Sunday, May 2, 2010


haven been blogging.. lots of stuff in my mind which is jus bugging me all ard.. cant seems to focus all along..

work? i dunno shud i say im lucky or is really bad luck.. when ppl are mainly bz doing stuff, i think im the most freee auditor around there.. with 2 pending company, 2 other companies which im almost done.. so yea.. basically... im out of job again.. and my boss doesen seems to like giving me jobs to do.. and oh well.. kinda demotivating.. for now i guess...

sad and happy news around... but which has nothing to do with me as well..

mix thoughts about life.. and yea.. i have been very judgmental these past weeks.. maybe pride? or maybe jus my own thinking.. but, im no where far from dem as well.. i dun consider myself a good christian.. i nv did.. though i join alot of church stuff, but, dat doesen makes me a better christian.. when i actually lead the bible study class, as in the discussion questions, i sometimes do felt, im not qualified enough to teach dem.. ppl may see me, "wow, bsf student elder's son, bible knowledge sure ok wan, can teach wan".. but, dat is not the way.. oh, is not self pity btw... jus in case u all misunderstands..

also been wondering shud i quit TC? as in quitting being a discussion leader as well.. I have been there for years... but, as i grow old, felt something is different.. maybe is my own thinking, dat i dun think im efficient in serving God over there.. 11 years.. and i think i have really grown old.. not as gangho as b4..

oh well.. jus some thoughts dat i have been dealing with.. and alots more of coz.. including work/future..

i think i better go take a nap... very tired...

oh.. and pls pray for boon.. she shhud be in NZ by now... hahaha.. have a good trip there...

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