Monday, September 13, 2010

many months have past...

After so many months, my blog is finally restored.. well.. maybe some crappy a**hole hacked into my gmail to do stupid stuff.. sigh.. This is wat i called, Internet Security..

After few months, many things has past.. good, bad, happy, sad...

Firstly, went to JB for work with 2 leng luis for 3 days.. During the 2nd night, we went over to Singapore for a few hours trip. My "whitey" has accompany me thru many towns, and now a new country.. oh yeah.. haha.. Met up with my RO guildmember (yes, i still play RO, on private server though), which i called "hexy".. Quite fun driving around Singapore.. though not knowing the way and roads around.. Thanks to last min
ute Google Map to Woodlands, and wat i always say, Drivers need to have "feel" and "fuel"..

On the way back, met up with "pok kai" in Melaka.. Had a good time eating with him and other people.. den balik to my hse.. haha..

after dat, took 1 week off to study for my ACCA P3 paper.. had a hard time studying for it.. No motivation, no mood until the final 3 days.. But i really thank God for that 3 days when God gave me dat motivation to study again.. and Thank God, miracle happens.. I pass my P3.. so Im left with 3 more papers to go.. Thank God for His guidance..

after exam.. work for few more months, ntg happen.. den, here comes the Interyouth fellowship with Bandar Puchong Gospel Center.. Had quite a fun time there.. playing games, throwing pillow around, watching ppl get their face smash up with "sme
lly" cream.. yucks!! hahahaha.. but it was fun.. met new frens.. and make some goo
d frens too... they have good musicians too.. GIRL DRUMMER!! hahaha.. any girl who played drums is a whooooo!!

Here comes holiday after the fellowsh
ip.. went to singapore with "shiro", "hel", orangie", and "tezzie".. had a fun trip there.. but my legs failed me after 1 day.. =/ Met up with Auntie Neo, and she brings me around singapore.. and n
ot forgetting nice brunch and dinner.. managed spend sometime alone going around using the MRT.. manage to see some good views there too.. oh well.. picture time.. no good pictures though.. lacked of practice...

There is the 4 of them, naming tezzie, hel, orange, and shiro.. all blacks... wait.. am i wearing black? hmmmm... i think Im...

Nice view eh.. oh!! THERES THE CRUISE!!!

I saw 3 leng luis, and since cant take their face, but from back, seems pretty too..

After d trip, sigh... =/ cham cham.. go to Batu Pahat right after it.. haha.. so dam freaking tiring.. haiz.. but oh well.. enjoyed the trip there.. with healthy and cheap food.. but EATING MCD'S BREAKFAST MOST MORNING REALLY SUCKS!!

Came back from the trip, dead tired.. =/ oh well.. at least theres a fren who always there when i need one.. (thank u)

After that trip, stuff happens, which im sad, but I really thank God dat He never leaves me alone.. When im down, He brings me up again.. which im really glad..

sad, down, and thinking bout future.. not knowing wat will i do or who to be with.. but, oh well, God will provide me with a way for me.. ^^

As at now, I dun wanna think too much.. If it wont come, it wont.. so im not having any hope anymore.. jus wanna be who I am, and be the best I can be.. I dun want to fake myself.. jus wanna be me, and who God wants me to be..

Busy with work currently, preparing for christmas.. And.. finally a break off to LANGKAWI dis wed..

Oh b4 dat, Had a great time with my church members for a trip to Bentong and Genting.. although is jus a short trip, but had a fun time with them..

oh well.. Imma signed off now...

~priesthead~ or most ppl called me now, ~fishy~

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