u shud), pls try and understand wat ur partner are doing.. last time, i always ask her to understand my feelings, and all those things, but i nvr ever try to understand her.. thats why things got bad.. and i admit i nv try to put myself in her shoe.. i was very demanding.. haiz.. until now, i still nv think about her feelings.. all i did is to care about myself onli..

well.. i gtg now, class starting.. will post the photo later or on friday..

Signning off

things has gone better, but will these last?? i wonder.......

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Am i feeling better?? Shud I change church??

Well, finally got an msg from her which she sounded angry.. ya, but nvm.. looks like is time to let go of stuff which i cant control.. hope everything will be fine when 2day is over.. i dun think i would want to msg her dis few days.. let her anger cool down 1st la..

i finished my 8am class early, so went wif those january intake ppl for "breakfast" at Kopitiam.. well, is good to noe more ppl rite.. ya, so was like chit chatting and my reputation nearly gone.. haha.. but it was fun toking wif them.. so ya, went for lecture after dat, and i nearly slept.. coz was too tired.. and she was boring.. so, trying very hard to pay attention in class.. but cant.. and my mind was full of that stuff.. so still trying to forget..

reuben come and find us during lunch time jus now.. ya, he is working like "mad" now.. haha a long time din see fren.. well, good fren i can say when me, him, neoh, leonard chua hang out most of the nite in subang doing stupid things.. well, dat was the past.. miss those 2 jokers.. haha..

holiday coming, but more assignment pilling up.. now is time for worrying.... haha.. hope i can let go all these stuff dat is going.. well.. thank God!!

dunno whether is there any CC dis week coz holiday.. if got, wish to bring my church worship team to go there for a visit.. coz they can observe how those ppl play..

was thinking bout some stuff in mind.. shud i change church?? i mean really, as i look at the things dat are happening around me, i somehow felt dissapointed.. not at them, but at myself.. the thing is, i cant actually communicate much wif dem now.. really praying very hard now.. maybe i shud wait till after chen wee come back from his back packing 1st.. i think the way i do things now is making most of the ppl around me feel mad at me.. maybe of the words i say or the things i do.. maybe my attitude.. basically, i dun think im actually "qualified" in being their teacher.. yup.. is jus me dat is being weird.. well.. i really dunno wat to do now.. feel like changing to HGC though.. a church that is started by ps ryan.. they ask me to visit dem, but until now cant find a suitable time to go there.. maybe one of dis week, will go there.. wat shud i do.. the things that are really holding me back from switching church is the "kam ching"(cantonese), the worship team, and TC.. dis 3 is really holding me in SWCC.. dunno la.. how will i handle this problems.. maybe i shud consult ps ryan, or calvin tay.. haiz..

well.. got presentation later.. better prepare soon.. and of coz, play my facebook 1st.. give some advice on the matter of changing church.. i really need alot of advice on dat..

signning off

wat can i do now?? i've pray.. i better pray more...


i was being a jerk for the whole nite yesterday.. well.. maybe bcoz of my new found attitude dat is so &&$% dat im jus so tired of being me.. maybe i did pissed someone off yesterday, and really, dun like d way i am now..

i somehow got an answer yesterday.. i dunno is dat d one, but, at least i know im in deep trouble.. weird case scenario.. din noe how to put it in words, but, feel so bad bout it..

Thank God dat i felt much more better 2day, den yesterday which i force myself to sleep so dat i dun have to think so many things.. now im jus worried bout one thing.. is she really mad at me now?? i msged her, but no reply.. wonder how is she..

din noe wat to write.. maybe i shud not write so long 2day.. but if things are really going the way i hope to, i hope, she will forgive me...

Well, is too early to tok bout bday's present for me, or wish.. but, if i get to choose, i choose to have a present that will make my thoughts/troubles/worriedness/jerk-attitude, go away.. dats the things i hope for.. i felt bad..

though u may not noe who am i writting about, jus wish to say sorry..

Signning off

Sorry for all the shit things i did to make u angry.. will u forgive??

Monday, November 5, 2007

more answers??

hmm.. cant concentrate well during class jus now.. my mind was wondering away, and i cant tahan the "jokes" dat my lecturer made.. it was quite funny, but, not for my mood today to laugh.. i kind of felt irritated by dat.. my mind was full of things, questions, dat i could not answer.. maybe not today.. but i hope, those answer will come to me asap.. really.. i really hope so..

was very quiet the whole day 2day.. lunch time, i almost bored Kiwi and Nicole to death.. coz both oso ask me why am i quiet.. but, nah, din really answer them.. jus dun feel like toking.. haih.. reason i blogged quite alot dis few days is bcoz there are things i really dunno who to tell.. there are problems, but as i scroll down my contacts on my phone, i could not find anyone suitable to tell of my problems.. and come to think of it, i dun really have any really close to heart frens where i can pour out my problems wif.. Jesus is there, but i cant really find anyone else.. maybe im not frenly enuf gua.. there is one sms kaki la, but if things get too personal, i really dunno who can i accountable wif.. haiz.. wat kind of fren am i.. real bad..

anw.. somehow do not feel like going back, coz once i reach back, thoughts will jus fill my minds.. but.. nah, no choice.. jus really pray dat i will get over those things fast enuf.. if God do not give me any answer, i hope He helped me forget it.. haha.. weird prayer..

gtg now.. tired of classes d.. began to feel sleepy.. dats it for 2day..

(although is onli 5pm)

Signning off

I really hope dat God will provide me a way out of this place..


For the whole day yesterday, which is a sunday, i was asking for some answers to some of my questions dat are really bugging me.. it has been really distract me from worshipping properly, from studying and many other things.. i realise dis few days, i have not been focusing on the things im suppose to do.. and that thought jus came into my mind most of the time.. i really hope i get an answer to those question asap.. sometimes i jus hope dat God will give me an answer directly den to give me hints here and there, coz i dunno is dat a hint or not oso.. haiz
i was sick the whole day on sat, after coming back from worship practice.. i got an severe headache.. i mean real bad.. yea, so i was jus lying down, trying to fall asleep.. den i jus thought of last time when i fall sick, dat person will jus be there to ask me to get well.. erm.. jus some normal things, but dunno why dat time i felt so special about it.. haih.. maybe is jus those time of happiness.. haiz.. too bad, time has gone...
on sunday, really played my best for worship, trying not to be distracted at all.. i think im the only musician is moving around.. haha.. coz, i boring if i jus stand there and play.. and yang keep changing his guitar here and then.. haha..
on my way to college, heard this song from Casting Crown, Voice Of Truth.. is a song which really reminds me of who am i listening to.. izzit the voice of the evil one, or the voice of God.. the evil one tells me dat i will fail, but God, tells a different story.. is a really nice song to hear, the lyrics jus struck me..
Was browsing through the photos taken by my phone.. well, pick some nice pic and post here..

This is my car key....

Hoc mun typing stuff into his laptop.. this is when we are having camp comm meeting

This belongs to my students.. kasihan the dog..

Dun ask me how they come out wif this.. anw.. dis are my teens....
gtg now.. class starting

Friday, November 2, 2007

after a tiring day

CC was awesome yesterday.. d worship was good, lots of new ppl came 2day.. but, one thing dat really impact me most is Elder's msg.. seriously.. when he say the sentence "let go of ur hurt, God has healed it", i felt is being directly speaking to me.. coz during pre-service prayer, i prayed dat God will help me go through these times (cant share here, but u all are allowed to guess), and i do not want all these things to distract my service to Him.. den suddenly God speak through Elder and the msg really speaks to me.. when i pray dat prayer, i began to feel more relax.. yes, the "hurt" can't straight away go, but i noe God is putting back my heart, and patching it up.. really thank God for dat.. THANK GOD..

after CC, rush of to play badminton.. had a great time there wif my classmate.. after dat, went for tea.. order this roti called, roti tampal.. is rotil canai wif an egg in the middle.. i wonder how they did it, it is not roti telur... is roti tampal.. haha.. den ask them wanna play dota or not.. den all play.. 4 of us.. wif our humilating losses.. haha.. though we lost, but, we had lots of fun joking around.. haha.. good frens... hehe.. den went of for dinner.. at least i noe the food at PINKEE was not bad actually.. haha.. i thot is bad at 1st, but after trying it, not bad la.. hehe..

yesterday reach home around 10pm after everything, den after doing my normal stuff, went to sleep at 11 something.. coz was too tired to do anything.. eheh..

dis morning, woke up, fetch my mum to work, was stuck at the sunway ldp toll for around 30 minutes.. i was like so dam pissed wif that toll.. joker la.. make's ppl life miserable.. haha.. thank God i got no class 2day, if not, will be late.. haha.. den came back, watch tv, 10 something, rush of to jo's hse to pass her the song for this sunday.. and im scared of her hse dogs.. they are scary.. maybe i got no "yuen" wif them.. see me den barked at me.. haiz.. sad case..

later going to play ping pong wif my class mates.. hope they dun fong my fei kei.. purposely come to play.. if not, will be sleeping at home.. hehe..

anw, gtg now.. now my muscle ache like nobody's business.. haha.. anw, began to like this song.. is "Lift Your Name Up" by planet shakers.. coz was playing dat song for CC yesterday too.. so, ya, here's the lyrics..

I'm gonna lift You up
Higher than all things
Above every name

Cause You are my God and King
You made everything
So I give You all my praise

I'm gonna lift Your name up
So everyone can see You live in me

Shine Your light in me
So all the world will see
The power of Your majesty
Jesus I will lift Your name up
Let Your Spirit fall on me
Now so that all the
World will know that You're my God
Jesus I will lift Your name up

I'm so in love with You
Everything You do
Everything You say

You never let me go
You're always in control
And I give You all my praise

Jesus I will liftYour name up
Higher than all other names
You are my God
You are my King
You are my

Dats all ppl..

Signning off

nothing to write

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Are dreams not true?? izzit dat dreams wont come true.. coz there is a pharse that says, " dream dat will come true, is not a dream". so is dat statement correct?? haiz.. really felt weird sometimes when i dream of something nice, it somehow wont happen.. haha.. nvm.. jus some weird emo kind of thinking.. anw.. dream of something nice yesterday.. i mean quite nice la.. haha..

anw.. was here early in college coz got meeting for our FA assignment.. well.. i have no idea coz i haven read the financial report yet.. nvm, will go wif the flow of the meeting.. so that ppl think as if i read it.. haha.. chun rite??

had the TC's teacher's meeting and we discuss bout things dat will be doing next year.. so was pouring my ideas.. well, hope it does help.. anw.. wat TC camp is one step closer to being done as we have one adult following us.. yes.. thank God for answered prayer.. now we have to pray for speaker and for campers.. and i believe if God wants us to have dis camp, he will surely provide.. Jehovah Jireh (do u noe wat he means).. read ur bible ppl!!!

i will be playing at CC service 2day.. on bass.. and dis song really keeps on plays in my mind yesterday and 2day.. the song is called.. "till i see u".. it was not a new songs, but the words really speaks to me.. let me see if i can find the lyrics..

The greatest love that anyone could ever know
That overcame the cross and grave to find my soul
And till I see You face to face and grace amazing takes me home
I'll trust in You

With all I am I'll live to see Your kingdom come
And in my heart I pray You'd let Your will be done
And till I see You face to face and grace amazing takes me home
I'll trust in You

I will live to love You
I will live to bring You praise
I will live a child in awe of You

You are a voice that called the universe to be
You are the whisper in my heart that speaks to me
And till I see You face to face and grace amazing takes me home
I'll trust in you

You alone are God of all
You alone are worthy Lord
And with all I am my soul will bless Your name

Signning off

Where are u??